Dental Implants – Are Dental implants safe and effective?

Dental Implants Overview

Dental implants have its origin in the fifties, which was developed by a Swedish orthopaedic surgeon. Today, it is considered to be among the most popular procedure to get back your smile by removing the shabby and improper teeth and replaced by the implants. Over the years, the technology and science has evolved a lot, which has made the result of dental implant placement better and smarter. Hence, the modern day dentists are able to secure a much higher success rate of 98 percent.


How do I know if I am a good candidate for Dental Implants Procedure?

The dental implant is suitable for patients of all the age groups; hence the implants could be one of the best options for anyone who is seen missing one or more teeth due reasons like disease, injury or decay. These are very much practical for a number of patients who are not seen wearing a number of removable dentures. Your dentist can help you in determining whether you are a right candidate for procedures like dental implants once the dental expert goes for a careful evaluation of your medical and dental history.

Dental Implants Procedure & Recovery

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace your missing teeth on the above said conditions. After a careful evaluation of your teeth and its condition, the dentist decides whether he or she will opt for implants or not. In order to prepare yourself for the said procedure, the dental surgeon will obtain your 3D CT scan in order to plan and execute the implant design and placement of the implant. In most of the case, the dentist or dental surgeon will put the artificial roots or implants over the jaw. The dental surgeon using different techniques develop the surgical fixture called the dental implant over the jawbone and thus placed over your jawbone along with fusing the same with the bone in a duration of few months.

The recovery after dental implant would depend upon several elements, which include the steps involved in the implant process. However, with proper maintenance of the implants with the help of right set of hygiene, the fusing of the implant would come out to be perfect and so is the healing process. If you are able to take care of your implants, the restoration would remain not less than forty years. After the initial process of the implant, you may feel a bit of discomfort along with issues like gum swelling along with some minor amount of bleeding, which in turn would help in bruising the implant site. With the help of prescription pain medications as recommended by the dentist, you may end up getting a relief from the pain and discomfort.

Why Opting Dental Implants is necessary?

Our teeth are supposed to last on a long term basis, however, with injury, disease and other issues, people can lose their teeth. Replacing your missing teeth is really vital as far as the general health and other things are concerned. You are unable to smile with missing teeth and needless to say that you may not be even able to chew and enjoy food as well. With the help of dental implants, you get back the replacement of the missing teeth, which not only gives back your confidence but also improves your quality of living. The fact is you can reap a number of benefits of having dental implant, which become a key reason to opt for this procedure.

Why to choose Indian Hospital for your Dental Implants

India is one of the best and cost effective destinations for a number of dental procedures including dental implants. The dental clinics and hospitals are par with high quality facilities as seen in the US and other developed nations. The dentists working in different dental hospitals are highly qualified and backed with comprehensive amount of experience and exposure in dental issues. Thus with high quality service backed by high quality dental professional with cost effective solutions, more and more dental tourists are seen in India for procedures like dental implants.

Dental Implants Cost in India

One of the interesting features of Dental implants in India is the low cost. As compared to the western and modern world, these procedures are very much cost effective with the same kind of high quality services as witnessed in the developed nations. Comparing the dental implants cost in India with the US and other developed nations, you can find a reduction of around 30 to 70 percent in terms of cost, which become the key reason for the medical tourists to visit India for these treatments and surgeries. For instance, the cost for Alpha Bio Implants in India can cost you around 600 dollars, while the same surgery in US would cost 5700 dollars. Similarly, for Single Stage Dental Implants, you have to bear only 900 USDs, while the same procedure with the same kind of quality and facility in developed nations would cost you around 900 dollars. So, you have enough reasons to visit India for procedures like Dental implants and dental crowns.

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  1. I am researching the cost of dental implants. I need very likely a full set on the top. I am confused as to the cost for a single implant verses having a set of teeth implanted with a few posts. Is the cost less? Thanks!!

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