Laparoscopic Endometriosis Surgery in India vs. USA


As per reports more than 10 percent of women in this world are affected by the condition called Endometriosis. The same report suggests that out of four in every thousand women need medical attention every year getting hospitalised for the same. The women of age group 25 to 35 years are the ones who are affected the most and the average age is 27 that get caught with the same. The occurrence of the disease can be much higher among the women of white background as compared to the blacks. It can be even reported among women who have the family history of this condition. India in the recent past has been boasting a lot in the global market giving the global patients the best of the healthcare treatment. And Laparoscopic endometriosis surgery in India is no exception as here you get quality with affordability. This is where the country India beats the other nations including the ones from the developed country like the United States. As per reports, the cost of surgery seeking the help of the best medical tourism in India is very much affordable that tolls to around 1200 dollars while the same surgery in US can cost you around 9500 dollars. So, you can make out the difference here.

More Americans Are Taking Advantage of Medical Tourism


With the passing time, the cost of healthcare services in the US is gaining a steep surge in the global market. The reason behind the sky rocketing prices in the healthcare sector in the US is simply due to the huge investment being carried out all together all the time that make the cost massive for the patients to avail. Also, the various medical insurance element attached to the same also make things difficult for the Americans making the treatment cost to be highly expensive. Now, when the same quality healthcare services the Americans can get at other places like India at much of the affordable cost then why not they the people of this country fly to the East. Thus with the Laparoscopic endometriosis surgery in India one can enjoy high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. The Americans can now enjoy all their uninsured healthcare treatment options at much of the affordable cost that become the key reason to their shift to India for the various ailment treatments seeking the help of The best Medical Tourism in India.

Why Are US Health Care Costs so High?


If you compare the two nations together you can find a vast discrepancies in terms of cost for various healthcare services all across the world particularly in terms of the US healthcare perspective, it is coming out to be very much costly. Now contrary to the common belief, it is not often typically due to the reason of the US provides the patients high quality healthcare services. As discussed above, the United States are seen investing a lot on healthcare and is counted among the top ten countries that put their money a lot in this sector. The reason behind the huge investment is the fact that Americans are noted with smaller life spans and they tend to live shorter lives as compared to the other developed reasons. They get entangled into a number of ailments hence the healthcare companies are investing a lot for developing effective ways of treating that become costly as compared to the other nations. This is the reason why as per Time Magazine a simple lab test done for a couple of days in any Hospital in the US can cost you more than a car. Any emergency room service for chest pain can be exceeding to the college fees.


So amidst all high paying healthcare services in the UK, the solution lays in the countries like India wherein you get high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. Hence choosing Laparoscopic endometriosis surgery in India is a wiser choice provides you tread this path seeking the help of the best Medical Tourism in India.



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