Carpenter from Nigeria Undergoes Thyroidectomy Surgery In India

My name is Solomon and I am a Carpenter from Nigeria. I came to India for thyroidectomy surgery. I had a big mass on my neck for a very long time and after years of unexplained problems and seeing a lot of doctors in Nigeria, I decided to seek treatment abroad. While searching on the internet, my son and I came across the Indian healthcare consultants and we filled up a free consultation form. Within a few days, I got a call from them asking about my health and reports. They told me that they will provide with the appropriate medical opinion after their chief physician will study the medical reports. They called me up and provided me with an email with the details of the surgery, surgeons, hospitals and cost. After a series of discussion about my condition, I decided to visit India for my surgery. The executive at the consultants were so kind and helped with the arrangements of visas of me and my brother who was to accompany me through my treatment in India. My son came with for my surgery in India.

On our arrival at the airport, the medical official took us to the hospital where we met the surgeon who was to perform my surgery. He was kind-hearted and explained my everything. It really helped me to get rid of my nervousness and anxiety. I was very much pleased by their service. The hospital had maintained all the standards of hygiene and quality. During my stay in India, the Indian healthcare consultants provided me with an international level hospitality. The medical staff was very loving and took care of me. I appreciate the quality of the healthcare services, facilities and care provided by the entire team of the Indian healthcare group. The nurses and the staff at the hospital were very friendly and caring. They hospital had a warm environment. It has been an amazing experience during my entire medical visit to India. It has been a very beautiful experience as everything went well. My recuperation was very smooth. It’s been a more than two months now, and I am back at my native place. I am happy to get my treatment done at affordable prices through the Indian healthcare group in India.

Thank You,




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