Periodontitis – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment


Oral health is as important as the general health of our body. Unlike taking care of our heart, it is equally important to take care of our oral health. However, due to the presence of cavities and other infection oral health can be at stake. One of the ailments found in the mouth of people is Periodontitis. Before you become the victim of this ailment, it is always recommended to explore about this topic. How about checking it as under:

What is Periodontitis? 

Peri means around while odontitis refers to teeth, which are infections about structures over the teeth. These simply include gums, the cementum, which covers the root the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. When this condition is found in the early stage, the infection due to the gingivitis hampers the gums and when it becomes severe the supporting tissues are seen affecting the most.

Causes of Periodontitis               

This dieases is often caused due to bacteria found in dental plaque, which is a sticky substance that forms over the teeth the sooner you brushed. In order to get rid of bacteria, which is the cells of your immune system that damage the gums. This simply leads to issues like bleeding and swollen gums and other issues.

Symptoms of Periodontitis

Talking about the symptoms about this disease, one can find a couple of issues like bleeding from both gum and tooth. Also, one can find the plaque enveloping the teeth, which can be called as the symptoms of this disease.

An Ounce of Prevention

The best way to prevent this dental ailment is to maintain a good amount of oral health. With twice brushing and floss on a daily basis can help in making things better for the patients. These are the basics of preventing this dental ailment and thus can be even terms as an ounce of prevention. Make sure you visit your dentist twice for a dental checkup. This will help in finding any ailment at an early stage.

Tobacco Use     

With the use of tobacco, you end up getting higher risk to this dental ailment. If you are having this disease tobacco consumption can be the major reasons for its expansion. The reasons are obvious with the use of tobacco, you are likely to invite other ailments or gum diseases. So, quitting the habit of using tobacco can make a great difference.


Unlike any other ailments, stress can make things bad to worse with the presence of ailments like periodontal disease and thus make things difficult to treat. Stress simply hampers the immune system of the body along with making it weaker with passing time. This therefore makes it very much difficult for the human body to fight off the infection like the periodontal ailments.

Poor Diet            

With poor diet, one can face the deficiency of nutrition that can hamper the good health along with making things difficult for the immune system and thus keep things bad for mouth and gums. There are severe kinds of vitamins found in C deficiency, which can cause issues like bleeding gums.

Teeth Grinding

This can lead to extreme diseases over your gums that are already seen inflamed. It can even exert extra amount of force over the teeth that can hamper the ligaments of the gum bones. In a number of cases, people are seen learning to avert this idea seeking the help of dental experts and practicing good oral hygiene practices.

Treatment of Periodontitis        

When it comes to the treatment of Periodontitis, these include both the medications and treatment procedures. However, the treatment option would depend upon the level of this ailment you have in your mouth. The advance is the disease, the more number of advance procedures like dental surgery is required to avert this procedure and secondly

Final Verdict     

Periodontitis can be an ailment that can be damaging to your oral health; however, preventing the same can help in making things better for you. Knowing about the ailment is therefore a mandatory thing to consider.





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