How to improve your oral health?


Oral health is as important as your physical health. Your complete body health can never be complete without oral health. This is why your oral health has got the same importance as that of the physical health. You have to take care of factors that are the cause of bad oral health, and make prompt actions to remove those factors and gain oral health, which is important as well as a right of you. Here are some important points that are mentioned, which helps you to have a good oral health from your childhood.

Brush at bedtime and don't forget to floss

Brush at bedtime and don’t forget to floss

It is the habit which we are getting taught by our elders every time. It is really a needed and a good habit, as after bedtime till the time we wake up, is the biggest gap that our mouth has, and this is time when bacteria gets time to stored on our gums and cause different gum diseases. But if you start brushing and flossing your teeth before bed time, it will make your mouth clean than usual and is the best preventing method from gum disease.

Replace your toothbrush every three to six months

It is indeed the basic suggestion that every dentists’ give to their patients. After a time even though your tooth brush will look nice and full of bristle, but the effectiveness of the toothbrush will get affected as time passes. This is why you need to change your toothbrush after every 3-6 months.

Stop chewing on pens and pencils

Stop chewing on pens

Our teeth have many other tasks to do, then please stop chewing unnecessary things, like pens and pencils. You never know at what time the material used in pens and pencils will slowly affect your gums and teeth. There will be time when the lead or wood used in pencils will stuck in our gums or between teeth causing swelling and gum bleeding and will increase the chance of infection.

Eat for oral health

Always start your daily consumption with fruits, and make your daily meal plan which is not only health for your but for your oral health also. You can have a cheat with spicy food on one day in a week to have the best oral health, but do not cheat always or every day.

Drink for oral health Drink for oral health


Similarly like selecting food for oral health, it is best to drink healthy considering your oral health. Water is the best liquid to consume, you can have juice, and you can either have health drinks, beverages but don’t drink beverages like coffee multiple times a day. This helps to have a health and oral hygiene too.

If you can’t brush right after a meal, chew sugar-free gum

It is not always possible to brush your teeth after a meal, but if you can do so, it is the best habit and makes your mouth fresh and refreshing. But if you cannot do it, the best alternative is to have a sugar-free chewing gum. Chewing gum will make your mouth fresh with the help of saliva it generates and being sugar-free it does not affect the taste of food and even better for your health.

If you smoke, quit

If you smoke, quit

Smoking is injurious to health as the cigarette packet itself displays it. But we have the habit of avoiding, but smoking never avoids it, it will do what it intends to do. It harms our health and the bad effect starts from affecting the oral health. So to have an oral health you must quit smoking.

Schedule regular dental exams and cleanings

Make it a habit of visiting the dental expert in a regular period of time, which assists you in possessing the ideal oral health and the early diagnosis of gum disease is possible and you can avoid much complex treatment.

Ask your dentist about fluoride

Ask your dentist about fluoride

Fluoride is sometimes is the best options to have floss. But it based on individuals health and oral condition, this is why you need to consult your dentist about utilization of fluoride.


A dental treatment option which is used to avoid the problems of tooth decay is called as dental sealants. There is gap between the biting surfaces, which are more prone to have the issues of tooth decay. If you have experiencing any problems, then don’t hesitate to avoid to problem and talk to dentist.

Consider periodontal maintenance

If you are don’t maintain your oral health, then the problem of having severe gum disease with the increase in the causes, this is why you need to consider periodontal maintenance of your complete oral health and gums.

If you suspect an oral health problem, take care of it If you suspect an oral health problem, take care of it

There are times when you feel uneasy and uncomfortable with problems like swollen gums, pain during eating and sensitivity of gums even during drinking. This problems might look small but don’t avoid it, you should go to dentist and get consultation to take care of the problems and to understand preventive measures to avoid these problems in future.




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One thought on “How to improve your oral health?

  1. Oral hygiene and dental care are one of the most ignored topics, public in general dont care of teeth as much care they take of their other body parts, it is really good that you have shared importance of oral hygiene and tips to improve dental conditions.


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