Telephone Operator from Nigeria Gets Glaucoma Eye Surgery in India


Hello, this is Mr. Anthony Simon, a telephone operator from Nigeria and I came to India for getting my glaucoma surgery. A few years back, I went to an eye doctor for a checkup and he told me that my eye looks as if I have glaucoma. I was asked to check the pressure of my eyes and I was diagnosed with glaucoma. The lack of medical facilities in Nigeria forced me to seek treatment abroad. While searching for better medical treatment, I came across a prominent healthcare group in India that was offering medical services at economical rates. I contacted them and had a substantial conversation about the surgery. They asked me for my reports and told me to wait for about two to three days so that it could be studied by their doctor who will provide with the medical opinions. I got a mail from them with the details of the doctors and eye clinics in India. After going through them, I was convinced and got my appointment fixed with them.

I came to India along with my wife and we were both welcomed by a very cheerful medical official at the airport. We were taken straight to the hospital where I met the doctor. He was nice and we had a discussion about my surgery. He made me feel easy and comforted me. This relieved me from the nervousness before my surgery. I was extremely pleased with the doctors who took the time to explain about my medical condition in such detail. The surgery went well. The medical staff was dedicated and caring. They really took care of me and were quick enough to fulfill even our smallest needs. The services provided by the healthcare group were first class. They were helpful and assisted throughout my entire medical trip in India. The whole experience has been one of the total professionalism at all levels. We received regular visits by the head of nursing and other members of the medical team on their rounds. The doctor also made regular visits to ask about my progress. The support services of the housekeeping were awesome. I would strongly suggest anyone seeking highest standard treatment at cheaper price to get it arranged through this reputed healthcare group in India.

Thank You,

Mr. Anthony Simon,




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