Cataracts Surgery – what do we know about it?


Cataract can be called as a cloudy and painless around found over the lens of human eyes. A human lens is enclosed often with a line known as lens capsules. The purpose of cataract surgery simply separates the cataract from this very lens capsule making things visible for the patient. In a majority of cases, you can find the lens being replaced with something called intraocular lens implant or IOL. If you do not go with this option, you need to consider the contact lenses/eyeglasses compensating the dearth of natural lens. As per reports, there are no medications or eye drop invented for the treatment of cataract in human eyes. If you are the victim of cataract, you have no option but to go for the cataract surgery. This helps in improving upon the blurred vision, which is only possible when the natural lens is removed using a surgical procedure.  How about exploring about the subject go crack the gist of the subject as under:

Surgery choices

When it comes to cataract surgery, you have two common options, which are as under:

Phacoemulsification (small-incision surgery)

This is among the most common kind of cataract surgery being carried out by the eye surgeons. It is more popular as compared to the Standard extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) despite being very much similar to each other.   In this procedure, you find the surgeon making two small size incisions that are made over the eye wherein a clear front cover or cornea is seen meeting the white portion of the eye called sclera. The surgeon then creates a circular opening there over the surface of the lens usually termed as capsule. The small surgical tool called Phaco probe is then inserted over the eye, which helps in breaking the cataract into a couple of small pieces seeking the sound waves. At times, even laser used for this purpose of breaking the cataract. The cataract along with the lens pieces are then removes by the surgeon with the help of the procedure called suction. Later the surgeon places an IOL (intraocular lens implant) over the lens capsules followed by sealing up the incisions without any stitches.

Standard extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE)

This surgery helps in removing the cataract found in human eyes. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon removes the natural lens of your eyes when the capsule is placed there holding the lens as well. This cataract surgery starts with a local anaesthesia and then the surgeon is seen making an 8 to 10 mm of incisions over the affected eye wherein a clear front covering of the eye or cornea is seen meeting up the white portion of the eye known as sclera. The surgeon then makes another incision over the front area of the lens capsules followed by removing the lens along with keeping the remaining lens material at bay.  At the end the surgeon is then seen placing the intraocular lens implant over the lens capsules and finally he or she closes the incision without any stitches. This procedure is regarded as the older ones, which has got certain advancements making it the procedure called Phacoemulsification, which carries small size incisions.

What to think about Cataracts Surgery?

If you are suffering from this problem called cataract in your eyes, it’s high time to get rid of the same with a proper surgical procedure. Make sure that there is hardly any non surgical option available to make you free the issue of cataract from your eyes, hence sooner or later you have to tread the path of any of the above surgical option and get rid of the same. So, what are you waiting for, go get rid of the same using a right surgical option, right?





Heart Surgery in India – Is It a Good Option?


Heart is an important organ in our body, which helps in pumping blood in our body circulatory system to different parts of human body and thus is called the blood pump of human being. The blood can be easily circulated with the food and oxygen in it to the cells of the body along with carrying out the carbon dioxide and waste stuff away from the human body. Many people suffer from heart ailments, which can be fixed with the help of heart surgery. India is now being regarded as the top healthcare destination as it carries out the treatment options with quality and affordability. Heart surgery in India is no exception. Let’s dig in deep and find out how it can be a good choice for global patients.

Various heart surgeries

When it comes to heart surgeries, there are different options available depending upon the kind of ailment of heart conditions the patients have. Let’s check some of these heart surgeries as under:

  • Angioplasty: It is a nonsurgical procedure carried out in a form of open blocked heart arteries. In this procedure, you can find a balloon that is used to open up the blood vessels wherein these are blocked or narrowed owing to plaque deposition.
  • Pacemaker Implantation: This procedure deals with having a medical device, which translates the electrical impulses in order to control the heart beat and thus maintain the needed and normal heart rate. It is carried out when there is a lag seen in the natural pacemaker of the heart or wherein there is a block seen in the electrical conduction system of the heart.
  • Cardiac Bypass: It is among the most common kind of procedures during which the working and usual blood vessel from several areas of the body is seen grafting and thus employed to re-channel the blood over the blocked area.
  • Minimally Invasive Heart Bypass: This procedure is called as the minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass procedure, which is commonly called as the MIDCAB. It is among the minimally invasive approach, which is employed to correct the coronary heart ailments. It is also known as the keyhole heart surgery.
  • Heart Valve Replacement Surgery: It is a surgical procedure which deals with removing or replacing the artificial grafts or the parts from the body tissues or with the synthetic heart valves.
  • Paediatric Heart Surgery: This surgical procedure specializes for the kids, which can include both the complex surgical procedures and the ones that deal with heart ailment of children or infants.
  • Robotic Heart Surgery: This surgery is among the most advanced options that falls under the category of minimally invasive surgery that are found today. It blends with the superior 3D visualization along with the most effective skill sets, precision and a proper control over the complex cardiac procedures.

Best heart surgery hospitals in India


India in the recent past has been recognized as the top destination for catering high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost.  These hospitals are world class in terms of facilities and amenities and are governed with state of art technology, which play a vital part in making things better for the global patients. The highly experienced heart surgeons and cardiac experts who have ample amount of experience and expertise in dealing with a wide range of cardiac services. Thus Indian heart surgery hospitals cater a win-win solution to the global patients, which may be difficult to get at any developed nations owing to the obvious reasons -the higher cost.

Final Verdict

Heart surgery can be a difficult option to consider considering the complication and cost involved in it. However, with affordable cost incurred in heart surgery in India, more and more global patients are flocking to India. There is a huge gap in terms of cost if you compare the cost of heart surgery in India with developed nations. For instance, an open heart surgery in India can cost you around 90,000 USD, while the same can be carried out in India at a cost of around 750 USD.

Can Too Much Exercise Harm the Heart?

This seems to be an interesting question to answer and perhaps the vital question for a number of readers who are somewhere very much workout alcoholic. Of late, this question has got loads of attention due to a number of news reports in the media, hence it would be interesting to explore this topic with the available data that offer food amount of thoughts and results and thus enable you to decide for yourself provided you have loads of good stuff to consider. One of the papers on the topic exercise is good or bad has been in discussion in public domain in different forms or media. The people in the sports and athletics seem to worry a lot about this question since they are the ones who remain extremely physically active. Let’ dig in deep into this issue as under:


Some vital observations

Based on the studies carried out by different agencies, indulging into too much of exercises can really harm the heart; let’s have a look as under:

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  • First things first, the general problem of a long term results to the heart from athletics, which is still not studied a lot. There are several reports and available research studies that include in this subject.
  • It is a known fact after the available studies, which too much of exercises are more likely to develop issues like atrial arrhythmias in a long run. The precise cause of this problem may be still unknown, however, as per the speculation centers over the enlargements of such chambers and plausible structural alternations in the heart walls, which occur in the coming time.
  • We also know that extreme exercises can perhaps more likely to have complicated ventricular arrhythmias, however, the cause and importance of these ailments is really not understood.

What Research Has to Say on this Issue?

Most of those who are seen doing workout sessions who exercise choose carry out the exercise like cardio or aerobic activities. This research simply supports the approach, which this option is likely not be best of your interest in a longer run and which is plausible to carry out doing much of the exercises. By focusing over the extreme examples, one can start to see some amount of truth when you talk about exercises. All these studies can help in explaining how the highly trained and skilled athletes too lose their life due to heart failure. For instance, Alberto Salazer an American Marathon runner almost died due to heart attack when he was completing his 50 years of age.

Man on treadmill with healthcare provider standing next to treadmill, supervising man's exercise.

As per one study published in a popular magazine called Journal of Applied Physiology, a group of researchers reported that there is a direct relationship between certain amount of prolonged exercises and heart damages like scarring and structural changes that are similar to the ones seen in the workout loving people especially the cardiovascular exercises that can damages your heart. A number of research studies emerging out at the past several years have given a complete new understanding about the body, which needs exercises and a number of past notions gone upside down.


As said too much of anything is not often good but ends up to a bad giving you reverse effects. Like in the case of having too much of water or too much of calories and fat can put you in trouble, similar too much of exercises can lead you to repercussions like heart troubles, which comes in the form of heart failure or attack. Hence maintaining a balance even in your workout session or physical activities like sports and other things has to be maintained, which is not just good for health but also for your heart. So, next time if you are trying too hard in your workout session, remember, you are losing your health and inviting heart troubles.



Affordable Smile Makeover Surgery in India

Smile Makeover surgery in Indi

Smile is regarded as the most gorgeous accessory, which human beings are simply blessed with. However, smile doesn’t come without having a set of sparkling white teeth. It helps in getting compliments to you boosting up your confidence. These cosmetic procedures pertaining to smile makeover are known for its safety and if you are planning the smile makeover in India then you also get the chances to have a small vacation as well exploring some of the best places in India including Kerala the God’s Own Land along with checking with the world heritage sites here. The smile makeover surgery in India comes with high quality and      with affordability, which is a unique blend hard to find out at any other nation. This is the basic reason why more and more global patients flock to India for smile maker surgery in India.

What is Smile Makeover Surgery? 

A Smile makeover surgery can be called as a cosmetic & dental procedure, which helps in rejuvenating the teeth, lips, &cheeks. The procedure is carried out by a competent dentist, maxillofacial surgeon or by the both experts. This will depend up the extent of work to be carried out. One of the common features of this procedure is that the tooth repair & replacement, braces, whitening, cheek injection and so on. With a smile makeover procedure, one can transform your smile and thus take away the aging things as showcased by your teeth; hence they have the name smile makeover. It is vital for the ones who consider these procedures are to simply involve the surgery and is among the complex one as compared to the one giving the whiter teeth.

What are the Types of Smile Makeover Surgery ? 

The following are the few smile makeover surgeries, let’s check them out:

  • Tooth Whitening: It is a non-surgical and painless treatment option, which is regarded as the starter procedure if you are among the new to cosmetic dentistry and are keen to see what it could be carried out in order to restore the beauty and shine of your smile, even reducing the look and feel of the small imperfections. 
  • Porcelain Veneers: It is a very small, thin and customized covers meant for the front tooth surfaces. These are regarded as the most effective and common procedures, which are offered by cosmetic dentists. 
  • Dental Bonding: The covers flaws and secures your teeth with the help of using a white composite resin. It is a pliable substance that adds hardness to the sturdy restoration and simply blends well with your natural tooth enamel. The color and shape of your teeth can be easily improved, and the damage can be easily repaired all in one procedure. 
  • CEREC Crowns: This treatment option dealing with quickly restoring the damaged teeth with the help of using a durable ceramic material, which simply matches the natural color of teeth in your mouth.

Smile Makeover surgery in India

India is known to offer a wide range of facilities to global dental patients, which helps them to acquire affordable cost Smile makeover surgery par with the international healthcare facilities. In the past few years, the Medical tourism in India caters competitive holiday packages to dental tourists coming from a number of nations helping find tourist places here for their quicker recovery and relaxation. With a smile makeover treatment in India, you get both the high quality and affordable services amidst the most advanced facilities simply par or even better than Europe. The dental technicians, dental surgeons and dentists are simply incredible in terms of expertise and experience allowing them to give nothing but the best. In this way, the global patients have enough reasons to visit India for the smile maker over procedure.

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Cardiac Surgery Cost in India

Side profile of a female doctor examining a young woman's chest with a stethoscope

Cardiac care is one of the complex and essential aspects of healthcare sector. And, when it comes to cardiac care, people only headed towards the developed nations like the US or the UK.  However, in the past few years, things have changed; India has embarked at the global map catering in terms of having a developed healthcare sector. Interestingly, the Cardiac Surgery Cost in India is much lower than the developed nations, which is extremely affordable giving the global patients to take a decision in favor of India. Cardiac surgeries of different types can be carried out in India without any extra wait along with a number of added benefits. These include getting the cardiac surgeries at world class hospitals, which are armed with medical facilities par excellent. Time to dig in deep in the cardiac surgery that are carried out in this country with great care and professionalism.

Medical tourism on the rise

As per the recent reports, the medical tourism industry in India has become an industry of 2.5 billion dollars. Thanks to the low cardiac surgery cost in India that promises high quality healthcare services and cardiac surgery is not an exception.  The huge investment taking place in the healthcare sector by a number of brands in India and abroad, which has added an edge to the healthcare sector in India. Also, if you compare India with other countries in the east, India happens to be among the best destination for global patients that cater you high quality healthcare solutions along with getting an opportunity to explore a number of historical places and hill stations. In other words, you have a healthcare package ith an attached holiday to a place, which has loads of options to go with.

Is Cardiac Surgery in India safe?

Of course is the answer as you find loads of investment being carried out in the healthcare sector. The world class hospitals have state of art facilities governed by advanced technologies being backed by the top cardiac surgeons and doctors along with the most competitive medical team. The hospitals in India catering heart surgeries at the much affordable cost with high quality are known to attract a wide range of global patients from all across the world giving you nothing but the best. The low cardiac surgery cost in India backed with high quality has been the USP of the Indian healthcare sector.

Which hospitals are the best for Cardiac Surgery in India?


All the Indian cities are known to have world class cardiac hospitals that are competent enough to handle different phase heart diseases from the simple to the advanced clinical procedures like interventional cardiac catherisation and cardiac surgical transplants. The global patients are primarly attracted to the low cardiac surgery cost in India with high quality heart surgeries. A global patient simply have to rely on a competitive medial tourism company for accessing the high quality cardiac surgeries that are meant to render high quality heart surgery. One of the vital features of cardiac treatments here in India is among the zero patient wait lists for the global patients that are suffering from any cardiac ailment.

How much does Cardiac Surgery cost in India?

Well, talking about cardiac surgery cost in India, it is competitively low, which has been attracting the global patients far and wide. The cost of cardiac surgeries like open heart surgery for example in India can cost you only 7000 USD, while the same surgery in the US with the same quality in the US or in the UK can be carried out with an exorbitant amount of 95,000 USD. You can therefore make all the difference.


If you are planning for a cardiac surgery in India then you as a global patient is likely to enjoy a wide range of benefits, which are hard to find out at any other place. So, the next time if you are keen to find out any other option, better head to India and get the needful.

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Dental Implants Cost in India


Oral health has loads to do with keeping things in cool in your life. An improper set of teeth can only hamper the confidence and self-esteem of a person having the same. With procedures like dental implants, the missing teeth get the replacement in the form of an artificial tooth or teeth giving a natural look to the person. India has embarked in the global map as an emerging destination for a wide range of healthcare services including the dental implants and others. The reason why the dental implants or any other dental services among the global patients are due to the lower cost or the fewer amounts of dental implants cost in India. And interestingly the dental implants’ quality is par with the ones found in the developed nations based in the west. Let’s dig in deep into the procedure in the following paragraphs:

 Medical tourism on the rise

The medical tourism is a 2.5 Billion industry in India these days, thanks to the high quality and affordable healthcare services, which has made the nation the most preferred destination for the global patients coming from different directions. One of the key benefits with dental tourism for procedures like dental implants is that you end up getting an opportunity to have a small vacation in India since it has number of holiday destinations in the country. In a sense, India along with medical tourism has also promoted itself with another domain called Incredible India, which is one of the important campaigns of India to market the industry of tourism across borders to attract tourists.

Is Dental Implants surgery in India safe?

In nutshell, the answer is yes. This positive answer is manifold wherein the dental implant surgery is given with additional care and professionalism. Thanks to the massive investments which are being carried out in the sector of healthcare that has multiplied the human resources in the sector of dental care and other medical specialization. So, you have best and competitive dental surgeons and dentists that are known for their expertise and experience. In other words, you have nothing but the best for the healthcare including dental care sector in India inviting global patients all across the world.

Which hospitals are the best for Dental Implants in India?

India has no scarcity for top hospitals and dental clinics for carrying out a number of dental procedures like dental implants. Top brands from the healthcare sector have invested in this field, which has given birth to high quality dental clinics, which is armed with one of the best of the facilities and state of art amenities giving nothing but the best of the global patients who flock to India for dental implants.

How much does Dental Implants cost in India?

Well, cost in India is one thing, which has been the key USPs of the Indian dental clinics. The dental implants cost in India is meager amount especially when you compare it with the developed nations like the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and many others who fall into this category. So, the next time when you have dental implants coming in your way which is being arranged in India, you would certainly not be discouraged to opt for. After all a simple implant in India can cost you around 500 to 1000 dollars in India and the same dental implant procedure in the US can cost you 3000 to 5000 USD. You can therefore make out the difference that brings in the dental patients here in India.


Dental implants in India come with high quality and affordable cost, which bring in the dental patients from different countries all across the world. After all the dental implants costs in India incur fewer holes in your wallet.