Businessman from Nigeria Underwent LASIK Surgery in India


My name is Mr. Ajibola Williams, 35 years old Businesman from Nigeria. I came to India for LASIK surgery with the assistance of your surgery group in India. I had been contemplating the LASIK surgery for many years, but I was a bit apprehensive because these were my eyes and the surgery was an elective option. So I waited until a friend of mine told me about this surgery group in India, where she got her LASIK surgery and had an amazing experience and a good outcome. After listening to her experience, I decided to contact the surgery group by sending in my inquiry. I received a call from them answering all my queries. They asked me for the medical reports so that it will studied by their panel of experts and then they will offer me the best treatment plan.

After a series of conversation with them over the mails and phone, I was very pleased by the way they explained me everything about the surgery as well as the entire procedure. I also talked with their chief physician who explained me about the procedure and what to expect before, during and after the surgery. It comforted me a bit and helped me to lessen my fears, worries and anxieties about the surgery.

I followed their procedure and decided to travel to India with my wife. They helped me with the medical visas, food and stay arrangements. We received a warm welcome at the airport and the executive escorted us to a three star hotel facility. We were impressed with the elegance of the accommodation arranged by them. The next day, the executive, accompanied us to the hospital. We met the surgeon, who cleared all my doubts and worries before the surgery.  The nurses were quite polite and well-trained. According to the surgeon, my surgery went well. I am still recovering. I want to thank my wife for her constant support and care. I am grateful to my surgeon, his staff and your surgery group for your efficient, professional and wonderful care I got during my stay in India. I would highly recommend anyone looking for this surgery to get it through your surgery group in India.

Thank You,

Mr. Ajibola Williams,



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