LASIK Eye Surgery in India – Patient Testimonial

“Hello everyone! I always wish to save money in every step I can, but also manages to get best facility. So I did the same in health care procedure too. I know people believe that LASIK is very expensive procedure but believe me, if it was really expensive and not worth I would never have adopted the process.”

LASIK Eye surgery

“Well, I really wanted to get rid of glasses and see well. This will also make me look good without glasses and if contact lenses is an option you think, then I should say they are really complicated and difficult for me. They need excessive caring each time. Irritations and infections are also seen many times.”

“One of the other reason to undergo Lasik eye Surgery is I was truly fed up with the increasing cost of my glasses, each time I went to buy, it would cost me a Lot. I needed some permanent solution.”

“On the appointment day, I did all research and asked hundreds of questions to doctor. The thing which impressed me was the support and calmness in surgeon; he answered all my doubts patiently and frankly. This built my trust over him and now I was happy to have dr. deshmukh with me for my surgery.”

“For the pre test, to examine eye condition, step 1 was my visibility test. Next comes refraction test, third test was for tear test which says the capability of eye to produce tears and know the healing power and strength of the eye. Now with all the test reports, doctor advised me to consider surgery as soon as possible. I was happy to get appointment for surgery the very next day.”

“It was the day, when I will get rid of my glasses and obtain a clear vision. It took about three hours including numbing of the eye and performing surgery. The main laser treatment was only of 25 minutes, but overall process took 3 hours. Now doctor gave me glasses as I have to protect them from light and keep them stress free. Within a day, I was back to my home.”

“I am very serious about my health, so I properly followed all the recommended routine by doctor and never missed the eye drops and other medications. Within a week my care glasses were removed and I was blissful to get correct vision. I follow regular check up with dr. deshmukh.”

“I am grateful to Dr. Deshmukh and assisting medical staff for giving me wonderful services at a cost which was in my budget. From the very first consultation to the last, I received best facilities without even waiting for long hours. All in all my experience was excellent.”

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