Sleeve Gastrectomy Success Rate: What You Need to Know


Obesity is among the most common issues in US and even UK along with a number of other countries. With obesity come a number of medical ailments including even heart problems and chronic issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Perhaps the low quality lifestyles and more reliability over fast foods issues like obesity has become part and parcel of the modern day life especially among the urban areas. People go for a number of non surgical options to get rid of the obesity, however, when these methods fail, the idea of relying over any surgical option comes into picture. In a list of several weight loss surgeries, sleeve Gastrectomy are counted among the best. It promises a number of benefits for being minimally invasive surgical approach. It promises a decent success rate, let’s check how as under:

Sleeve Gastrectomy Success After Surgery

With the advent of this surgery, the patients were reported with better and smarter kind of results for getting rid of the morbid obesity. In this way, the patients are able to keep all the high risk ailments at bay. It also observed that some extremely obese patients after undergoing vertical laparoscopic vertical sleeve Gastrectomy didn’t even require additional advance surgical procedure in order to get the result. Thus they didn’t really need the second malabsorptive stage. Eventually all the surgeons started giving preference to this surgery for obvious reason and soon it turned a popular quick or long term weight loss solution for many obese patients.

weight-loss-diet-plans-for-the-womenAlso, it is noteworthy to check that the procedure sleeve Gastrectomy has certain complication rates as well unlike the case of gastric bypass, however, it can be even higher than the other named procedure. At the same time, you need to note that the procedure called gastric banding as lesser complications along with lesser success rate as compared to the procedure of sleeve Gastrectomy. Several studies also claim that sleeve Gastrectomy despite having a bit more complication rate is likely to have higher amount of results as compared to the other procedures like gastric bypass. Also, the weight loss patients can even experience good amount of improvements in the overall health, co-morbidities including hypertension, sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes and mobility element.

Long-Term Impact of Sleeve Gastrectomy

The surgical procedure like sleeve Gastrectomy is non reversible option, which has a number of implications on the life of the patients. Despite the fact it helps the patients to lose good amount of weight when it is coupled with certain long term treatment options after getting the weight loss, it is vital for the patients to maintain a good lifestyle. As far as the potential complications are concerned one of the most poplar option is staple line leaks that can hamper 2.1 percent of patients. In a majority of cases, it can lead to issues like organ failure, sepsis or death.

Around 1.2 percent of patients are seen experiencing bleeding over the copious discharge of blood from any blood vessels owing to the surgery that suffers around 0.6 percent of suffering from issues like strictures or Stenosis that bring in constriction of narrowing of stomach entrance diameter. On a long run, this procedure is known to be safe and an option with lesser complication rate. The complication you can encounter would result into mortality and morbidity. One of the vital complications is the staple line bleeding and staple line leak that goes with a mortality rate of 0.19 percent. For the long term result of the surgery for weight loss it is important to follow the given instructions of the surgeon.

Final Verdict

The effective result of sleeve Gastrectomy would depend upon a number of things, right from the way the procedure is carried out to the number of instructions of the doctor to be followed. These include adopting the recommendations of the doctor pertaining to certain lifestyle changes, relying on healthy diet/supplements and doing proper exercises.


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