Cardiac Surgery Cost in India

Side profile of a female doctor examining a young woman's chest with a stethoscope

Cardiac care is one of the complex and essential aspects of healthcare sector. And, when it comes to cardiac care, people only headed towards the developed nations like the US or the UK.  However, in the past few years, things have changed; India has embarked at the global map catering in terms of having a developed healthcare sector. Interestingly, the Cardiac Surgery Cost in India is much lower than the developed nations, which is extremely affordable giving the global patients to take a decision in favor of India. Cardiac surgeries of different types can be carried out in India without any extra wait along with a number of added benefits. These include getting the cardiac surgeries at world class hospitals, which are armed with medical facilities par excellent. Time to dig in deep in the cardiac surgery that are carried out in this country with great care and professionalism.

Medical tourism on the rise

As per the recent reports, the medical tourism industry in India has become an industry of 2.5 billion dollars. Thanks to the low cardiac surgery cost in India that promises high quality healthcare services and cardiac surgery is not an exception.  The huge investment taking place in the healthcare sector by a number of brands in India and abroad, which has added an edge to the healthcare sector in India. Also, if you compare India with other countries in the east, India happens to be among the best destination for global patients that cater you high quality healthcare solutions along with getting an opportunity to explore a number of historical places and hill stations. In other words, you have a healthcare package ith an attached holiday to a place, which has loads of options to go with.

Is Cardiac Surgery in India safe?

Of course is the answer as you find loads of investment being carried out in the healthcare sector. The world class hospitals have state of art facilities governed by advanced technologies being backed by the top cardiac surgeons and doctors along with the most competitive medical team. The hospitals in India catering heart surgeries at the much affordable cost with high quality are known to attract a wide range of global patients from all across the world giving you nothing but the best. The low cardiac surgery cost in India backed with high quality has been the USP of the Indian healthcare sector.

Which hospitals are the best for Cardiac Surgery in India?


All the Indian cities are known to have world class cardiac hospitals that are competent enough to handle different phase heart diseases from the simple to the advanced clinical procedures like interventional cardiac catherisation and cardiac surgical transplants. The global patients are primarly attracted to the low cardiac surgery cost in India with high quality heart surgeries. A global patient simply have to rely on a competitive medial tourism company for accessing the high quality cardiac surgeries that are meant to render high quality heart surgery. One of the vital features of cardiac treatments here in India is among the zero patient wait lists for the global patients that are suffering from any cardiac ailment.

How much does Cardiac Surgery cost in India?

Well, talking about cardiac surgery cost in India, it is competitively low, which has been attracting the global patients far and wide. The cost of cardiac surgeries like open heart surgery for example in India can cost you only 7000 USD, while the same surgery in the US with the same quality in the US or in the UK can be carried out with an exorbitant amount of 95,000 USD. You can therefore make all the difference.


If you are planning for a cardiac surgery in India then you as a global patient is likely to enjoy a wide range of benefits, which are hard to find out at any other place. So, the next time if you are keen to find out any other option, better head to India and get the needful.

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