Bariatric Surgery May Help Limit Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

cmbs_newpatientinfosessionPsoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis are among the two chronic & often the unrelenting and painful conditions. Of late, you can find a number of new methods to treat these diseases and the related symptoms while they are seen related to the excess amount of weight are seen getting added to any person’s body. The people who are suffering from the issue of psoriasis certainly know the fact that this disease can be disfiguring, uncomfortable and very much difficult to treat. Ignoring them can be seen wit remission and flare-ups. The current availability of a number of medications that can help in limiting the disease in some way or the way, however, once the ailment is diagnosed the patients can think of getting the treatment for the issues like psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for the remaining lifespan. Now, let us check how bariatric surgery can help in limiting the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis, as under:

Some fast facts

For people who are not very much well versed with the condition, psoriasis can be called as a chronic and at times even a painful skin disease, which is market by scaly, itchy and red patches. These skin symptoms can be unpredictable and one of the common types of areas that are infected by this condition include elbows, knees and scalp along with the other areas including torso like feet and palms.  The silvery and loosed colored plaques and the red skin can be called as itchy and painful, which can be cracked and get bleeding for the same. The condition called psoriasis can be at times even associated with another condition called psoriatic arthritis that can involve swelling and pain in the joints. As per an estimate, 10 to 30 percent of the people seen with psoriasis can have psoriatic arthritis. The current study indicates the following things:

  • Anyone can be affected with psoriasis but it is often an adult skin condition
  • You can often find a family history of the disease
  • Both men and women are reported with similar rates of psoriasis
  • Consuming certain medications and issues like weather changes, stress and any other infection can make the psoriasis worse.
  • The current treatments would need individual and topical creams and therapies like light therapy, systemic biological injections and even the combination of all these therapy options.
  • Keeping the skin moist can really help in reducing the flare ups.

The study

women-joint-at-doctor_177725313_blog-780x519As per researchers running NYU Lagone’s weight management program 9000 patients have undergone bariatric surgery during the tenure of 2002 to 2013. The researchers focused on 86 patients who had the ailment psoriasis before the surgical procedure. Of these 86 patients, around 21 were reported with psoriatic arthritis. The team of researchers was seen comparing the symptoms before and after the surgery. On an average, these patients were seen losing 46% of their body weight during the six years of monitoring. As per the researchers, 55 percent of patients having psoriasis, while 62% of patients with psoriatic arthritis were seen improvements in their conditions to a great extent after the surgery.   With severity scores to rate these symptoms before and after the procedure, the researchers were able to observe a good score dropped to a significant level after the surgery with the help of reducing the scores indicating the lesser amount of symptoms and sufferings.

Other findings from the study

The other findings from the same study are the following ones:

  • The weight loss can improve certain symptoms pertaining to certain chronic conditions
  • The reduction of body wide inflammation along with excess body loss and pain put on due to excess amount of fat tissues.
  • Patients with obesity issues who had shed good amount of weight and the ones known for combobid conditions like psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis can witness good amount of symptomatic relief


The issue of obesity can bring in a number of health issues, which can even include the ailments called Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. However, these conditions can be regulated with procedures like bariatric surgeries, which help in giving significant weight loss.


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