Can Too Much Exercise Harm the Heart?

This seems to be an interesting question to answer and perhaps the vital question for a number of readers who are somewhere very much workout alcoholic. Of late, this question has got loads of attention due to a number of news reports in the media, hence it would be interesting to explore this topic with the available data that offer food amount of thoughts and results and thus enable you to decide for yourself provided you have loads of good stuff to consider. One of the papers on the topic exercise is good or bad has been in discussion in public domain in different forms or media. The people in the sports and athletics seem to worry a lot about this question since they are the ones who remain extremely physically active. Let’ dig in deep into this issue as under:


Some vital observations

Based on the studies carried out by different agencies, indulging into too much of exercises can really harm the heart; let’s have a look as under:

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  • First things first, the general problem of a long term results to the heart from athletics, which is still not studied a lot. There are several reports and available research studies that include in this subject.
  • It is a known fact after the available studies, which too much of exercises are more likely to develop issues like atrial arrhythmias in a long run. The precise cause of this problem may be still unknown, however, as per the speculation centers over the enlargements of such chambers and plausible structural alternations in the heart walls, which occur in the coming time.
  • We also know that extreme exercises can perhaps more likely to have complicated ventricular arrhythmias, however, the cause and importance of these ailments is really not understood.

What Research Has to Say on this Issue?

Most of those who are seen doing workout sessions who exercise choose carry out the exercise like cardio or aerobic activities. This research simply supports the approach, which this option is likely not be best of your interest in a longer run and which is plausible to carry out doing much of the exercises. By focusing over the extreme examples, one can start to see some amount of truth when you talk about exercises. All these studies can help in explaining how the highly trained and skilled athletes too lose their life due to heart failure. For instance, Alberto Salazer an American Marathon runner almost died due to heart attack when he was completing his 50 years of age.

Man on treadmill with healthcare provider standing next to treadmill, supervising man's exercise.

As per one study published in a popular magazine called Journal of Applied Physiology, a group of researchers reported that there is a direct relationship between certain amount of prolonged exercises and heart damages like scarring and structural changes that are similar to the ones seen in the workout loving people especially the cardiovascular exercises that can damages your heart. A number of research studies emerging out at the past several years have given a complete new understanding about the body, which needs exercises and a number of past notions gone upside down.


As said too much of anything is not often good but ends up to a bad giving you reverse effects. Like in the case of having too much of water or too much of calories and fat can put you in trouble, similar too much of exercises can lead you to repercussions like heart troubles, which comes in the form of heart failure or attack. Hence maintaining a balance even in your workout session or physical activities like sports and other things has to be maintained, which is not just good for health but also for your heart. So, next time if you are trying too hard in your workout session, remember, you are losing your health and inviting heart troubles.




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