Waitress from Nigeria undergoes Radical Hysterectomy in India

Healthcare services with skyrocket costs in some countries forces patients to look for overseas medical treatments. India has the most advanced technology and medical equipments and offers cost-effective treatment. The highly trained doctors in India appeal the medical tourists seeking treatment abroad.

A waitress from Nigeria, Mrs. Noomi Silva shares her experience about radical hysterectomy in India. “I was suffering from chronic pain and pressure in my bladder. I was feeling a frequent urge to urinate and even faced bleeding and infertility problem. Therefore, I was constantly searching to get my surgery done at economical rate. While surfing the internet, I came across a few Indian medical service providers. I contacted three of them by sending my query, and got of response only from two of them. After having a conversation with both of these medical service providers, I was impressed with the services and the cost of treatment provided by your medical service provider. The executive sounded very friendly and explained me about the details of the entire procedure. She guided me with the medical visa letters and other arrangements such as accommodation, food, travel, etc. during the medical trip to India. I decided to get my surgery done in India. My husband accompanied me during my medical tour to India.

In India, the hospital was well equipped and the staff was well-informed as well as caring. The doctor explained me about the procedure performed for removal of the uterus. I was told that I will be given general anesthesia and will be completely asleep during the procedure. The tissue removed during the procedure will be sent to the laboratory for examination under the microscope. I stayed in the hospital for five days and was told that I could have menopausal problems like dizzy spells and hot flushes that can be stopped with the hormone replacement therapy. Since I had my surgery, my energy has returned and all my other symptoms have also disappeared.  I feel so much better now that I felt before with those enormous fibroids. I must agree that I took the best decision by visiting India to undergo abdominal radical hysterectomy surgery. I am really thankful for the doctors and the entire medical team in India for their support and care throughout my treatment.”

Thanking You,

Mrs. Noomi Silva,




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