Is LASIK laser eye surgery permanent?

Before we discuss about whether LASIK laser eye surgery is permanent or not, let us understand the same. Well LASIK is an outpatient surgery, which is eligible of correcting a number of patients suffering from myopia nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. LASIK stands for Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. Aso, it is called as the Laser Intra-stromal Kerato mileusis, which is becoming increasingly the safest and preferred procedure for eye sight issues. However, talking about the outcome, it can be dramatic as you see the visual recovery is quick, why the patients in huge numbers are seen enthusiastically getting this procedure popular worldwide.

lasik-eye-surgery123Is LASIK laser eye surgery result permanent?

Now, let’s come back to the moot question, is the procedures like LASIK laser eye surgery outcome permanent? Well, in majority of cases, the improved vision surgery using LASIK offers you a permanent solution. However, in limited number of cases, the result generally owing to the changes, which can be found in the lens inside your eyes, the issues in eye sight can be found over the time giving people a blurry kind of vision. If you have issues like regression of this kind and it becomes too loathing, you need a follow up kind of procedure known as LASIK enhancement generally carried out to get a clear vision.

What different research studies have to say about it?

As per a recent study seen in the popular Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, if the LASIK surgery doesn’t work, then you need a long term stability of PRK (a known laser vision correction surgery) proves out to be effective. As per the researchers of England, people with above 1 years of age are found out to be with the issue of myopia, who get the prescription of -4.86 D. However, the patients who are under the age group of 18 to 40 opting for LASIK surgery can have an average regression of -0.54D. You can also find a good amount of difference when the patients are classified on terms of sex. The women who experience an average regression of around -0.40 D, men are seen getting an average regression of -0.08D. and in most of the cases, the procedure proves out to be safe and secure without having any long term complications.

As per the study published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology, the patients undergoing the LASIK surgery for myopia of -10 D, only 6 % of people were seen opting for the LASIK enhancement surgery owing to the myopia regression. In most of the cases, the patients experiencing some kind of minor refractive changes after undergoing the surgeries like PRK or LASIK are not at all keen to go with the change and do not need any kind of additional vision correction procedure. The others can choose to consider the prescription eyeglasses only for certain activities like driving their cars at night and thus consider having certain enhancement surgery. In most of the cases, there is hardly any cost for the enhancement surgery, which will depend upon the basic LASIK procedures or the policies of the clinic/surgeon. You need to enquire about the same before opting for the same.

Eye Health after LASIK Laser Surgery

Well, after having the surgeries like the LASIC Laser eye surgery, the annual eye exams are really very much important. Though the vision corrections like contact lenses or glasses are the basic concern for a number of patients visiting the doctors on a regular basis, there are more advance level treatments and tests, which your eye surgeon would recommend you to get a perfect eye health. And talking about Lasik Laser Surgery in India, the medical tourists can reap in a wide range of benefits, which include getting high quality eye care services at highly competitive cost, which may not be possible in developed nations like the US or the UK.


Know the Facts about Cavities


Cavities as we all know are germs found responsible for the tooth decay or damage. The tooth decay can hamper both its inner layer known as dentin while the outer one called the dentin. Mouth is a busy place, wherein we often consume food, which eventually becomes the cause of bacteria. Also, the dryness inside our mouth too can cause cavities, which in turn can help in making things bad to worse if the cavities remain unattended. The teeth are surrounded by nerves and if the bacteria or cavities remain unattended, they are likely to bring in much difference. So, what really causes the decay, a big question to pose, which we will be exploring in this post as under:

cavityCavities are caused by infectious germs

Mouth is a busy place wherein we often consume food at different point of time. When we consume foods with carbohydrates including cereal, bread, fruit, milk, candy or cake stay over your teeth. You can find the bacteria getting activated inside your mouth making them into acids. These bacteria, food debris, acid and saliva inside your mouth can bring in together to form plaque, which simply clubs together inside your teeth. The acids inside the plaque are seen dissolving the enamel and thus produce holes known as cavities. So, in other words, these cavities are simply the creation of infectious germs. Though not all the bacteria present inside our mouth are dangerous, but there are certain harmful ones in the form of infectious germs which create all these problems inside your mouth.

Snacking too frequently can cause cavities

Kids often get cavities, which changes their mouth and thus convert the same into an adult problem as well. As you find aging up, your gums would pull away from your mouth. They can also be seen pulling due to the gum disease. This in turn helps in exposing the roots of your teeth to plaque. If you consume too much of sweet or highly rich carbohydrate foods, you are more likely to find cavities. The older adults are at times seen getting decayed over the edges of fillings. The seniors are often seen having loads of dental work since they do not get enough fluoride or health oral care when people were children. Over the years, you can find these filling weakening the teeth and breaking the same, while bacteria will be seen gathering over the gaps causing he decay.

Even “healthy” foods can lead to decay                       

There is no denying to the fact that we eat makes or mar our teeth. However, this does not mean that only bad or junk food brings in the issue of tooth decay. The fact is even the healthy food consumed on a regular basis can bring in the problem of tooth decay. When you drink some energy drinks, some sugary beverages, consume starchy foods and other similar health food products, these can be seen hampering your gums and teeth. These foods with the presence of bacteria and saliva inside your mouth can bring in the problem of plague, which is nothing but cavity bring in problems like tooth decay. Hence it is important that you consider the preventive measurements in order to avert the issue of food decay.


Whether you are adult or kid, you have all the chances of facing the issue of cavity and you know all the causes. The best way to avoid them is to take care of your oral health the best. It is always recommended to brush and clean your teeth with proper paste. Visit dentist for a regular dental checkups so that you can take necessary course of action if there is any indication of cavities inside your teeth.

Emergency Dental Treatment in India

What is a dental emergency?

The medical condition in which a person needs immediate treatment for any trauma to the mouth, causing fracture teeth, bleeding, lacerations to the gums, and dislodge, these conditions are known as dental emergencies.

dental-emergencyCauses of dental emergency

A person requires dental emergency in several cases, the causes for the condition are it may be an accident, biting a piece of food which is too hard for your teeth to break leading tooth loosening, mouth injuries, cracked teeth, broken or knocked out teeth due to some disorder.

If dental injuries which need immediate treatment, it can lead to serious injuries.

Are there emergency dentists?

Today, dental practitioners have numerous alternatives for managing dental emergencies; also some professionals are trained for emergency dental practices. There are advances in agony administration and approaches to restoring teeth. Teeth can be repaired with engineered materials that are solid and look on a par with your regular teeth. Your dental practitioner has the preparation and aptitudes to distinguish what the issue is and how genuine it is. He or she quite often can diminish or dispose of your torment inside of a couple of minutes.

dentist-womanWhat steps do you follow after having a dental emergency?

  1. Swelling

Swelling in or around the mouth is presumably the most genuine condition that requires consideration from our own one of a kind crisis dental specialist. Swelling can be brought about by a disease, a pimple, a harm, blocked salivary organs or significantly tumor.

  1. Object stuck in teeth

Initially, take a stab at utilizing dental floss, tenderly and precisely, to evacuate the item. Never jab between your teeth with a pin or comparative sharp, pointy object; it can cut your gums or scratch the tooth surface. On the off chance that you can’t get the item out, see your dental practitioner.

Put a bit of mollified sugarless biting gum in the spot where the filling was lost. This will ensure the territory for a brief time frame. See a dental specialist as quickly as time permits.

  1. Tooth aches

In the first place call your dental practitioner. Clarify your indications and request that be seen as quickly as time permits. At that point facilitate the torment. Take an over-the-counter agony prescription that works for you, yet don’t put the pills on your sore tooth. Hold an ice pack against your face at the sore’s spot tooth.

Try not to put a warming cushion, a boiling hot water bottle, or whatever other wellspring of warmth on your jaw. Warmth will exacerbate the situation rather than better.

  1. Dental abscess
  2. Loosen wires and bands or braces coming out
  3. Pain full ulcers
  4. Lost dental filling or crown

Bottom line

Immediate treatment is required for the dental emergency. First aid for all conditions is to be known and act accordingly. You must have an emergency dental kit. Yes by an emergency dental care kit you can cover up many issues. Dental care kit includes

  • Saline solution
  • Handkerchief
  • Small container with lid
  • Ibuprofen ( not aspirin)
  • Gauze
  • Dentist’s phone number
  • Cotton

Dental emergencies will sometimes lead to severe damages. Hence some practices can be avoided by taking simple precautions, like while playing any kind of sport a mouth guard will prevent teeth from breaking or knocked out. Avoid foods that are breaking or cracking your teeth, avoid foods damaging your dentures. Oral injuries can be very painful and in case of dental injuries even if is small, you must see a dentist as soon as possible.

Where to get the best Lasik eye surgery in India


Of late, India has become the most preferred destination for carrying a number of surgeries and medical treatments. And Lasik Eye Surgery in India is no exception, due to the number of benefits one can reap while opting for the said surgery. One important factor, which attract far and wide medical tourists is the presence of high end eye hospitals and medical centres, which cater high quality and compassionate treatment at the most competitive cost. There is no dearth of finding high quality eye care hospitals. Let’s explore the top 5 best eye hospitals in India wherein you can expect one of the best Lasik eye surgeries as under:

Which eye hospital is the best for Lasik eye surgery?    

There is no dearth of good eye hospitals in India, the following are some of the best:

1). Shroff Eye Hospital, Mumbai

Shroff Eye Hospital IndiaShroff Eye Hosptial an ISO 9002 accredited eye clinic based in Mumbai. It has some of the best facilities and state of art amenities and equipments backed by one of the best pool of doctors and eye surgeons who are known for their high quality service. With the finest eye care instruments and equipments, the hospitals is able to diagnose the eye issues the right along with carrying the respective treatment or surgery on time to give one of the best solutions on eye care to the patients. You can choose all the modern surgeries like cataract surgery for retina and vitreous, Lasik, Glaucoma, cornea, oculoplasty, etc.

2). AIIMS, New Delhi

AIIMS Hospital IndiaAll India Institute of Medical Sciences popularly known as AIIMS is one of the popular hospitals in India, which caters all the medical services one can imagine. This certainly includes the eye care services. The hospitals has one of the best medical infrastructure backed by high end doctors and medical experts, who have ample of experience in fixing eye problems and ailments. Thus you can expect a wide range of eye care surgeries including the Lasik eye surgery for you and your loved one with one of the best medical experts and surgeons.

3). L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

L V Prasad InstituteThis is one of the best eye care hospitals in south India. Having its base in Hyderabad, the hospital is backed by high end research centre, which embarks with all the modern methods of treating eye along with utmost professionalism and compassion. It has a slew of departments for eye care including comprehensive patient care, sight enhancement, community eye health, low vision rehabilitation, education & training programs, product development and clinical research. The surgeons and eye care experts are competent enough to carry out all the required eye care services including Lasik surgery, Cataract surgery, Corneal transplantation, Microsurgery of the retina and vitreous, and many more.

4). Perfect Vision, Faridabad

Perfect Vision Eye,FaridabadOne of the best hospitals of eye care in New Delhi is the Perfect Vision hospital based in Faridabad. It is one of its kind in Haryana and in New Delhi to cater a wide range of eye surgeries including Lasik, Cataract, along with giving the patients customised vision correction solutions. It has one of the best and experienced doctors and eye surgeons who have years or experience and expertise in treating and operating eye. This makes the hospital attract many medical tourists from a number of countries in the world.

5). Max Hospital

logoMax is a multispecialty hospitals, which is owned by the MHIL (Max Healthcare Institute Limited) based in Saket, New Delhi. It caters a wide range of specialization, which certainly include the eye care. It is known to offer one of the best services in eye care by carrying out a wide range of eye surgeries and treatments including Lasik, cornea operation, cataract surgery and many more high end and usual treatments of eye. It is backed with state of art technology amenities and facilities, which become instrumental in fixing the eye problems once for all.

Bottom line                       

Eye surgery is among the complex one to consider, however, opting for the best eye hospital can really make a great difference. The above five eye hospitals in India can certainly help you in fixing your eye issue with utmost professionalism and care backed by affordable cost.

Dental health and bridges- things you should know

What are Dental bridges?

Dental bridge actually overcomes any space or gap made by one or more than one missing teeth. A bridge is comprised of two crowns one on every tooth on either side of the gap – these two tying down teeth are called abutment teeth – or a false tooth/teeth in the middle. These false teeth are known as pontics and can be produced using gold, composites, porcelain or a mix of these materials. Dental bridges are upheld by either normal tooth.

dental-implantWhat types of dental bridges are available?

There are different types of dental bridges. The bridges are selected according to the need of patient and doctors advise. The types are as follows

  • Traditional extensions – incorporates making a crown for the tooth or embed on either side of the missing tooth, with a pontic in the middle. These types are the most well-known sort of bridges and are made of either porcelain melded to metal or pottery.
  • Cantilever bridges are utilized when there are contiguous teeth on one and only side of the missing tooth or teeth. Cantilever extensions are generally used to supplant stand out a single tooth.
  • Maryland bonded bridges(likewise called a resin-bonded bridge or a Maryland scaffold) are used making of plastic teeth and gums upheld by a metal system. Metal wings on every side of the extension are attached to your original tooth.

What is the process for getting a dental bridge?

With the first visit for getting a dental bridge, the projection teeth are prepared. These preparations include recontouring these teeth by evacuating a bit of veneer to permit space for a crown to be set over them. Next, impressions of the teeth are made, which serve as a model from which the bridge, pontic, and crowns are being made by a dental lab. Your dental practitioner will make a transitory scaffold to wear to ensure the uncovered teeth and gums while the bridges are being made.

The second visit includes, your impermanent bridge will be evacuated and the new porcelain or metal bridge will be checked and balanced, as fundamental, to accomplish a legitimate fit. Various visits may be obliged to check the attack of the metal structure. This is subject to every individual’s case. On the off chance that the dental bridge is a settled extension, your dental specialist might briefly concrete it set up for two or three weeks to verify it is fitting appropriately. Following two or three weeks, the extension is solidified into spot.

How long do dental bridges last?

Crowns and bridges will run long period and also can last a lifetime. Many times it happens that they do become loose or even fall out. The step which is necessary is to make sure the long lasting of crown or bridging is practicing a regular oral hygiene. Dental disease may be reason behind losing hold on dentures by damaging bone and teeth. Fluoride toothpastes are good to maintain health of gums and teeth by routinely brushing flossing daily. Also check ups and dental visits to dentist make bridge long lasting as if any issue is found, dentist will help you out early.

How much does Dental bridges cost in India?

The dental bridges surgery in India cost lower as compared to other developed states. The expense of treatment and procedures depend up on the type of bridge selected and what kind of services a patient needs. It also depends on following points

  • The material type used in the bridge.
  • The additional procedures (such as fillings or root canals) may be required which add up in procedures, in one or two of the adjoining teeth.

There are number of factors which can affect the long lasting of bridges and cost of procedures but still, we say that dental bridges will definitely help patient positively.

Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery

For some individuals, wearing contact lenses or glasses has turned into an everyday schedule. A large number of these individuals, on the chance that they had the option, would select to be free of this reliance and have their vision restored to typical by some other method. This can be beneficial not just for businesses where wearing glasses or lenses is not handy, but rather additionally for stylish purposes i.e. individuals who don’t care for wearing glasses. It additionally evacuates the stress of needing to convey extra arrangements of glasses and contact lenses ought to any get lost or broken.


Numerous individuals find that their vision returns rapidly taking after laser surgery or one of the advance technique using laser i.e. LASIK and they feel more certain, have higher confidence, and so have better vocation opportunities. Numerous even take up new games and leisure activities they felt would have been unsatisfactory for individuals wearing glasses or lenses. For a few individuals laser eye surgery enhances their social life, as they are no more stressed over low light circumstances or feeling they are ‘holing up behind their glasses’. It is likewise basic that patients experience preferred vision over they ever had, even with restorative eye wear.

LASIK- Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, is a refractive surgery used to restore vision. The surgery takes very less time and is carried out without causing any pain. Anesthetic eye drops helps to numb eyes which will make the surgery pain free. If you start comparing the money spent on glasses and contact lenses, other eye caring products you will end up with the idea of taking up Lasik surgery. Also you can say it is one time investment for better outcome making yourself independent of glasses. Beneficiaries of Lasik eye surgery can beeye-health-LASEK-laser-eye-surgery_lasik

  • You will be free from contact lens and spectacles
  • You will see self confidence has increased
  • You can now perform well in sport which was not possible due to your glasses. No need to be worried about falling glasses or contact lens.
  • You can chose any career
  • No more expenses for broken glasses or damaged lens now
  • Driving will be easy
  • No irritation and no physical harm around eyes
  • It is very budget friendly and will run long time.

You may have been wearing glasses for a couple of years, or for all your life, it has no effect with regards to choosing to have laser vision operation. Whether you need better visual perception for restorative purposes or for your occupation, laser eye surgery is suitable for almost everybody with not very much avoidance. The principal step is guaranteeing that you comprehend what the technique involves, the amount it will cost and what any conceivable reactions or complexities are. All the data you should choose whether to have the surgery is secured in this middle, incorporating what happens in the introductory discussion, your initial phase in having laser vision correction. Your doctor must be good enough to deal with every situation and must have experience.

In the event that you are concerned that the strategy may not be suitable for your remedy don’t be. Laser eye surgery is supported for all the real sorts of eye issue, including nearsightedness (short sight), hyperopia (long sight), astigmatism and presbyopia. Before planning out laser or Lasik eye surgery one needs to understand the operation. Your doctor will help you out with any kind of difficulties making all doubts cleared and availing you all the benefits of Lasik eye surgery.