6 Ways to Create Healthier Hospital Stay in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants

If you have been ever admitted to a hospital or have visited a loved one then you are more likely aware that hospitals aren’t always the healthiest places. Someone who is trying to heal obviously requires the least amount of toxic chemical exposures. Here are 6 ways to create the healthier hospital stay in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants:

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  • Breathe Fresh Air: Although the goal of the hospital is to heal the people but, the air inside the patient rooms can be extremely unhealthy. If your hospital doesn’t have a good air filtration system implemented, then why not bring one with your friend or a family member. There are numerous portable units that protect the rooms from viruses, germs, aeroallergens and harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces. You may pick up one for a fraction of the price of a large unit and keep it yourself or gift it to your beloved after they leave the hospital.
  • Healthy Hospital Foods: Ask your loved one’s since they would not request your help but it doesn’t mean they don’t need it. Prepare a healthy and convenient juices, delivery meals or smoothies for the patient and the other family members.
  • Non-toxic gifts: If you are looking for a gift to bring to the hospital or send home to your friend or a family member after they have been discharged, think beyond flowers since they may take up valuable space in an often cramped hospital room and can contain toxic pesticides residues. Therefore you should opt for a personalized gift-special blanket threaded with an uplifting quote to offer strength or send a charm bracelet with words of encouragement that will serve as a constant reminder to the patient that we love them.
  • Organic comforts of the home: The patient being in the hospital surrounded by machines and sterile walls is anything but reassuring. You can try sharing some of the comforts of a healthy home to ensure they are feeling comfortable. You can use an organic quilt or throw, an organic pillow or pictures of their loved one. Even a diffusion of essential oils can have smelling divine without the toxic chemicals found in most synthetic air freshners.
  • Games for your brain: Hospital patients do not always have visitors and spending the extended amounts of time in a hospital bed can be depressing. Ensure that your loved one has all the tools which can keep boredom at bay. You can create a brain game care kit containing, crosswords exercises, Sudoku puzzle books, magazines and books of their interests. Adult coloring books can be a surprising therapeutic. Also, the healing affirmations on the audio CDs will help fill the lonely and quiet hours.
  • Care for the family: If your loved one is in the hospital for an extended period then he/she may be worried about their family members back home. Help them conquer their fears and concerns. Bring in some healthy snacks or head over to clean up the house with natural ingredients, they’ll surely appreciate the sparkle. Do not forget the furry members you can offer them assistance with the walks and keep their pets under you care until they’re back home.

If your loved one has been recently admitted to the hospital, you can consider the above 6 ways to create the harrowing process a bit easier and extent your support will be helpful and healing. If you are looking for the ways to show your support to your loved one, then you can choose the healthier hospital stay for the patients in India with Indian Health Guru Consultants. We are tied up with the best hospitals in India to make your hospital stay as healthy as possible by reducing the body burden.

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