What to expect during Laser Eye Surgery


Eyes are regarded as one of the vital organs of human being apart from being the complex one. The eyes if not properly cared can lead to a number of issues. The common ailments come in the form of cataract and other vision issues, which may need different treatment options including eye surgery. The laser eye surgery is modern form of treating eyes. If you are going for the same, you are supposed to know about the same along with knowing the life after the surgery. Time to dig in deep into this topic as under:


Pre-Operative Exam

When it comes to the pre-operative exams, these are critical for the doctors as it helps them in creating a proper treatment plan including the surgery. These evaluation tests are very much similar to the other eye tests meant for checking the vision- the painless with little bit of discomfort. The evaluation test includes checking your tear duct functions with the help of a small wire touching your eyes, which is very much simple and painless. The other test includes mapping the cornea surface of your eye with the help of a device that touches your eye. In this test, the surface of eye is made numbed using anesthetic drops before this test. After the test you may be recommended to have antibiotic drops in order to prevent any kind of infection and in case if you are smoker or consume tobacco, make sure you avoid the same before two weeks of the evaluation test.

The Day of Surgery

Once you reach to the procedure room, the surgery technician will give you a list of simple instructions along with giving you some drops that are applied to your eye. In case if you are getting any sedation for surgery, you would get a relax kind of procedure, which will be administered by the concerned person. As the laser is seen getting calibrated, you get to hear a clicking noise. Generally people are seen awake during the procedure, and find the surgical team communicating with the patients with simple instructions to follow. You find the surgeon sitting behind your head, while the other team members will be seen moving around you.

During laser eye surgery

During the surgical procedure, a vacuum ring would be placed over your eyes in order to keep them from moving during the surgery. For a while your vision will be seen going dim and the surgeon will be working on one eye at a time while the other will be covered with a patch. The patient would hardly notice the incision.Then you find the surgeon inserting a small size lid in order to keep your eyelid open. In the next phase of the procedure will make you to look at the red light, while at the same time the laser device will be making the necessary corrections to your cornea. The very same time you would get to hear a clicking sound that indicates that laser is working. You can also feel some amount of pressure once the laser is seen working in the surgery, however, the entire process is painless and takes less than 5 mints to complete.

Recovering from laser eye surgery

After the surgery at home you will need someone to help you in your daily chores. You will find your eyes to be covered or the doctors would give blinders to wear, which will help in preventing you from rubbing the eyes. This can help in feeling dry and fresh but you would hardly find any kind of discomfort or pain. Soon the dryness would go away within few days. After the surgery, your vision can be worse than before and in the next few days it would help in improving upon the healing process. You may need a follow up session within few days. During the follow up appointments, the surgeon would be testing your eyes and then discuss the recovery in order to test the improvement in the vision.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth


Visiting a dentist may be a relatively modern concept, but people have been using the toothpaste since 500 B.C. The ancient Greeks would use a mixture containing iron rust and coral powder to clean the teeth while the toothbrushes were bunches of tree twigs that were chewed by people.

Since then, dental care has advanced and now we get many different tools at our disposal to help us take care of our teeth. Knowing a little more about teeth and how your behaviours affect your oral health can help you take better dental care and keep you smiling long into the future.

Your mouth is home to 300 types of bacteria

The plaque contains millions of bacteria that are made up of 200 to 300 different species. The main cause of poor tooth health is Streptococcus mutants that convert sugar and other carbohydrates into the acids that eat away your teeth.

Yellow means decay

Yellow colour doesn’t just signify a coffee stain. Enamel is partly responsible for the white appearance of your teeth and when it decays, the teeth start to appear yellow. Decaying enamel is blamed for the pain you feel.

Dentin grows, enamel doesn’t

Dentin is the layer which lies beneath the enamel and it is harder than your bones. It is made up of small channels and passageways which transmit the nerve signals and nutrition through the tooth.

Dentins are of three types:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Reparative

Although the enamel is basically static, but the dentin continues to grow and change throughout your life.

Your enamel is the hardest part of your body

The enamel is the outermost layer of the teeth, which is like a hard shell. Its primary purpose is to protect the rest of the tooth. Unlike bones, the enamel is made of calcium and phosphate, but it is much stronger due to specific proteins and crystallites that form it.

But it isn’t invincible

Although the enamel is there to protect your teeth, it can still crack or chip since it is not safe from the decay. Sugar and acids that are found in soft drinks interact with the bacteria in your mouth, thereby attacks your enamel which marks the beginning of tooth decay. Soft drinks are damaging the enamel when you drink them often or slowly throughout the day.

And you have 32 of them

Starting from your front teeth to the back of your mouth, you have 8 incisors (front teeth), 4 canine teeth, 8 premolars and 12 molars.

They’re a bit like icebergs

About a third of each tooth is underneath your gums and this is why keeping them healthy is important to ensure that your teeth are well cared. Your gums should be firm and pink in color.

Your teeth are uniquely yours.

The teeth are like your fingerprint and hence they are uniquely yours. That’s the reason dental records are sometimes used to identify the human remains. The identical twins do not have identical teeth. Additionally, your tongue also has a unique tongue print.

Plaque is the enemy

White and Sticky plaque are constantly growing and if you don’t remove it regularly with brushing and flossing then it can cause tooth decay. Without removal, it hardens and develops into tartar. Therefore, brushing and flossing at least twice a day is important and also visit your dentist for regular cleanings.

You make 10,000 gallons of spit

The body produces about a quart of saliva every day that comes out to about 10,000 gallons over a lifetime. It plays significant roles in your overall health. It makes food easier to swallow and contains enzymes which jumstart the digestion. Saliva washes away the lingering food particles from your teeth and it contains calcium and phosphate that neutralize the acids in plaque which causes decay and damages.


Where to get the best Laparoscopic Surgeons in India?


Surgeons at laparoscopy operating room of hospital

Surgeons at laparoscopy operating room of hospital

The best laparoscopic surgeons in India perform a highly specialized technique called as laparoscopic or the minimal access surgery of the abdomen. This specialized surgical technique has expanded into intestinal surgery and uses several 0.5-1 cm incisions through which the specialized instruments are passed. The patient’s abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas to provide a viewing and working space for the laparoscopic surgeon. The laparoscope provides images from the abdominal cavity to the high-resolution video monitors via a digitally advanced camera system in the operating room. During the surgery, the surgeon watches detailed images of the abdomen which allows the surgeon to perform the operation similar to traditional surgery but with smaller multiple incisions.

 Which surgeons are the best for Laparoscopic Surgery in India?

 Here is a list of 5 best surgeons for the laparoscopic surgery in India:

  1. Dr. S.M. Bose



Received Dr. B.C. Roy Silver Jubilee Research Award for the year 2000 for original and outstanding work in the field of medical and allied sciences-Award by Government of India 1997.

Pandalai Award-highest award of association of the surgeons of India in 1997.

WHO Fellowship-International Award in 1995.


International College of Surgeons

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

American College of Gastroenterology

2. Dr. Rupak K Das

Qualification: FRCS

Dr. Rupak K Das is a laparoscopic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

3. Dr. Mohan Koppikar

Qualification: MS MNAMNS FRCS (Edinburgh)

Dr. Mohan Koppikar is a general and laparoscopic surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital. He brings a wide range of experiences for 11 years and has also worked on the teaching staff up to the level of Reader in Surgery in his alma matter. Dr. Loppikar has worked for over ten years in the specialty departments such as surgical gastroenterology, acute trauma and minimal access surgery or the laparoscopic surgery.


Barbara Cole Award, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, September, 1992.

4. Dr. N.M Gupta

Qualification: MS FAMS FICS FACS

Dr. N.M. Gupta is a former Professor and Head of Department of Surgery, PGIMER, Chandigarh. He has more than 36 years of experienced and has published more than 150 articles in the National and the International Journals. At present,  he has been appointed as Hon. Consultant in Surgery to the Armed Forces by the Government of India.


He is the recipient of many national awards, Dass Mahapatra, Sen Memorial Oration Award, Dr. Jiapal Singh Memorial Award, etc

5. Dr.  Rajesh Nathani

Qualification: MS MCh (Paediatric Surgery)

Dr. Rajesh Nathani is a paediatric surgeon and paediatric urologist at the Wockhardt Hospital and has over 15 years of experience. He has been trained at the premier institutes in Mumbai like the BYL Nair Hospital, KEM Hospital, B J Wadia Hospital for Children in Mumbai. He has also been regularly visiting the best centers for the paediatric surgery and paediatric urology in the US which help him to interact with the best minds in the field and keep abreast with the latest trends and developments.

Bottom line

India offers low cost laparoscopy surgery that is performed by highly qualified, skillfull doctors and surgeons at the top laparoscopic hospitals across different cities in the country. This has attracted over millions of global patients to choose India for undergoing the low cost minimal access surgery in India. India Laparoscopy Surgery Site has connections with the best laparoscopic surgeons in India. Our medical group assists the patients to find out the best laparoscopic surgeons to fulfil their needs for treatments and surgeries in India. We ensure that our patients get quality medical treatments and comprehensive care throughout their medical trip to India.

Periodontitis – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment


Oral health is as important as the general health of our body. Unlike taking care of our heart, it is equally important to take care of our oral health. However, due to the presence of cavities and other infection oral health can be at stake. One of the ailments found in the mouth of people is Periodontitis. Before you become the victim of this ailment, it is always recommended to explore about this topic. How about checking it as under:

What is Periodontitis? 

Peri means around while odontitis refers to teeth, which are infections about structures over the teeth. These simply include gums, the cementum, which covers the root the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. When this condition is found in the early stage, the infection due to the gingivitis hampers the gums and when it becomes severe the supporting tissues are seen affecting the most.

Causes of Periodontitis               

This dieases is often caused due to bacteria found in dental plaque, which is a sticky substance that forms over the teeth the sooner you brushed. In order to get rid of bacteria, which is the cells of your immune system that damage the gums. This simply leads to issues like bleeding and swollen gums and other issues.

Symptoms of Periodontitis

Talking about the symptoms about this disease, one can find a couple of issues like bleeding from both gum and tooth. Also, one can find the plaque enveloping the teeth, which can be called as the symptoms of this disease.

An Ounce of Prevention

The best way to prevent this dental ailment is to maintain a good amount of oral health. With twice brushing and floss on a daily basis can help in making things better for the patients. These are the basics of preventing this dental ailment and thus can be even terms as an ounce of prevention. Make sure you visit your dentist twice for a dental checkup. This will help in finding any ailment at an early stage.

Tobacco Use     

With the use of tobacco, you end up getting higher risk to this dental ailment. If you are having this disease tobacco consumption can be the major reasons for its expansion. The reasons are obvious with the use of tobacco, you are likely to invite other ailments or gum diseases. So, quitting the habit of using tobacco can make a great difference.


Unlike any other ailments, stress can make things bad to worse with the presence of ailments like periodontal disease and thus make things difficult to treat. Stress simply hampers the immune system of the body along with making it weaker with passing time. This therefore makes it very much difficult for the human body to fight off the infection like the periodontal ailments.

Poor Diet            

With poor diet, one can face the deficiency of nutrition that can hamper the good health along with making things difficult for the immune system and thus keep things bad for mouth and gums. There are severe kinds of vitamins found in C deficiency, which can cause issues like bleeding gums.

Teeth Grinding

This can lead to extreme diseases over your gums that are already seen inflamed. It can even exert extra amount of force over the teeth that can hamper the ligaments of the gum bones. In a number of cases, people are seen learning to avert this idea seeking the help of dental experts and practicing good oral hygiene practices.

Treatment of Periodontitis        

When it comes to the treatment of Periodontitis, these include both the medications and treatment procedures. However, the treatment option would depend upon the level of this ailment you have in your mouth. The advance is the disease, the more number of advance procedures like dental surgery is required to avert this procedure and secondly

Final Verdict     

Periodontitis can be an ailment that can be damaging to your oral health; however, preventing the same can help in making things better for you. Knowing about the ailment is therefore a mandatory thing to consider.

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How to Choose a Best and Qualified Dentist


Finding a competitive dentist needs a careful consideration, which can make thing daunting. This is mainly because of a number of dentists present in the dental world and a number of procedures evolved in this domain. Nevertheless, there are ways to find out a qualified dentist for any of your dental requirements. This post will help you in finding out best man for this job, keep on reading to get the same as under:

Know your dental needs        

When it comes to finding out any dentist it is always recommended to find one before you really need it. If you want any dental procedure for cosmetic reasons then you can find anytime you find is the right time for you, however, for the ones that are required on an emergency basis has to be found out before you really need. Finding a good dentist will more or less depend upon the requirements you have. Take your time to understand your requirements first whether you are looking for any dental ailment for cosmetic reasons consider the one who specializes in the said area or have some ailment in it, which make things bad to worse, then you would need a dentist who is based closer to your place and is known for good treatment.


When it comes to finding anyone with references then there were several ways to this option. Star asking your friends, family member, office colleagues if they have underwent any dental procedure in the recent time. They can recommend someone good as per their positive experience in the past with the dentist. There are other options as well like asking your family doctor, your dental insurance company, a dental association office in your area, your local hospital, and similar other places to get the one of your choice.


As you enter the dentist’s office, it can give an idea of the professionalism the dentist has. The dentist you choose should be professional simply means he or she is not only par in her skills and expertise but at the same time competitive enough to deal with the patient the best. Take time to visit the dentist for an initial consultation, which is often free will help you in finding the best dentist for your dental ailment to judge his or her professionalism.

Office hours      

Consider a competent dentist who stays close to home or your office. Needless to say that this will help in fixing your schedule with great ease without wasting much of your time as it is easily accessible. Also, do keep in mind to check whether the dental office is open on all the days you are keen to get th appointments.


Rather than opting for the dentist who has a number of procedures under one roof to the one which you really need. We know that masters of all is master in none. This is more applicable for the dentists who is alone in his or clinic and does all the procedures single handedly. Instead consider the one, which is known for the specialization in the area of your interest.


Before you choose a dentist, check whether the dentist accept your insurance? Also check whether he or she offer you multiple payment options? If your insurance plan needs referrals to specialists, will you find this dentist providing the same? Also check whether the dental procedures are available at competitive cost rather than giving highly expensive solutions. You need to compare one or two dentists to get the right man for this job.


Consider a dentist that can make you comfortable while carrying out a number of dental procedures. Otherwise you may be hesitant in opening about your dental issues, which may cause problems in diagnosing and deciding upon the further course of action.

 Final Verdict

Finding a right dentist is important for many reasons. This can include getting the best treatment option to finding things better for your quality of life. The above tips and ideas can help you in finding the best dentist for your dental ailments.               


Heart Disease Risk Factors – Need to Know!


Heart disease remains the number one cause of deaths in the US, and you can’t put all the blame for this on your family history or French fries. There are a number of powerful factors and some of the not so obvious, that significantly raises your risk for the heart problems and even causes a heart attack. MD, FAAC, cardiologist with Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center, Geetha Pinto warns that you should really know your heart disease risk factors so that you can know what you can change. Also know your cholesterol numbers, blood pressure and if you are diabetic. According to the National Institutes of Health, “even people who have one risk factor can double their chances of heart attack and those who have several risk factors can multiply their risk tenfold.”

Know What You Can’t Change

You should be aware of certain heart disease risk factors that you cannot change such as gender, age. Since majority of people who die of heart disease are 65 years and older. Younger men are at greatest risk of heart attack than women. Women’s risk of heart disease increases after menopause.

Family history and race are some major heart disease risk factors. If your parents had heart disease, then your risk too increases. Heart disease risk is also higher for African-Americans, native Americans, Mexican-Americans and native Americans.

Get Serious About What You Can Change

Take action to minimize your risk of heart trouble that are within your control. As per Khanh Nguyen, MD, a family physician with Adventist HealthCare, “you can change or modify most of the heart disease risk factors, including those related to high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.”

Generally, diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Nguyen warns that “diabetes is a coronary equivalent and therefore if you have diabetes, we manage your care aggressively as if you have had a prior heart attack.”

Hypertension or high blood pressure and high cholesterol puts a person at increased risk for heart disease. The high blood pressure increases the heart’s workload, thereby causes the thickening and stiffening of  the heart muscles and hence it cannot work properly. When too much LDL cholesterol builds up in the arteries, it leads to clot formation and blocked arteries causes heart attacks.

Excess body fat, especially around the waist also puts you at heart disease risk. Also, inactivity puts you at great risks of heart diseases as a sedentary lifestyle tends to go hand in hand with diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol that leads to heart diseases. Smoking changes cholesterol by making it very sticky, which is then predisposed to clot formation, cancer and other diseases. Also, smoking may increase your blood pressure.

Not So Obvious Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Other not so obvious risk factors for the heart disease include sleep apnea that contributes to hypertension, which in turn lead to heart diseases. People with sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during the night. Luckily, this condition is treatable.

Energy drinks can be dangerous for some people who already have weak hearts. Though these drinks boosts your energy levels they also stimulate your heart thereby make it beat faster by constricting the blood vessels which raises the blood pressure.

Mental health can play a vital role in your heart health since stress causes the blood pressure to go up thereby makes your heart work faster.

Bottom Line

Now that we have gone through some of the heart disease risk factors, it is important to identify them and modify your lifestyle accordingly. Eat nutritious food, do exercises daily and make smart choices to keep your heart healthy throughout your life. Consult the best physician to assist you in making healthy choices to prevent the heart disease risk factors.

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6 Ways to Create Healthier Hospital Stay in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants

If you have been ever admitted to a hospital or have visited a loved one then you are more likely aware that hospitals aren’t always the healthiest places. Someone who is trying to heal obviously requires the least amount of toxic chemical exposures. Here are 6 ways to create the healthier hospital stay in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants:

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  • Breathe Fresh Air: Although the goal of the hospital is to heal the people but, the air inside the patient rooms can be extremely unhealthy. If your hospital doesn’t have a good air filtration system implemented, then why not bring one with your friend or a family member. There are numerous portable units that protect the rooms from viruses, germs, aeroallergens and harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces. You may pick up one for a fraction of the price of a large unit and keep it yourself or gift it to your beloved after they leave the hospital.
  • Healthy Hospital Foods: Ask your loved one’s since they would not request your help but it doesn’t mean they don’t need it. Prepare a healthy and convenient juices, delivery meals or smoothies for the patient and the other family members.
  • Non-toxic gifts: If you are looking for a gift to bring to the hospital or send home to your friend or a family member after they have been discharged, think beyond flowers since they may take up valuable space in an often cramped hospital room and can contain toxic pesticides residues. Therefore you should opt for a personalized gift-special blanket threaded with an uplifting quote to offer strength or send a charm bracelet with words of encouragement that will serve as a constant reminder to the patient that we love them.
  • Organic comforts of the home: The patient being in the hospital surrounded by machines and sterile walls is anything but reassuring. You can try sharing some of the comforts of a healthy home to ensure they are feeling comfortable. You can use an organic quilt or throw, an organic pillow or pictures of their loved one. Even a diffusion of essential oils can have smelling divine without the toxic chemicals found in most synthetic air freshners.
  • Games for your brain: Hospital patients do not always have visitors and spending the extended amounts of time in a hospital bed can be depressing. Ensure that your loved one has all the tools which can keep boredom at bay. You can create a brain game care kit containing, crosswords exercises, Sudoku puzzle books, magazines and books of their interests. Adult coloring books can be a surprising therapeutic. Also, the healing affirmations on the audio CDs will help fill the lonely and quiet hours.
  • Care for the family: If your loved one is in the hospital for an extended period then he/she may be worried about their family members back home. Help them conquer their fears and concerns. Bring in some healthy snacks or head over to clean up the house with natural ingredients, they’ll surely appreciate the sparkle. Do not forget the furry members you can offer them assistance with the walks and keep their pets under you care until they’re back home.

If your loved one has been recently admitted to the hospital, you can consider the above 6 ways to create the harrowing process a bit easier and extent your support will be helpful and healing. If you are looking for the ways to show your support to your loved one, then you can choose the healthier hospital stay for the patients in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants. We are tied up with the best hospitals in India to make your hospital stay as healthy as possible by reducing the body burden.

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