LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery – What to Expect


Lasik Eye Surgery is among the advance surgical procedure for eye, which helps in getting the safe and secured kind of vision that enhances the quality of life. It is among the most common kinds of procedure to boost up the vision and thus increase the quality of life. One of the most common kinds of questions people pose about the LASIK surgery is the recovery time apart from knowing the safety and security of the vision. In case if you are considering LASIK eye surgery, you need to know about the recovery of the same. How about checking some of the common questions pertaining to eye surgery as under:

Learn What to Expect from LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

After the LASIK Eye Surgery, one can experience issues like light, tearing and burning kind of sensation during the recovery. This can range from being quite bothersome and noticeable that would depend upon the kind of technology employed and the way the eyes react. In most of the cases, the following day, the patients get up without much of pain and discomfort. One important thing to remember after having LASIK surgery for a perfect recovery is to avoid rubbing the eyes since it can dislodge the corneal flap.

Day of LASIK Procedure

In most of the cases, the treatment effect of the laser vision correction is often permanent especially if your eyeglass prescription for being stable before the treatment. If there is anything in your genetics which talks about the prescription that would change in the coming future with having surgery and now would be prevented the same from occurring. In our experience, a change would be seen very much uncommon if required though and you would be re-treated in the coming years later and has to occur.

24 Hours after LASIK

Your first follow up appointment will generally occur 24 – 48 hours after the laser eye surgery. Moreover, in order to perform some of basic vision tests, your surgeon will be seen checking for the healing and thus answer any number of questions you have regarding the process. Your surgeon would also recommend that you can wear sunglasses while being outside in the days and weeks just after the surgery, for comfort and protection. A majority of people are simply able to start reading and seeing the TV after 24 to 48 hours, which may however, depend completely on your surgeon’s direction

One Week after LASIK

With every passing day after the surgery, your vision will start to stabilize, though one can have minor fluctuations being the usual part of the healing process. Your 1 week would follow up the appointment would be the other chance for your doctor in order to monitor your progress and pose a number of question that come up. Though your LASIK eye surgery will be seen boosting up at this point, it would be important to keep them employing the drop medication as directed.

One Month after LASIK

If you are facing itching while you get back to gym or any other physical activity, your follow up session should comprise of questions by the surgeon about the same. Your doctor will have a look at the vision progress during the session and then can end up fixing the same.

Three to Six Months after LASIK

By this time you would experience good amount of improvements to your stability and vision. By this point you should be able to get a good vision and stability, however, make sure you follow the instructions of the surgeon.

Final Verdict

Lasik surgery recovery duration is often seen following consistent schedule; however, every eye patient is seen healing with his or her own pace. If you are keen to explore more about the same, don’t hesitate to explore the same.

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