How to Recover From Heart Surgery?

After having any heart surgery, the road to recovery can be long and can extent to 6 to 8 weeks. Once the patient with heart surgery gets a discharge from the hospital his or her caregiver at home will have to note down a set of instructions for a good care. These are nothing but a number of tips of care to be observed in order to get a smooth and quicker recovery after the surgery. Let’s check things further in this regard:


Pain Relief After Heart Surgery

After the heart surgery, the patient is more likely to encounter some incision or muscle discomfort, numbness or tightness can be felt, which are normal. However, the pain shouldn’t be the same what people expected before the heart surgery. Your caretaker would get a prescription pertaining to several pain medications before the patients leaves the hospital. For surgical options like bypass surgery, you can find more amount of pain in the legs than over the chest incision in the leg veins were employed like grafts. However, with activities like walking and doing other things, the discomfort would go away and so is the case with stiffness.

Driving After Heart Surgery

Unlike the other physical activities after the heart surgery, you have certain instructions to follow regarding driving. As per the recommendation of cardiac experts, the patient after having heart surgery is likely to resume the activity of driving after 6 to 8 weeks. However, if the surgeon has adopted any minimally invasive procedure for the heart ailment the duration to resume driving would be smaller, while in other cases riding like any other passenger would be fine.

Activity After Heart Surgery

After the surgery, the surgeon would tell you how to resume your day to day activities; however, it would take around 6 to 8 weeks to recover from the same. You are supposed to follow certain guidelines for a quicker recovery. You need to gradually boost up the activity, while the household chores can be carried out, however, by standing at any place beyond 15 minutes are not often recommended. Also, you are not supposed to life the objects beyond 10 pounds, along with avoiding pushing and pulling heavy objects as well. Also, climbing stairs should be avoided unless you are permitted by your doctor. Lastly, you need to walk on a daily basis. The doctor would send a rehabilitation therapist at your place who will guide you as per the requirements.

Diet After Heart Surgery

After the heart surgery, you need to make a couple of changes in your day to day diet. Hence you would get a set of special dietary instructions from your doctor, which you have to follow. After the surgery, it is common to see issues like poor appetite for the patients. If you experience the same, consider smaller and frequent meals on a daily basis. This will help in resuming your normal appetite in just few days; however, if this doesn’t work even after few weeks, you can contact your doctor to get the solution.

Sleep After Heart Surgery

It is obvious to get a complaint of sleepless nights after the surgery; however, this is normal sleep pattern, which you are likely to resume after a couple of weeks. However, in case if you start experiencing certain behavioural changes make sure you call your doctor. In case if you are experiencing pain, take a pain medication before going to bed. You can even try arranging and rearranging the pillows in order to find a comfortable position. Make sure you maintain a perfect balance while you rest during the recovery from heart surgery and then try getting frequent naps during the day time as well. Lastly avoid things like coffee tea, chocolates and colas for obvious reasons.


After having a heart surgery, recovery comes into picture. You get a set of instructions from your heart surgeon about getting a smoother and quicker recovery. The above are certain things to keep in mind while going for a smooth recovery after having your heart surgery.



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