Dentists Give Tips to Prevent About Holiday Havoc on Teeth

According to the leading cosmetic dentists, “The holiday party lifestyle of the sun, sea and sangria can play havoc on teeth.” The dentists warn people who are preparing to jet off on holiday to take time and remember to take care of their teeth. Hot temperatures inevitably lead to people drinking more soft drinks, fruit juices along with alcohol and all these are very acidic and can cause tooth enamel to soften. If you get water in your mouth after a dip in a chlorinated pool then you can be in danger to cause damage with the excess chlorine raising the acidity of the pool water which causes teeth sensitivity and soften the tool enamel.


More than half a year has passed and this is the time of year in which people are getting ready to go on a holiday. According to the dentist having almost 35 years of experience working in general dental practice, it is not surprising that the last thing on the minds of people is taking care of their teeth, If you don’t take care of your teeth on holidays, then they can cause a great deal of tooth damage. As per the dentist, people who take energy drinks to combat with late nights, leaping in and out of pools and drinking lots of fruit juices need to take a few sensible precautions. Intake of carbonated drinks, even the sugar free versions contain significant acid in the fizz which will soften the enamel on the teeth and it will wear down really fast if you brush the softened teeth.

The problem with holiday drinking is that since you choose to have our holiday in a hotter, sunnier destination, a tall glass of something cool and refreshing will become a permanent accessory. With the constant bombardment until the time you go home, you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed but your teeth won’t.

Healthy mouths have a neutral pH level of 7, but most of the drinks including the fizzy drinks and alcohol are very acidic and highly corrosive to the tooth enamel. Anything you consume having a pH level of below 5.5 can start to dissolve the tooth enamel. Some drinks are packed with sugar which sticks to the teeth and gums thereby promote the perfect conditions for acid-producing bacteria to thrive.

The delicious holiday beverages even the healthy, non-alcoholic ones are a disaster for your teeth which can create a permanent acid bath which erodes the tooth enamel that forms the perfect breeding ground for tooth-rotting bacteria. While on a holiday, people are too busy enjoying themselves and not to be too concerned about their dental health. However, with some simple steps you can ensure that your pearly whites stay healthy.

Here are some tips for the holiday makers from the leading dentists of the world:

  • So not brush your teeth straight after having carbonate drinks or fruit juices as this could actually damage your teeth because the tooth enamel can be softened by the acid.
  • Do not brush your teeth as soon as you have got out of a chlorinated pool instead you should give your tooth enamel the time to harden first.
  • After having a fizzy drinks you should wait for four hours before brushing the teeth as this will give time to the enamel to harden up again.
  • The smell of a swimming pool will indicate how much chlorine is present in it. The stronger the smell, the higher the chlorine level and the more chance the water in it will damage your teeth.
  • If you vomit, do not brush your teeth immediately but do rinse your mouth with water.
  • Drink plenty of water, especially after you exercise a lot.

Our leading dental specialist has given you some tips to protect the dental health on your jollies for this year. With a bit of care and thought everyone can enjoy their holidays with no lasting problems for their teeth. If you are getting ready to jet off to sunnier climates soon then you should remember to look after your gnashers or else you will face a whole host of issues in the near future.

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