Your Mouth Could be Warning You That You Have Celiac Disease


If Celiac disease or CD is on a constant rise then it can become a major public health problem. As per a leading healthcare group called Mayo Clinic, one out of 141 Americans in the US have been diagnosed with this issue of CD and additionally two more million people in the US go undiagnosed for the same. As per the same study, the prevalence of undiagnosed CD can increase anytime making things bad to worse. Hence it is imperative for the patients having this disease to opt for a reliable treatment option before it becomes a celiac disease for your body. How about checking in more about the same in the following sentences:

What is Celiac Disease (CD) and why is it difficult to diagnose?

Chronic autoimmune disorder often referred as CD is known to damage the small intestine owing to the consumption of gluten (the protein found in wheat, oats, rye and barley). Though the CD can be called as a condition, which hampers both the adults and kids likewise, but the symptoms can at times manifest in a different fashion as per the age groups. With more than 300 symptoms like the abdominal pain, depression and irritation, the CD has difficult to diagnose. A number of people with this disease do not present with any kind of malabsorptive symptoms, and hence it can delay in diagnosis of the same, which is a common phenomenon.

In fact, more than 83 percent of people with this disease remain undiagnosed also at time with the other conditions claims the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. And in case, if it remains untreated, people are likely developing serious kind of complications including autoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases, osteoporosis, lymphomas, GI cancers and other diseases. For all these reasons, the undiagnosed CD is linked with around four fold increased risk of death. And with no cure, the CD can be only treated with the option of removing the gluten from the diet, which is really important to diagnose this ailment.

How CD can affect the patient?

With CD hampering the mouth and teeth of the patient can alert the dental surgeons and other healthcare professionals. It can damage the enamel of the teeth, bands, creating grooves or pits that remain symmetrically found over the molars and incisors that can give issues like teeth discoloration and yellow spots or can cause the teeth in order to have a mottled appearance. In a number of cases, this disease may even end up deforming the shape of your teeth. These changes can be seen in the age of seven among the kids that can remain as permanent teeth.

The recurrent aphthous, canker sores, ulcers can appear over a number of rounds to avoid, punched out appearing and painful oral ulcers can be noticed.  All these ulcers are more often seen in these patients facing the issue of CD and could even add other issues. As per a recent survey being carried out in the US and Canada in the people suffering with CD, 16% of children and 26 percent of adults are seen with having recurrent oral ulcers. All these ulcers can be owing to malabsorption of certain nutrients likethe folic acid and vitamin B12, in the patients with untreated CD disease.


For many people suffering from CD, it is better to visit a stroenterologist can be called as the first step towards finding out this illness. Once you find this issue better visit a dentist for chalking out the further course of action. Rather than sitting down with the ailment of CD, it is always better to rely on the same. A right action on time can avert the other issues that can corrupt your body from inside.


Women are more prone to heart diseases


Unlike men, women can even be the victim of heart diseases leading to heart attacks. The fact of the matter is women are more prone to heart ailments than men despite the notion that they are less vulnerable to cardiac issues claims the researchers. As per the WHO, more than 17.3 million lives are lost due to cardiovascular diseases which carry more female population than the men. Over the past few years, more and more women are seen reported with the heart diseases claims the interventional cardiologists from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. The recently observed World Heart Day, women above forties is often seen more vulnerable than the men. In fact, there is much of the common and lethal kind of notions that women are not the part of heart diseases that prove wrong for many reasons. The matter of fact is that women in US or any other place is more the victims of heart ailments as compared to the ones seen in men.

Cardiovascular disease symptoms in women different than men

The woman who remains untreated on an account of undiagnosed issues for long before having the heart attack, now let’s check the reasons. Generally, men are seen experiencing a lot about the heart attack signs over the chest pain, breath shortness and arm pain. The women symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and nausea are seen different and are often called as stress. In one of the studies the women with heart ailments, the following would be the symptoms:

  • Unusual fatigue
  • Trouble in sleep
  • Shortness of breath
  • Anxiety and
  • Indigestion

Consider the Statistics

As per a number of studies, a women going to a cardiac hospital for heart ailments has much higher level of death rate as compared to men and have more risks or complications

  • A premenopausal woman who is seen having heart attack is seen having twice the death rate of any man of elderly age group
  • 64 percent of women who are seen losing their life suddenly seen with heart ailments having no earlier symptoms
  • More are the number of women than men who are seen losing their life within the first year after having the heart attack

Heart disease linked with menopause

The loss of natural estrogen like women age can end up contributing to the higher risk of having heart ailments after the menopause. There are other factors as well, which remain instrumental in putting the heart of women at stake. Some of these are as under:

  • The changes seen in the walls over the blood vessels thus making things more likely for issues like plague and blood clots to form
  • The changes taking place in the level of fats found in blood
  • Increases the fibrinogen levels, which boost up the blood levels of fibrinogen, which are linked to heart ailments like stroke leading to the blood flow

Recommended treatment for women

As per the American Heart Association (AHA), the women can prevent the heart ailments with the following options:

  • Keep the cholesterol levels under control, which means the LDL should under 100 mg/dL and keep the HDL greater then 500mg/dL and triglycerides less than the 150 mg/dl.
  • Have a health and active lifestyle, which can be carried out with loads of exercises and maintain good amount of weight and thus consume the balanced diet
  • Keep the blood pressure going up to 120/80mm. the BP should be higher than the 140/90mm HG.


Taking certain simple precautions like exercise, a good heart care and stress management can really help you in keeping the doctor away and help you remain fit keeping the heart ailments at the bay.


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How to improve your oral health?


Oral health is as important as your physical health. Your complete body health can never be complete without oral health. This is why your oral health has got the same importance as that of the physical health. You have to take care of factors that are the cause of bad oral health, and make prompt actions to remove those factors and gain oral health, which is important as well as a right of you. Here are some important points that are mentioned, which helps you to have a good oral health from your childhood.

Brush at bedtime and don't forget to floss

Brush at bedtime and don’t forget to floss

It is the habit which we are getting taught by our elders every time. It is really a needed and a good habit, as after bedtime till the time we wake up, is the biggest gap that our mouth has, and this is time when bacteria gets time to stored on our gums and cause different gum diseases. But if you start brushing and flossing your teeth before bed time, it will make your mouth clean than usual and is the best preventing method from gum disease.

Replace your toothbrush every three to six months

It is indeed the basic suggestion that every dentists’ give to their patients. After a time even though your tooth brush will look nice and full of bristle, but the effectiveness of the toothbrush will get affected as time passes. This is why you need to change your toothbrush after every 3-6 months.

Stop chewing on pens and pencils

Stop chewing on pens

Our teeth have many other tasks to do, then please stop chewing unnecessary things, like pens and pencils. You never know at what time the material used in pens and pencils will slowly affect your gums and teeth. There will be time when the lead or wood used in pencils will stuck in our gums or between teeth causing swelling and gum bleeding and will increase the chance of infection.

Eat for oral health

Always start your daily consumption with fruits, and make your daily meal plan which is not only health for your but for your oral health also. You can have a cheat with spicy food on one day in a week to have the best oral health, but do not cheat always or every day.

Drink for oral health Drink for oral health


Similarly like selecting food for oral health, it is best to drink healthy considering your oral health. Water is the best liquid to consume, you can have juice, and you can either have health drinks, beverages but don’t drink beverages like coffee multiple times a day. This helps to have a health and oral hygiene too.

If you can’t brush right after a meal, chew sugar-free gum

It is not always possible to brush your teeth after a meal, but if you can do so, it is the best habit and makes your mouth fresh and refreshing. But if you cannot do it, the best alternative is to have a sugar-free chewing gum. Chewing gum will make your mouth fresh with the help of saliva it generates and being sugar-free it does not affect the taste of food and even better for your health.

If you smoke, quit

If you smoke, quit

Smoking is injurious to health as the cigarette packet itself displays it. But we have the habit of avoiding, but smoking never avoids it, it will do what it intends to do. It harms our health and the bad effect starts from affecting the oral health. So to have an oral health you must quit smoking.

Schedule regular dental exams and cleanings

Make it a habit of visiting the dental expert in a regular period of time, which assists you in possessing the ideal oral health and the early diagnosis of gum disease is possible and you can avoid much complex treatment.

Ask your dentist about fluoride

Ask your dentist about fluoride

Fluoride is sometimes is the best options to have floss. But it based on individuals health and oral condition, this is why you need to consult your dentist about utilization of fluoride.


A dental treatment option which is used to avoid the problems of tooth decay is called as dental sealants. There is gap between the biting surfaces, which are more prone to have the issues of tooth decay. If you have experiencing any problems, then don’t hesitate to avoid to problem and talk to dentist.

Consider periodontal maintenance

If you are don’t maintain your oral health, then the problem of having severe gum disease with the increase in the causes, this is why you need to consider periodontal maintenance of your complete oral health and gums.

If you suspect an oral health problem, take care of it If you suspect an oral health problem, take care of it

There are times when you feel uneasy and uncomfortable with problems like swollen gums, pain during eating and sensitivity of gums even during drinking. This problems might look small but don’t avoid it, you should go to dentist and get consultation to take care of the problems and to understand preventive measures to avoid these problems in future.




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Ultrasound versus Laparoscopy Endometriosis – Which one is the best?


Both ultrasound and laparoscopy endometriosis differ a lot in many ways, when the former deals with capturing the picture inside the pelvic areas that gives an idea of deciding upon the course of action, while the latter only deals with the surgery of the ailment, which is often decided upon the former option. In a sense, the former is diagnosis tool, while the latter option deals with actual treatment procedure meant to make the patient free from the ailment. This is therefore the basic difference between the two, while other differences are being discussed in the following paragraphs:

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design

What is Ultrasound ?

It can be called as a procedure, which records the ultrasound waves as these are seen getting reflected from anatomic structures. The healthcare professional records the echoes using a machine that are digitalized and then converted into a 2D image of the examined area.

What is Laparoscopy Endometriosis?

It is a surgical endoscopic procedure, which helps in making the patient free from the condition called endometriosis, which is actually a layer of cells that gets collected over the uterus. Using laparoscopic method helps in getting a clear view about the pelvic structure and thus helps in carrying out the surgery. With this option, you do not have to rely over ultrasound as the surgeon is able to have the view of the same over the monitor.

Preparing for Ultrasound

You do not need much of the preparation rather it is simply requires partial bladder filling.

Preparing for Laparoscopy Endometriosis

Since it is a surgical procedure, you would need a better preparation for the same, which include not having liquid or solid food for not more than 8 hours before surgery. Need physical exam before the surgery along with having blood tests, urinalysis, preoperative medication, laxatives before the procedure, vaginal irrigations before surgery and anesthesia.

Ultrasound Procedure

Here the patient is applied a transducer over the skin over the area in order to examine along with getting the display of the images over the monitor about the pelvic area structure. The surface of traducer is covered with special gel for getting better effects.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis Procedure

First of the surgeon is seen creating a bladder catheterization with 10 mm stab within the umbilicus followed by inserting needle over the peritoneal cavity followed by two liters of gas inside the abdomen along with inserting the trocar and cannula, which is replaced by a laparoscope to get the view about the pelvic area that is treated by the surgeon.

Ultrasound – side effects

When it comes to side effects of ultrasound, you hardly find any for obvious reasons as there is hardly any surgical procedure involved.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis 

In this procedure, you may experience postoperative pain too often by the patient along with witnessing the postoperative abdominal distension and doing a small permanent scars keeping

Ultrasound Complications

Unlike any side effects there is no complications attached to the ultrasound, which is for obvious reasons.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis

When it comes to this procedure, you can find a number of complications, which include vaginal bleeding, uterine perforation due to the uterine cannula insertion, tubo-ovarian abscess and other pelvic infections. Besides, one can even witness issues like wall abscesses, internal bleeding, peritonitis, urinary infections and subcutaneous emphysema to name a few.

Ultrasound Contraindications

There is hardly any contraindication after the ultrasound test for the obvious reasons.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis Contraindications

One may witness contraindications after this procedure, which can be found in the form of previous abdominal surgery, pelvic infections, many cardiac and pulmonary diseases, obesity, diaphragmatic hernia and gestation.


You can therefore find how the way the two procedures like ultrasound and laparoscopic endometriosis differ to each other.

Laparoscopic Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

What Is an Ectopic Pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy can be seen occurring among women when you fertilized egg that re attaches itself at a location other than the uterus. A majority of ectopic pregnancies can be seen occurring over the fallopian tube and at times can be even added over the tubal pregnancies. The fallopian tubes are not often devised in order to keep the growth of embryo on hold and therefore keep the fertilized egg inside the tubal pregnancies that cannot be seen getting developed a proper way and thus should be treated the best. The ectopic pregnancy simply happens to be one out of fifty pregnancies. Now, let’s dig in deep into this treatment option as under:


What Causes an Ectopic Pregnancy?

The causes of the ectopic pregnancy can be seen going as under:

  • An inflammation or infection over the fallopian tube that can block the tube completely or partially blocked.
  • The scar tissue from the earlier infection or due to the surgical procedure found over the tube that can hamper the movement of the eggs.
  • Earlier procedure over the pelvic area over the tubes that can bring in adhesions
  • Abnormal growths or the defects seen due to birth can bring in the issue of abnormality seen over the shape of the tube.

Who is at risk for having an ectopic pregnancy?

The risks factors for the ectopic pregnancy can include the following:

  • The Maternal age group of 35-44 years
  • The previous ectopic pregnancy
  • The earlier Pelvic/abdominal surgery
  • The Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • A number of induced abortions
  • Getting conceived after having the tubal ligation or while with having the IUD over the place
  • Smoking
  • Endometriosis
  • The fertility treatments or consumption of fertility medications

How Is An Ectopic Pregnancy Diagnosed?

When it comes to diagnosing ectopic pregnancy, the doctor carries out the pelvic test to find out the location of the pain, the mass over the abdomen and tenderness. Your doctor will be seen using ultrasound in order to find out whether the uterus is seen developing fetus. The measurement over the hCG levels is really very much vital, while with hCG level can be found over the lower level and is seen expected to the suspect reasons to ectopic pregnancy. Your doctor can even the test the progesterone levels of the patient, which is considered to be the symptom of ectopic pregnancy. Also, the doctor can be seen carrying out the test called culdocentesis that is actually inserting needles over the vagina behind the uterus area just front over the rectum area. If the patient has blood in the said area, this would indicate the bleeding from the fallopian tube that is ruptured.

How Is An Ectopic Pregnancy Treated? 

There are various ways to treat ectopic pregnancies, however, laparoscopic approach is one of the most preferred options for the surgeons and patients for reasons like quicker recovery and effective treatment. The procedure is carried out using general anesthesia for the patient, followed by inserting the laparoscope inside the body in order to remove the ectopic pregnancy element followed by repairing or removing the affected fallopian tube. However, in case the affected tube is not removed laparoscopic method then you have another surgical choice known as laparotoy is considered to fix the ailment of ectopic pregnancies.

Final Verdict

There is a fair amount of chance of treating the ectopic pregnancies provided you choose the right way. As per reports, with this treatment, more than 60 percent of women with this issue are able to conceive in the future. All you need is an effective option to fix this problem once for all and see the results.

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Thyroid eye disease: Facts to know


Call it thyroid eye disease or graves eye disease, it is one and the same thing. It is basically an autoimmune condition wherein immune cells attack the thyroid gland that responds with secreting extra amount of thyroid hormones. This changes the size of the thyroid gland that increases the metabolism. Hence one can call this hyper metabolic state, which is categorized by quick pulse or heartbeat, profuse sweating/palpitations, irritability, high BP, fatigue, irritability and loss of weight along with issues like hair loss and other things in your body. Eyes are among the most vulnerable organs when anyone has this condition. This in turn attacks the eye muscles and connecting tissues found inside the eye socket. This can only occur when the tissues are seen having proteins, which in turn similar to the immune system as found in the thyroid gland. This condition can be also found out when the level of thyroid hormone found in the blood are seen low or normal depending upon the amount of glandular stimulation that hampers the immune attack and with the thyroid gland damages that are found during the diagnosis of the same. Now, let’s check certain key facts about this condition as under:

Causes and symptoms

As per the research, the real cause of thyroid eye disease is the presence of autoimmune ailment. An imbalance or recognition issues that occur in the immune system is responsible for this problem. The immune system usually secures human body from foes like viruses and bacteria apart from securing from the abnormal cells like cancer.  In this condition, the immune system establishes the abnormal reactions found in the muscles and fatty tissues over the eyes. Though you can find a number of patients with this disease can have abnormal blood tests for the thyroid hormone levels, there are certain people who are seen with these thyroid hormone level symptoms. Though it is vital to keep the hormone level in a right level yet this will not assure you the fact that one cannot have this condition. Hence anyone regardless of the normal or abnormal levels of hormones can have this eye condition.

As far as the symptoms of the thyroid eye diseases are concerned, the following are the common ones, let’s check them out:

  • Swelling over the eyelids and tissuessurrounding the eye
  • Anendless stare
  • Eyelid retraction
  • Dry eyes/grit sensation/irritation experienced in your eye
  • Redness and watering of eyes
  • Light Sensitivity
  • A kind of pressure over the eye sockets
  • Double vision and loss of vision

If you experience the above symptoms, make sure you better report to a competent doctor for an evaluation.

Treatment and prevention of thyroid eye disease

The treatment for this ailment is usually carried out in two phases. In the first phase, the active eye disease is treated, which can last for around 2-3 years and simply need a careful monitoring until it becomes stable. The treatment during this phase simply focuses over the securing the sight and along with checking up with the integrity of your cornea along with catering quality treatment for the double vision is carried out when it interferes with the day to day functioning and hampers your condition. Generally a majority of patients are seen getting the relief from the dray eyes with the help of artificial tears in the entire day and gels or have some ointments at the night time. The common treatment options for this treatment come with options like corticosteroids or with any anti-inflammatory medications along with options like radiation and surgery.


If you are unfortunately the one who is the victim of this condition, better see a competent ophthalmologist who all is skilled in this domain. There are several ways of fixing this problem, which include medications and even surgeries.

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Heartburn and gastrointestinal reflux disease

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Heartburn is basically a symptom that an individual is feeling at the time when acid splashes up and out of the intestine/stomach. Heartburn is basically used as an interchanged term for the acid reflux. Gestroesophageal or gastrointestinal reflux disorder is a chronic or serious acid reflux which further leads to various issues like cancer.

Stay away from trigger foods.

There are many eating related habits that can lead to the problem of heartburn and gastrointestinal reflux. And if you have sensitive stomach or intestine, you have to stay away from some of the food items which are the main cause of triggering heartburn or gastrointestinal reflux. Some of the food which causes heart burn and you need to stay away from them are:

  1. Spicy foods, such as those containing chili or curry
  2. Mint
  3. Garlic and onions
  4. Fatty or fried foods
  5. Foods containing tomato, such as spaghetti sauce, salsa, or pizza
  6. Citrus fruits, such as oranges or lemons
  7. Carbonated beverages
  8. Coffee or tea (regular or decaffeinated)
  9. Chocolate
  10. Alcohol

Don’t wear tight-fitting clothing, especially around meal times.

Wearing tight-fitting clothes is not very important yet a symptom which worth getting the attention from the individual, who are experiencing the problems of heartburn. When you wear tight-fitting clothes especially when you are eating something will trigger your problem of gastrointestinal reflux. During eating your body tends to release many digestive juices and gases that food consists. But if individual wearing tight-fitting clothes will causes the interruption during your digestion process.

Don’t lie down right after eating.

It is the very bad habit, for which our parents scold us every time we are doing it. It is lying down immediately after eating food. Proper sitting posture is very important to get our food digest properly. But if we immediately lie down after having our meal, the digestion process got interrupt and the digestion process of food will not get complete properly, which leads in generation of various acidic gases which leads to problems like heartburn.

Eat multiple smaller meals.

Eating a heavy meal is never better than having multiple smaller meals in a day. When you are eating multiple smaller meals a day, this kind of eating habit will make your digestive system busy throughout a day and the system gets enough time to process the food properly. Not only has this having multiple meals in a day made your metabolism rate even strong and regular throughout the day.

Maintain a healthy weight.

Gaining weight is the most common and most dreadful problem when it combines with any health problem; similar is the case with heartburn and gastrointestinal reflux. This is because, when you have a heavy weight, it directly hampers your metabolism rate which makes your digestion process slower than usual. This is what forces you to maintain a healthy weight, which directly supports your metabolism rate and supports your digestive system, to avoid the problems like heartburn and gastrointestinal reflux.

Don’t smoke:

Smoking is injurious to health, even the cigarette packets do have this cautionary information printed on it. Even after this information, we as an individual have the habit of ignoring the side-effect and get into habit of smoking. Sometimes the side-effect is so dangerous that it can give us the chronic disorders like the Gestroesophageal or gastrointestinal reflux disorder, which further can cause in severe cases being the reason of cancer.

Don’t eat right before going to bed:

This is what we always getting to know from our parents, teachers and even from elder brothers and sister. This is not just a good habit, but there is some scientific reason behind this statement. It is scientifically proven that, the meal needs around the time of 2hrs to get completely digest. This is what male you to avoid eating right before you get into bed for sleeping. You must have a habit of eating your last meal around 2 hours before sleeping.

Elevate your head when you sleep:

This position will help you to maintain the flow of the digestive juice and other bodily liquids down towards the pancreatic glands, which helps in processing the food even when you are sleeping. Elevating your head will help you to maintain the slow and assist digestion process and support RMR i.e. resting metabolism rate throughout night during a healthy sleep.

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