What to expect during Laser Eye Surgery


Eyes are regarded as one of the vital organs of human being apart from being the complex one. The eyes if not properly cared can lead to a number of issues. The common ailments come in the form of cataract and other vision issues, which may need different treatment options including eye surgery. The laser eye surgery is modern form of treating eyes. If you are going for the same, you are supposed to know about the same along with knowing the life after the surgery. Time to dig in deep into this topic as under:


Pre-Operative Exam

When it comes to the pre-operative exams, these are critical for the doctors as it helps them in creating a proper treatment plan including the surgery. These evaluation tests are very much similar to the other eye tests meant for checking the vision- the painless with little bit of discomfort. The evaluation test includes checking your tear duct functions with the help of a small wire touching your eyes, which is very much simple and painless. The other test includes mapping the cornea surface of your eye with the help of a device that touches your eye. In this test, the surface of eye is made numbed using anesthetic drops before this test. After the test you may be recommended to have antibiotic drops in order to prevent any kind of infection and in case if you are smoker or consume tobacco, make sure you avoid the same before two weeks of the evaluation test.

The Day of Surgery

Once you reach to the procedure room, the surgery technician will give you a list of simple instructions along with giving you some drops that are applied to your eye. In case if you are getting any sedation for surgery, you would get a relax kind of procedure, which will be administered by the concerned person. As the laser is seen getting calibrated, you get to hear a clicking noise. Generally people are seen awake during the procedure, and find the surgical team communicating with the patients with simple instructions to follow. You find the surgeon sitting behind your head, while the other team members will be seen moving around you.

During laser eye surgery

During the surgical procedure, a vacuum ring would be placed over your eyes in order to keep them from moving during the surgery. For a while your vision will be seen going dim and the surgeon will be working on one eye at a time while the other will be covered with a patch. The patient would hardly notice the incision.Then you find the surgeon inserting a small size lid in order to keep your eyelid open. In the next phase of the procedure will make you to look at the red light, while at the same time the laser device will be making the necessary corrections to your cornea. The very same time you would get to hear a clicking sound that indicates that laser is working. You can also feel some amount of pressure once the laser is seen working in the surgery, however, the entire process is painless and takes less than 5 mints to complete.

Recovering from laser eye surgery

After the surgery at home you will need someone to help you in your daily chores. You will find your eyes to be covered or the doctors would give blinders to wear, which will help in preventing you from rubbing the eyes. This can help in feeling dry and fresh but you would hardly find any kind of discomfort or pain. Soon the dryness would go away within few days. After the surgery, your vision can be worse than before and in the next few days it would help in improving upon the healing process. You may need a follow up session within few days. During the follow up appointments, the surgeon would be testing your eyes and then discuss the recovery in order to test the improvement in the vision.

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