Ultrasound versus Laparoscopy Endometriosis – Which one is the best?


Both ultrasound and laparoscopy endometriosis differ a lot in many ways, when the former deals with capturing the picture inside the pelvic areas that gives an idea of deciding upon the course of action, while the latter only deals with the surgery of the ailment, which is often decided upon the former option. In a sense, the former is diagnosis tool, while the latter option deals with actual treatment procedure meant to make the patient free from the ailment. This is therefore the basic difference between the two, while other differences are being discussed in the following paragraphs:

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What is Ultrasound ?

It can be called as a procedure, which records the ultrasound waves as these are seen getting reflected from anatomic structures. The healthcare professional records the echoes using a machine that are digitalized and then converted into a 2D image of the examined area.

What is Laparoscopy Endometriosis?

It is a surgical endoscopic procedure, which helps in making the patient free from the condition called endometriosis, which is actually a layer of cells that gets collected over the uterus. Using laparoscopic method helps in getting a clear view about the pelvic structure and thus helps in carrying out the surgery. With this option, you do not have to rely over ultrasound as the surgeon is able to have the view of the same over the monitor.

Preparing for Ultrasound

You do not need much of the preparation rather it is simply requires partial bladder filling.

Preparing for Laparoscopy Endometriosis

Since it is a surgical procedure, you would need a better preparation for the same, which include not having liquid or solid food for not more than 8 hours before surgery. Need physical exam before the surgery along with having blood tests, urinalysis, preoperative medication, laxatives before the procedure, vaginal irrigations before surgery and anesthesia.

Ultrasound Procedure

Here the patient is applied a transducer over the skin over the area in order to examine along with getting the display of the images over the monitor about the pelvic area structure. The surface of traducer is covered with special gel for getting better effects.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis Procedure

First of the surgeon is seen creating a bladder catheterization with 10 mm stab within the umbilicus followed by inserting needle over the peritoneal cavity followed by two liters of gas inside the abdomen along with inserting the trocar and cannula, which is replaced by a laparoscope to get the view about the pelvic area that is treated by the surgeon.

Ultrasound – side effects

When it comes to side effects of ultrasound, you hardly find any for obvious reasons as there is hardly any surgical procedure involved.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis 

In this procedure, you may experience postoperative pain too often by the patient along with witnessing the postoperative abdominal distension and doing a small permanent scars keeping

Ultrasound Complications

Unlike any side effects there is no complications attached to the ultrasound, which is for obvious reasons.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis

When it comes to this procedure, you can find a number of complications, which include vaginal bleeding, uterine perforation due to the uterine cannula insertion, tubo-ovarian abscess and other pelvic infections. Besides, one can even witness issues like wall abscesses, internal bleeding, peritonitis, urinary infections and subcutaneous emphysema to name a few.

Ultrasound Contraindications

There is hardly any contraindication after the ultrasound test for the obvious reasons.

Laparoscopy Endometriosis Contraindications

One may witness contraindications after this procedure, which can be found in the form of previous abdominal surgery, pelvic infections, many cardiac and pulmonary diseases, obesity, diaphragmatic hernia and gestation.


You can therefore find how the way the two procedures like ultrasound and laparoscopic endometriosis differ to each other.


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