Is Tummy Tuck Safe for you? Read it’s Reviews!

What is Tummy Tuck?


Tummy tuck also known as abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery which is performed to make the abdomen thinner and more firm. In this surgery, the excess skin and fat from the middle and the lower abdomen is removed in order to tighten the muscle of the abdominal wall. Usually, patients with sagging tissues after major weight loss or pregnancy opt for a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck: Procedure to know!

The tummy tuck has a vast scope and depending on the extent of this surgery, it may take about 1 to 5 hours for completion. In case of a partial abdominoplasty or a mini-tuck abdominoplasty the surgery may take only 1 to 2 hours. Your surgeon with create a new hole or belly button following this surgery.

The different procedures for a tummy tuck are explained below:

  1. Complete abdominoplasty: In this procedure, your surgeon will make an incision form hip to hip just above the pubic area. Followed by this, another incision is made to free the navel from the surrounding skin. The skin in detached from the abdominal wall thereby reveals the muscle that needs to be tightened. Liposuction is used for refining the transition zones of the abdominal sculpture. A compression garment or a dressing is applied and any excess fluid from the site is drained off.  
  2. Partial abdominoplasty: In this mini tummy tuck, a smaller incision is made by your surgeon. Then the skin and fat from the lower abdomen is detached in a limited fashion from muscle fascia. The skin is stretched down and excess of it is removed. In certain cases, the belly button stalk is divided from the muscle below and it slid down lower on the abdominal wall. Liposuction is used to contour the transition zone and the flap is then stitched back into the place.  
  3. Extended abdominoplasty: This is a complete abdominoplasty along with a lateral thigh lift. The resulting scar extends from the posterior axillary line. The procedure performs all the abdominal contouring and allows the improvement of the waist as well as smoother the contouring of the upper lateral thigh. 
  4. High lateral tension tummy tuck: This is an advanced technique where the procedure will take a little more than four and a half hours to be done. In conventional abdominoplasty the muscles tightens in a vertical line whereas in high lateral tension abdominoplasty, in addition to vertical-line muscle tightening, they are also tightened horizontally. The final result after this surgery is a dramatically flat abdomen with a better defined waistline.
  5. Floating abdominoplasty or FAB technique: This is a latest technique which allows tightening and shaping your abdomen through small incision which isn’t placed near the belly button. The surgeon removes excess skin through the small incision and also detached your belly button temporarily. Then your muscles are tightened and reshaped from sternum to pubic area. The skin is then tightened and your belly button is reattached. Liposuction can also be performed to achieve desired result.
  6. Circumferential abdominoplasty: This is an extended abdominoplasty in addition to a buttock lift. This procedure is also called as belt lipectomy or body lift and the resultant scar runs all the way around your body. Generally, a surgeon will recommend this operation for patients who had undergone recent major weight loss.

Pros and Cons of Tummy Tuck:


  1. It helps to restore a flat tummy.
  2. It will give you more youthful looking body.
  3. It will make you look better in swimwear.


  1. Weight gain post this surgery may have negative effects on the surgery results.
  2. You will have a scar in the bikini area.
  3. Another pregnancy will influence the surgery results, so it is suggested to wait until you’ve finished having children before undergoing tummy tuck.

The cons and benefits of tummy tuck have been listed above, it is advised to talk with your aesthetic plastic surgeon before undergoing this procedure.

Tummy Tuck: Is it Safe and Why?

Tummy tuck is a very safe procedure with a lower rate for serious complications. Like any other surgery, there are certain risks such as infection or poor scars with tummy tuck. But usually, this surgery is safe and it helps you get flat abdomen and remove the loose skin caused from pregnancy or excess weight loss.

This surgery is considered by people having stretch marks, flab or excess skin in their tummy. Women who are insecure with the shape of their tummy after pregnancy or people who had massive weight loss choose to undergo tummy tuck which will remove the excess fat and tighten their muscles. Most patients who had gone through this surgery report of the improvement in their self-esteem.



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