Do Healthy Eating Habits Cause Obesity?

beautiful thoughtful woman with food in her hands

When it comes to cause of obesity, there are tons of factors, which can trigger the overweight in your body. One such cause behind obesity is the excessive food intake one can have in their day to day. Regardless of the good and bad food you have for your daily meals, it can certainly contribute in your overweight. Even if you have been consuming healthy food out of proportion and tend to live an inactive lifestyle, you end up becoming the victim of obesity. This is primarily due to eating food out of proportion and staying away from physical activities and workout sessions that can bring out the entire mess one can witness the problem of obesity. Let’s dig in deep and find out how even healthy eating habits can cause obesity as under:

Healthy Eating & Obesity

When it comes to eating, people are known to have strong habits – some can be good and some may not be good. Though a number of our eating habits we have are being picked up during the childhood, but there is never a wrong time for doing a right thing. You could be eating healthy food but out of proportion, which can be creating problems and bringing in the issue of obesity. Making sudden and radical changes in your eating habits like eating nothing but only cabbage soup, it can lead to a number of short term issues like weight loss. However, there are several radical changes that tend to fall under healthy eating is not a good or bad idea as it may not be successful in a longer run. By improving your eating habits would need a thoughtful approach wherein you can reflect, replace and reinforce.


Understanding the essence of eating healthy

By recording all your eating activities on a daily basis for just few days can help you in knowing what you really consume on a daily basis in the name of healthy eating. For instance, you would find out that you often seek a sweet snack in order to find out the mid afternoon energy slump. Now, start using this diary or your phone to chalk out a healthy eating program for a week. It is always a good idea to note how you would get a feeling when you decided to eat especially if you have not gone hungry, like were you tired or stressed? Even healthy eating with a combination of poor lifestyle can bring in the issue of obesity, which is really important to check. This will help you in understanding the real essence of eating healthy and better.

Know the way you eat

You may be eating healthy stuff but the way you eat could be wrong, which contribute in obesity. There are several wrong ways of eating, which you need to get rid if you are seriously trying to avoid the obesity problems once for all. Some of these are as under:

  • Avoid eating too fast
  • Always use clean plates
  • Avoid eating when you are not hungry
  • Avoid eating while in a standing position can lead to mindless eating
  • Do not just consume dessert
  • Avoid Skipping Meal


Enhance Your Lifestyle

Even eating healthy with poor lifestyle can lead to problems of obesity. This can include avoiding the physical activities, skipping workout sessions and indulging in junk and other food can lead to the problem of obesity, which has to be avoided. Take your time in order to change your lifestyle and the way you have been leading your life. Also, due to long working hours and the growing work related stress can only ruin things from bad to worse that together can contribute to obesity.


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