Common LASIK Fears

LASIK is a modern refractive eye surgery meant to correct the vision of the person. However, a majority of people who are contemplating the procedure of LASIK do not often know what they can expect the next. This simply contribute to issues like fear factor. For some people such fears can be strong enough to prevent the things very much seriously. The reality is that the procedure like LASIK is one of the common and safer kinds of procedures. By simply understanding the procedure LASIK it is wiser to explore about the same to make things simple. The fear for LASIK is among the common kinds of reasons, which people would shy away from the surgical procedures. Some of the common kinds of LASIK fears are enlisted in the following three types let’s check them out as under:


Fear of being awake during surgery

This is one of the most common kinds of LASIK fears among the patients is the fear of being awake during the surgery. However, LASIK simply starts with numbing eye drop and at times a mild sedative in order to help you relax. Still some of the patients would notice mild amount of discomfort like vibration, pressure or dimmed vision during the surgery. You do not have to worry regarding the blinking though specially designed instruments simply make your eye open. With a PC in the laser monitoring can help your eye movements that go to around 4000 times in a second giving the precision. In more than 15 minutes or less amount of time, both the eyes can be seen with little amount of discomfort. If you are able to stare in the straight direction for around 45 seconds you can certainly do this.

Fear of LASIK Cost

One of the second kinds of fear is the cost of the procedure. A Lasik cost can often cover the earlier consultation with eye test, which is the state of art technology based technology lasers seeking the help of personalized after care meant with life time commitment. The cost of this surgery can be understood at first glance, however, lot many things have been rolled with the final cost. Some of the insurance companies offer a cover to certain portion of Lasik as well along with a wide range of payment options and discount deals that are available. Some of the patients are often seen getting the estimate of the LASIK surgery and with proper planning the surgery can be easily fit into the right budget.

Fear of complications    

The third most popular kinds of fear for the LASIK surgery are the fear of complications. Yes the surgery is seen with a number of risks. The details of the possible risks can be easily found out at this stage yet there is no surgery found with it and seeking the routine of the filling seen over the cavity that is seen without some risks. Relying over the most modern methods of the surgical techniques, a reputed surgeon can help in reducing the risks of complications. Also, the individual qualities like the cornea thickness along with the ocular health can help in reducing the risks much further. With the LASIK consultation, your eye surgeon helps you in knowing the complications and risks with the patient. Consider the procedure only when you find the same comfortable.

Final Words

The patients who are seen overcoming the fear for LASIK surgery are often seen with a desire of not having this fear claims the experts. After the surgery the patients are often seen saying that why were they so nervous. Having the laser eye surgery or LASIK shouldn’t be haunting much and with highly competitive professionals behind the show, the surgeon can in shunning them away from your life.

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