Causes of Tooth Decay and Fillings


As per the recent reports, more than 10 percent of people in the US already suffer from the issue of tooth decay and fillings. The problem of tooth decay is nothing but a painful reminder, which one faced during the childhood when puns about the bad tooth was not really a big joke. You may find people despite being all health conscious losing their oral health and thus creating much of the havoc than the hope. Hence keeping that in mind, you can easily explore some of the quick causes of tooth decay and fillings, which will together help in keeping your dental habits right for shaping up your overall oral healthcare the best. Let’s check them as under:




The very first and foremost cause to issues like tooth decay and fillings is milk. Don’t surprise at all to find it in this list for the obvious reason that it is an important source of calcium and vitamin for your teeth but at the same time can be a big cause to issues like tooth decay and fillings. Apart from being the source of many good things, it is also a great source of natural sugar lactose that can bring in issues like cavities especially when you consume overnight just before going to your bed. Hence, if you are looking to avoid the same, it is always recommended to rink the mil as early as possible so that you get time to brush off the sugars afterwards (though not quickly after drinking the same).

Fizzy water

There is no denying to the fact that fizzy water is also one of the key causes to issues like tooth decay & fillings. This is due to the fact that it contains some dizzying amount of sugar in it unlike any other sparkling drinks, while the primary procedure of carbonation simply means it is very much acidic on your teeth.


Milk is just not the dairy product, which causes this problem, as yoghurt too is one of them. This is because yoghurt is highly acidic in nature, which bring in issues like enamel erosion and partly due to the fact that fruit yoghurt comprises of high amount of sugar content. This sugar content then reacts to certain amount of bacteria found in the yogurt and start to erode the tooth. Hence comparatively the natural ones are better yet cannot be called as brilliant.

White wine

Red wine is often bad option for teeth as it stains them. Similarly, as per the recent research carried out at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, even the white wine can be a problem in this regard. Both men and women falling in the age group of 40 to 65 tend to give this problem of tooth decay and fillings who consume white wine. This is because the teeth completely soak all kinds of wine much as compared to the red ones. And as per the recent studies, the red wine on the contrary play a vital role in killing the bacteria found in the mouth.


As per the British Dental Health Foundation, every time one sips over a fruit smoothie, he or she comes under the attack by the acid within one hour. There is no denying to the fact that both vegetable and fruit drinks can prove out to be a healthy option with a five a day in one bottle claims, but by consuming even one smoothie from any high end coffee show can contain a huge 24 teaspoons worth sugar in it. Thus you get much of the cavity in a bottle than any other option.

Bottom line

The issue of tooth decay and fillings have been very much annoying. The above are some of the causes to this problem, which once you take care and can make things better.


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