Waitress from Nigeria undergoes Radical Hysterectomy in India

Healthcare services with skyrocket costs in some countries forces patients to look for overseas medical treatments. India has the most advanced technology and medical equipments and offers cost-effective treatment. The highly trained doctors in India appeal the medical tourists seeking treatment abroad.

A waitress from Nigeria, Mrs. Noomi Silva shares her experience about radical hysterectomy in India. “I was suffering from chronic pain and pressure in my bladder. I was feeling a frequent urge to urinate and even faced bleeding and infertility problem. Therefore, I was constantly searching to get my surgery done at economical rate. While surfing the internet, I came across a few Indian medical service providers. I contacted three of them by sending my query, and got of response only from two of them. After having a conversation with both of these medical service providers, I was impressed with the services and the cost of treatment provided by your medical service provider. The executive sounded very friendly and explained me about the details of the entire procedure. She guided me with the medical visa letters and other arrangements such as accommodation, food, travel, etc. during the medical trip to India. I decided to get my surgery done in India. My husband accompanied me during my medical tour to India.

In India, the hospital was well equipped and the staff was well-informed as well as caring. The doctor explained me about the procedure performed for removal of the uterus. I was told that I will be given general anesthesia and will be completely asleep during the procedure. The tissue removed during the procedure will be sent to the laboratory for examination under the microscope. I stayed in the hospital for five days and was told that I could have menopausal problems like dizzy spells and hot flushes that can be stopped with the hormone replacement therapy. Since I had my surgery, my energy has returned and all my other symptoms have also disappeared.  I feel so much better now that I felt before with those enormous fibroids. I must agree that I took the best decision by visiting India to undergo abdominal radical hysterectomy surgery. I am really thankful for the doctors and the entire medical team in India for their support and care throughout my treatment.”

Thanking You,

Mrs. Noomi Silva,




Cosmetic Surgery in India vs. USA

Closeup portrait of a happy young woman smiling isolated on white backgroundIn today’s world when remaining gorgeous is as important as staying smart, the advent of a number of cosmetic surgeries is gaining momentum among the people.  India has been coming on the top overseas option for global patients. This has therefore made the cosmetic surgery in India a popular destination for a number of global patients all across the world. India is currently hovering in the fifth and fourth position thus coming in the top five global destinations for medical tourism. The cosmetic surgery in developed nations like the US happens to be an expensive affair. Thanks to the number of taxes and other things that together make the cost of healthcare services in the United States to be a massive one. A simple cost comparison of different cosmetic surgery procedures with the ones found in India with US can tell you the real story of the same.  If you check the cost of a nose surgery it can cost you around 950 USD while the same surgery in US can cost you around 5000 USD. Similarly the breast surgery in India can cost you around 1200 USD while in US it can cost you around 7500 USD. However, this can go lower in terms of cost when you have the best Medical Tourism in India in picture.

More Americans Are Taking Advantage of Medical Tourism

More and more medical tourists from countries like US are traveling for Cosmetic Surgery in India. The reasons are obvious they cannot afford the sky rocketing price in their country which are not even supported properly at times by the insurance companies. As you dig in deep you can find the numbers becoming too difficult to quantify. As per the survey reports of Deloitte Consulting Services  of 2012, more than 750,000 of US citizens are seen travelling to abroad in a year and it has increased in the recent past as well as you have a growing amount of people from the United States that plan their medical tour for various cosmetic procedures seeking the help of top and The best Medical Tourism in India. They end up saving lots of cost in terms of money they invest in a number of sectors including hospitals and doctors fees and other things. In fact even if they add up the travel cost, the cost of hotel and other things including the medical treatment cost and other things the total money calculated at the end gives you a smaller figure than the ones they found in US alone.

Why Are US Health Care Costs so High?

If you compared Cosmetic surgery in India with US the difference comes huge. Well, there are many factors that lead to the sky rocketing of the cost. The factors come in the form of higher premiums, taxes, and other out of pocket expenses that make the deal in the US for cosmetic procedure higher than the developed nations. The administrative cost in hospitals in the US is high, then you have the drug cost that shoot up as well, which contribute to the sky rocketing cost in healthcare sector. Thirdly the branding and wages of the workers including the doctors and surgeons working in different hospitals have hefty salaries. Together with these entire elements one can really find things bad for the healthcare sector. So when you have no government body taking care of the healthcare services cost then the cost in the US would certainly zoom that’s the reality.


Cosmetic surgery in India proves out to be a boon for many global patients looking out for affordable and high quality healthcare services abroad, this certainly attract global patients from US as well who travel a long distance covering thousands of miles seeking the help of The best Medical Tourism in India.




Dental bridges typically involve using an artificial tooth anchored by two crowns on either side of the missing tooth in order to close the gap. It also help to prevent the teeth shifting which occurs due to missing teeth thereby make your smile complete and whole again by replacing the missing tooth. A bridge restores the smile and will boost the confidence since the artificial tooth and crowns to match the natural teeth and enhance the function of your smile. Let us now find out who qualified for a dental bridge and whether it is right for you.


You’re Missing One or More Consecutive Teeth

People who are excellent candidate for the dental bridges often have one or more teeth missing consecutively from one area in their mouth. If you have a missing tooth or even up to three in a row missing teeth, you make a great dental bridge candidate. The dental bridges effectively bridge the gap between teeth even if you are missing more than one tooth. However, these aren’t an option when you are missing more than three consecutive teeth in one area. If you are missing a few teeth, talk with your dentist about whether or not a dental bridge could restore your smile.

You Have Healthy Teeth

The dental bridges need healthy teeth on either side of the missing spaces in the mouth in order to be successful as these teeth will essentially support the dental bridge and securely anchor it for years to come. Typically, the dental bridges will last around six years but they can also last even longer if you take great care of your teeth and smile.

If you have tooth decay or gum disease surrounding the teeth or tissues near your missing teeth, you won’t be able to qualify for the dental implants unless these conditions have been treated. If the teeth aren’t in great shape but have enough jaw bone then you may qualify for the implant supported bridges that could take benefits of dental implants to support the bridge properly.

You Don’t Like the Idea of Dentures

Dental bridges are essential fixed dentures which are permanently adhered to the teeth and not meant to come out. However, the partial dentures are an option for the patients who are missing one or more teeth. These are typically removale and requie some extra cleaning. They tend to be not as secure as the dental implants or the dental bridges.

If you dislike the idea of a partial denture, you can consider the dental bridges. This will provide more security than the partial dentures and you need not opt for oral surgery such as dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Bridges:

Getting the dental bridges has a variety of health and restorative dentistry benefits such as-

  • Improve chewing and speaking
  • Restore the smile and boost self confidence
  • Prevent remaining teeth from moving out of place
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Maintain the shape of your face
  • Prevent tooth decay from food which gets caught in the gaps

Final Verdict

A dental bridge could be the solution for your missing teeth since they are effective to close the gaps, match your natural teeth and prevent the uncomfortable and unsightly sihfting which can come with missing teeth. Talk with your dentist to find out whether or not the dental bridge is right for you as they will conduct a thorough evaluation and talk through all the options with you.

Benefits of coronary bypass surgery

smiling female doctor pointing to heart

The coronary artery bypass graft surgery is one of the several major advances in the effort to manage the cardiovascular disease which is one of the leading cause of death and disability in the US. It is also referred as a bypass surgery or simply a CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft).

This surgery is used to treat the heart attacks and serious chest pain caused by blockages in the arteries which supply blood to the heart muscle. The surgeon will attach the blood vessel taken from elsewhere in the body to the diseased heart artery, reroute the blood around the bloackge and a double, triple or quadruple bypass will refer to the number of heart arteries which are bypassed.

Benefits of CABG

There are many benefits for patient who have serious cardiovascular disease as it can save their life if you they have a heart attack or if they are at higher risk of having one. CABG is highly effective to eliminate or reduce the discomfort if you have an ongoing angina and experience shortness of breath due to diseased heart arteries. It can give you your life back.

Why do some people require coronary bypass surgery instead of stent placement?

There are some situations in which the coronary bypass surgery is better than stents and also better than the medical therapy. These are situations in which the blockage is in one of the artery that is the main artery to the entire heart calleas as the left main coronary artery. Therefore, if you have a significant blockage to that artery, then the standard of care is CABG.

There are other situations which mimic and sometimes called as left main equivalent stenosis or blockages. In these cases, most cardiac surgeons and cardiologist agree that coronary artery bypass surgery is superior to stents.

However, it is a controversial field and this is constantly evolving as surgery gets bettwe and the stents too get better. Therefore, we will have to constantly evaluate individuality of each patient to determine which is best for the patient’s situation.

What can patients do in preparation for coronary bypass surgery?

First of all, once you have done the due diligence of choosing your surgeon and your cardiologist, ensure to feel comfortable and relaxed.  Although, it is a big operation, this is routine for the vast majority of heart surgeons since they do all the time and many of their patients do extremely well.

As far as preparation for coronary bypass surgery is concerned, if you are a smoker, you should better not smoke. If you are overweight, it will be better if you are not and in general, patients even with those behaviours will do well. You should follow the advice of your cardiologist and internist and have confidence in the surgeon you have chosen to get your surgery and move ahead with your decision and you will be fine.

Low Cost CABG Surgery in India

India is the most cost effective medical tourism destination in the world offering low cost CABG surgery. The cost of CABG surgery in India is very low compared to the cost of similar procedures in the West. This also applied to the treatments and surgeries related to the coronary bypass surgery even after adding travel and accommodation costs, etc. to the medical treatment package in India. The overall cost of treatment package for coronary bypass surgery in India is about 50 to 80 percent low and this is the reason why many international medical tourists prefer to get the highest quality CABG surgery in India.

What Can Eyes Tell About Your Health! Blood Vessels And The Optic Nerve Reveal Diabetes And High Blood Pressure!


Regular ophthalmic examination on your eyes can detect serious diseases.

In addition, doctors can detect the effects of accumulated stress, which you cannot notice.

There is a saying that the eye is the mirror of the soul.

However, your eyes can actually provide insight into the health of our entire body!

Ophthalmologists explain 5 ways that your eyes can reveal problems with health.

Your eyes are window to your health Stress

  • Central serous retinopathy manifests itself through blisters in the eyes.
  • It may be the result of continuous emotional stress.
  • This condition has previously been typical for men, but now it is more common in women.
  • When it occurs, it means that the accumulated stress is leaving serious consequences for health.
  • If you notice that you find it difficult to fix the view of the subject that is very close visit ophthalmologist.
  • If letters start playing before your eyes while reading, you need to visit an ophthalmologist who can prescribe appropriate treatment.
  • But keep in mind that the treatment depends largely on the amount of stress in your life .

High blood pressure

  • While you are young, your blood pressure is probably not for everyday checking.
  • The doctors usually control and monitor blood pressure at older patients.
  • However, examination of the eyes actually can identify this problem at any age.
  • Your ophthalmologist can notice swelling of blood vessels in the eye or optic nerve.
  • It is possible that this is a sign of high blood pressure.

Computer vision syndrome

  • When you spend a long time in front of LED screen, it can be a real problem.
  • This problem has its symptoms – causes dry skin and eye irritation, and can cause shortsightedness and exhaustion.
  • All of those symptoms will impair the ability to concentrate.
  • Vision problems are not just for the older people.
  • There are a lot of patients in their twenties who complain of difficulties in concentrating.
  • In addition, they suffer from increased intraocular fatigue and is constantly growing.


  • The hollow blood vessels in the eyes mean diabetes or state before the illness from this disease.
  • It is known that diabetes can completely destroy the view.
  • It is a good time to diagnose the problem, in order to treat the symptoms and the disease under control.

Health crisis in the future

  • During the examination, an ophthalmologist has the opportunity to view closer the blood vessels of the eyes and the optic nerve.
  • They are associated with the brain.
  • If there are swellings or shadows, it may indicate problems such as blood clots.
  • That can cause a stroke or even a tumor.
  • There are many cases when people come to a routine eyes examination, and they are sent to the urgent center.
  • Go to the eye examination regularly, as it goes to the routine analysis of blood, urine, gynecologists or dentists.
  • On that way, you can prevent serious illness in time!
  • Eyes are one of our important organs that help for better life and health

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