Know the Facts about Cavities


Cavities as we all know are germs found responsible for the tooth decay or damage. The tooth decay can hamper both its inner layer known as dentin while the outer one called the dentin. Mouth is a busy place, wherein we often consume food, which eventually becomes the cause of bacteria. Also, the dryness inside our mouth too can cause cavities, which in turn can help in making things bad to worse if the cavities remain unattended. The teeth are surrounded by nerves and if the bacteria or cavities remain unattended, they are likely to bring in much difference. So, what really causes the decay, a big question to pose, which we will be exploring in this post as under:

cavityCavities are caused by infectious germs

Mouth is a busy place wherein we often consume food at different point of time. When we consume foods with carbohydrates including cereal, bread, fruit, milk, candy or cake stay over your teeth. You can find the bacteria getting activated inside your mouth making them into acids. These bacteria, food debris, acid and saliva inside your mouth can bring in together to form plaque, which simply clubs together inside your teeth. The acids inside the plaque are seen dissolving the enamel and thus produce holes known as cavities. So, in other words, these cavities are simply the creation of infectious germs. Though not all the bacteria present inside our mouth are dangerous, but there are certain harmful ones in the form of infectious germs which create all these problems inside your mouth.

Snacking too frequently can cause cavities

Kids often get cavities, which changes their mouth and thus convert the same into an adult problem as well. As you find aging up, your gums would pull away from your mouth. They can also be seen pulling due to the gum disease. This in turn helps in exposing the roots of your teeth to plaque. If you consume too much of sweet or highly rich carbohydrate foods, you are more likely to find cavities. The older adults are at times seen getting decayed over the edges of fillings. The seniors are often seen having loads of dental work since they do not get enough fluoride or health oral care when people were children. Over the years, you can find these filling weakening the teeth and breaking the same, while bacteria will be seen gathering over the gaps causing he decay.

Even “healthy” foods can lead to decay                       

There is no denying to the fact that we eat makes or mar our teeth. However, this does not mean that only bad or junk food brings in the issue of tooth decay. The fact is even the healthy food consumed on a regular basis can bring in the problem of tooth decay. When you drink some energy drinks, some sugary beverages, consume starchy foods and other similar health food products, these can be seen hampering your gums and teeth. These foods with the presence of bacteria and saliva inside your mouth can bring in the problem of plague, which is nothing but cavity bring in problems like tooth decay. Hence it is important that you consider the preventive measurements in order to avert the issue of food decay.


Whether you are adult or kid, you have all the chances of facing the issue of cavity and you know all the causes. The best way to avoid them is to take care of your oral health the best. It is always recommended to brush and clean your teeth with proper paste. Visit dentist for a regular dental checkups so that you can take necessary course of action if there is any indication of cavities inside your teeth.


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