Carpenter from Nigeria Undergoes Thyroidectomy Surgery In India

My name is Solomon and I am a Carpenter from Nigeria. I came to India for thyroidectomy surgery. I had a big mass on my neck for a very long time and after years of unexplained problems and seeing a lot of doctors in Nigeria, I decided to seek treatment abroad. While searching on the internet, my son and I came across the Indian healthcare consultants and we filled up a free consultation form. Within a few days, I got a call from them asking about my health and reports. They told me that they will provide with the appropriate medical opinion after their chief physician will study the medical reports. They called me up and provided me with an email with the details of the surgery, surgeons, hospitals and cost. After a series of discussion about my condition, I decided to visit India for my surgery. The executive at the consultants were so kind and helped with the arrangements of visas of me and my brother who was to accompany me through my treatment in India. My son came with for my surgery in India.

On our arrival at the airport, the medical official took us to the hospital where we met the surgeon who was to perform my surgery. He was kind-hearted and explained my everything. It really helped me to get rid of my nervousness and anxiety. I was very much pleased by their service. The hospital had maintained all the standards of hygiene and quality. During my stay in India, the Indian healthcare consultants provided me with an international level hospitality. The medical staff was very loving and took care of me. I appreciate the quality of the healthcare services, facilities and care provided by the entire team of the Indian healthcare group. The nurses and the staff at the hospital were very friendly and caring. They hospital had a warm environment. It has been an amazing experience during my entire medical visit to India. It has been a very beautiful experience as everything went well. My recuperation was very smooth. It’s been a more than two months now, and I am back at my native place. I am happy to get my treatment done at affordable prices through the Indian healthcare group in India.

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Architect from Nigeria Undergoes Cornea Transplantation Surgery in India


Mrs. Margaret from Nigeria visited India for the Cornea Transplantation Surgery. She shares about her overall experience of her medical tour to India. “Hi, I am Mrs. Margaret, an Architect in Nigeria. I came for the cornea transplantation surgery to India through the Indian medical value provider. I want to extend my sincere thanks to the entire team of the healthcare group for taking care of me and assisting me to get the surgery in India that too at such affordable price. Before the surgery, I couldn’t go out in daylight without wearing dark black glasses. I often felt pain throbbing from my eye and so needed to wear the glasses more often. But now I need my glasses only when the sunshine is severe. Now my vision has also improved. I am happy for my decision to undergo my surgery at the hands of the best eye doctor in India. Well, I consider myself lucky to come in touch with this Indian healthcare group who were quite kind and responded back with their expert opinions. I came to know about this medical value provider from my colleague who got his surgery done in India through them. He had an amazing experience and hence I asked for the contact details of this healthcare group and got in touch with them.

The executive asked for my reports and explained me about the procedure. The reports were studied by their chief physician and then they provided with their medical opinion. I also talked with the doctor who was kind and explained me what to expect before and after the surgery. Finally, I gave them my confirmation for my surgery in India. They were very supportive and assisted with my medical visa, accommodation and meals in India. They even helped with arranging the visa for my daughter who accompanied me to India. The hospital was well-equipped and maintained a world class standard. The housekeeping services were commendable. The nurses and doctor were caring. They visited me on their regular rounds to check on my condition. I am thankful to every person I met in India throughout my medical journey. You guys are doing an amazing job and have really helped improve my quality of life. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for high quality treatments at reasonable rates.”

Thanking You,

Mrs. Margaret,



Common LASIK Fears

LASIK is a modern refractive eye surgery meant to correct the vision of the person. However, a majority of people who are contemplating the procedure of LASIK do not often know what they can expect the next. This simply contribute to issues like fear factor. For some people such fears can be strong enough to prevent the things very much seriously. The reality is that the procedure like LASIK is one of the common and safer kinds of procedures. By simply understanding the procedure LASIK it is wiser to explore about the same to make things simple. The fear for LASIK is among the common kinds of reasons, which people would shy away from the surgical procedures. Some of the common kinds of LASIK fears are enlisted in the following three types let’s check them out as under:


Fear of being awake during surgery

This is one of the most common kinds of LASIK fears among the patients is the fear of being awake during the surgery. However, LASIK simply starts with numbing eye drop and at times a mild sedative in order to help you relax. Still some of the patients would notice mild amount of discomfort like vibration, pressure or dimmed vision during the surgery. You do not have to worry regarding the blinking though specially designed instruments simply make your eye open. With a PC in the laser monitoring can help your eye movements that go to around 4000 times in a second giving the precision. In more than 15 minutes or less amount of time, both the eyes can be seen with little amount of discomfort. If you are able to stare in the straight direction for around 45 seconds you can certainly do this.

Fear of LASIK Cost

One of the second kinds of fear is the cost of the procedure. A Lasik cost can often cover the earlier consultation with eye test, which is the state of art technology based technology lasers seeking the help of personalized after care meant with life time commitment. The cost of this surgery can be understood at first glance, however, lot many things have been rolled with the final cost. Some of the insurance companies offer a cover to certain portion of Lasik as well along with a wide range of payment options and discount deals that are available. Some of the patients are often seen getting the estimate of the LASIK surgery and with proper planning the surgery can be easily fit into the right budget.

Fear of complications    

The third most popular kinds of fear for the LASIK surgery are the fear of complications. Yes the surgery is seen with a number of risks. The details of the possible risks can be easily found out at this stage yet there is no surgery found with it and seeking the routine of the filling seen over the cavity that is seen without some risks. Relying over the most modern methods of the surgical techniques, a reputed surgeon can help in reducing the risks of complications. Also, the individual qualities like the cornea thickness along with the ocular health can help in reducing the risks much further. With the LASIK consultation, your eye surgeon helps you in knowing the complications and risks with the patient. Consider the procedure only when you find the same comfortable.

Final Words

The patients who are seen overcoming the fear for LASIK surgery are often seen with a desire of not having this fear claims the experts. After the surgery the patients are often seen saying that why were they so nervous. Having the laser eye surgery or LASIK shouldn’t be haunting much and with highly competitive professionals behind the show, the surgeon can in shunning them away from your life.

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Telephone Operator from Nigeria Gets Glaucoma Eye Surgery in India


Hello, this is Mr. Anthony Simon, a telephone operator from Nigeria and I came to India for getting my glaucoma surgery. A few years back, I went to an eye doctor for a checkup and he told me that my eye looks as if I have glaucoma. I was asked to check the pressure of my eyes and I was diagnosed with glaucoma. The lack of medical facilities in Nigeria forced me to seek treatment abroad. While searching for better medical treatment, I came across a prominent healthcare group in India that was offering medical services at economical rates. I contacted them and had a substantial conversation about the surgery. They asked me for my reports and told me to wait for about two to three days so that it could be studied by their doctor who will provide with the medical opinions. I got a mail from them with the details of the doctors and eye clinics in India. After going through them, I was convinced and got my appointment fixed with them.

I came to India along with my wife and we were both welcomed by a very cheerful medical official at the airport. We were taken straight to the hospital where I met the doctor. He was nice and we had a discussion about my surgery. He made me feel easy and comforted me. This relieved me from the nervousness before my surgery. I was extremely pleased with the doctors who took the time to explain about my medical condition in such detail. The surgery went well. The medical staff was dedicated and caring. They really took care of me and were quick enough to fulfill even our smallest needs. The services provided by the healthcare group were first class. They were helpful and assisted throughout my entire medical trip in India. The whole experience has been one of the total professionalism at all levels. We received regular visits by the head of nursing and other members of the medical team on their rounds. The doctor also made regular visits to ask about my progress. The support services of the housekeeping were awesome. I would strongly suggest anyone seeking highest standard treatment at cheaper price to get it arranged through this reputed healthcare group in India.

Thank You,

Mr. Anthony Simon,



Why People Choose LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK is among the modern day eye procedure, which helps in correcting the eyesight issues nearsightedness also known as myopia technically among the people who are seen wearing contact lenses or the glasses. At times you can also find this surgery the best option for treating astigmatism or the issue of farsightedness. India has been ranked higher when it comes to catering high quality healthcare services which certainly include Lasik. This is the reason why you can find Lasik Eye Surgery in India becoming so much popular among the global patients.



For the novices, there is the simple convenience of having loads of fuss with contact lenses or glasses. Sure, you need a glass to wear it and can even count over the daily contact lenses in your day to day life, but one cannot imagine any life without having these incontinences.

  • Rising up in the morning and you do not have to fumble for the glasses in order to see your alarm clock
  • Taking up your day to day life without the glasses can bounce back over your face
  • Wearing the number of non prescription sunglasses

The reality of going with the option of LASIK eye surgery in India is more about enhancing the vision for the sake of convenience. It is a way for making meaningful enhancements for your quality of life. You can further choose to look at the life of people who have considered the same and the way you love it.

Benefits of LASIK for an Active Lifestyle   

You simply work very much hard and thus play hard while you are seen hiking and working out or going for the swimming thing. The idea of vision correction devices can be called the last thing to consider that you are supposed to keep in mind while going for the surgery. With the surgery called LASIK, you can simply choose to go with the activities without any interventions.

Benefits of LASIK for Your Profession

Regardless of the choice of life you have whether you remain athlete or are seen working over any building construction site, or sit for long hours before a PC, the Lasik eye surgery in India makes it simpler to choose for the profession with great confidence. If you have simply lived with the life long glasses or the contact lenses and you would be surprised by the differences you have with clear vision and make the day to day work.

LASIK Cost Vs. Lifetime Glasses & Contact Lenses

Lasik eye surgery in India is often called as the onetime cost whereas the glasses and the contact lenses that are seen as per the ongoing cost at the lifetime. If you were supposed to do over the numbers you could go for the following options:

Glasses are expensive especially when you are planning to buy a number of pairs at one time for your different requirements. These are required to be replaced very much fairly while it can be seen breaking the cost unexpectedly. Contact lens wearers are seen having the monthly amounts that are seen in between the contact lenses, containers, solutions and so on. Also, they are seen not buying a pair of glasses having on hand experience as they need them. If you buy prescription sunglasses, they can prove out to be very much expensive than the non prescription sunglasses.


LASIK can be called as the one-time investment as compared to the other options like contact lenses or glasses that are seen as a lifelong expenditure. If you carry out the calculations, you can certainly think of going with this option. Lasik eye surgery in India happens to be a convenient option for one and all.


What Can You Eat after Dental Implant Surgery?

The dental implant surgery is a procedure in which the dental surgeon will replace the tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts and replaces the damaged or missing teeth with the artificial ones that and look and function similar to the real ones. The dental implant surgery is an alternative to the dentures and bridgework which doesn’t fit well.


After a dental implant surgery, the patients should stick to the diet recommendation for a speedy recovery. It is significant to avoid any foods which may physically disrupt the implant or cause any discomfort.

Here is a list of foods that you can eat after the dental implant surgery:

  • Ice Cream
  • Oatmeal
  • Tuna Fish
  • Pancakes
  • Yogurt
  • Flaky Fish
  • Pudding
  • Meatballs
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Meatloaf
  • Jello
  • Bananas
  • Smoothies
  • Soup
  • Milkshake
  • Soft Chicken
  • Shredded Pork
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Eggs

Opt for oatmeal, rice, soft cereals, grits, soft bread or mashed potatoes. The softer fruits such as peaches, bananas, melons, nectarines and all berries are good choices. Remember to cut the fruits and vegetable into small pieces. Go for the cooked or steamed vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and squash. Eggs, seafood, fish and beans and dailry products are high in protein. Sauses and soup are best to eat after the dental implant surgery. Stay hydrated as this is vital for your immune system and overall health and hence drink more water.

Patients who are recovering should avoid chewing their food until the tongue sensation has returned and also stay away from foods that may get lodged in the surgical areas like the popcorn, nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

For speedy recovery you can opt for the scrambled eggs, apple sauce, cottage cheese, cooked cereals, puddings, ice cream, juice, home cooked broth, soups, macaroni and cheese, baked or masged potatoes, milkshakes, coffee, tea, broiled or finely chopped stewed chicke, baked or broiled fish and ground beef.

Do not skip meals as nutrition is vital for the body in order to regain strength faster and feel better. If you need a special diet related to a medical condition such as diabetes then you should keep up with your eating habits and follow the instructions prescribed in your specialist.

You should start from soft and liquid food and slowly progress into solids over a few days. Keep yourself hydrated. Some doctors advise to stick with liquids or pureed foods like soups, ice cream, milk shakes, yogurt and puddings for the first few days post dental implant surgery.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids on the day of the surgery. Avoid hot liquids and food as they will promote bleeding and swelling. Patients should stay away from hot food and should not use a straw for the first few days after surgery as this will require sucking motion that can cause more breathing. Avoid smoking and drinking any alcoholic beverages.

After the dental implant surgery, comfort is very important and eating can be a painful experience. Therefore, it is important to choose the right food which can vary from one person to another. Stick to the rules of diet to be consumed after the dental implant surgery. Follow the instructions for diet and post surgery care given by your doctor. You will be recommended a soft, non-chewing diet for about 10-12 weeks post surgery and this will allow the healing of gum tissue. Eat the nourishing food which can be taken with comfort. Patients maintaining a good diet with soft foods may feel better and have less discomfort therefore will recover faster.