Why Maintaining a Good Dental Hygiene Is Important

Taking a good care of your oral health can help your gums and teeth in a right shape. It has a number of benefits, which include not just preventing the bad breath or tooth decay but also averts other issues. As per research, one can find new reason to brush and floss as it can keep you away from a number of health issues or conditions. Let’s check how to maintain a good dental hygiene and why it is so important:


What is Good Oral Hygiene?

A good oral hygiene can promise a number of features, which are as under:

  • You have clean teeth and are free from the debris
  • These are pink gums having no sign of swelling and bleeding once you floss or brush
  • Bad breath never touches you

Though it can be a common knowledge, which the poor dental hygiene that can create tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. It can even account for far very much deadly diseases rather than we could ever thought of having.
Alzheimer’s disease
As per the New York University researchers, there is a link in between gum inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease after a research of two decades. Similar research studies also claimed that that patients with Alzheimer issues were seen having dental issues like bad breath and gum problems and cavities.

Heart Diseases

It is a known fact that a good oral health simply paves good way towards a healthy heart. As per the reports of University of Bristol based in UK wherein they concluded that with bleeding gums simply resulted to bad dental hygiene that was carried out with the risk of having heart problems. This simply occurs owing to the cavities present over the mouth and then entering the over the blood stream and sticking to platelets that is seen forming blood clots and creating other issues of heart attack.

Pancreatic Cancer

As per research studies in Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, there is a link in between periodontitis, which is a type of gum disease and the dreaded disease of pancreatic cancer. The studies claimed that around 64 percent of people are seen pancreatic cancer as they had the gum disease history as compared to the others.

Type-2 Diabetes

The connection of mouth and body simply manifests itself over the stronger kind of forms over the links found in between diabetes and periodontitis. As per medical researchers simply indicate the kind of inflammation over the mouth that simply make the body capability weak to get reduced the blood sugar, which can lead to issues like Type 2 Diabetes. The periodontal disease simply exacerbates diabetes as the inflammation is seen diminishing the ability of body in order to harness insulin.

How can I protect my oral health?

When it comes to protecting the oral health there several tips, which can help you a lot, which are as under:

  • Make sure you brush your teeth at least two times for not less than 5 minutes as recommended by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.
  • Make sure you floss on a daily basis, if you fail to do so; you are going to miss 34 percent of your teeth un-cleaned.
  • Have a healthy diet along with limiting the between the meal snacks and unhealthy foods and soda and can damage your teeth enamel and thus make the same more prone to sensitivity.
  • Make sure you replace your toothbrush once in every 3-4 months or soon you find its bristles are frayed state. Also, keep in mind to replace your toothbrush on a regular basis and especially when you are seen sick to remain healthy.
  • Also, schedule for your dental check-ups once or twice in a year as avoiding the same would cost you more.
  • Do avoid the cigarettes or chewing tobacco, as these can contribute to gum diseases and even bring in oral cancer.

Final Verdict

Having a good oral heath can help you a lot along with averting other medical ailments once for all. However, avoiding the same can bring in other issues.
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