How Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry Can Save Your Smile


Dental implants can be called as a permanent and popular method to improve upon the stability of your mouth. If you have missing teeth or have the wear removable denture they tend to offer you the best way for you to maintain a strong, long lasting and stable kind of smile. These options to your natural tooth root are simply made up of titanium, which is a metal that fuses inside your jawbone. When the natural teeth are lost, your natural jaw bone can turn weak and thus you lose the ability to change and chew any kind of thing with your face along with losing your smile. At such junctures, dental implant comes as a savior to you.


How Dental Implants Work?

Well the dental implants can be called as anchors, which are surgically placed over your jaw. The titanium accompanies a couple of other materials that are made up with anchor and remain to be safe to the body along your own bone that would grow and thus join together in order to support the implant. Once the waiting time is passed which remain 3-6 months, the implant is all set to go for the permanent tooth replacement that is to be placed over the anchor. In a majority of case, the complete integration of bone is required before a permanent restoration can be installed. In some of the cases, the implant can be reloaded instantly after the surgery.

Are You Suitable Candidate for Dental Implants?

The dental implants have been in use in the US since decades and are seen with great amount of enhancements in the recent times.  When it comes to consider this procedure, you are supposed to count upon a number of things, however, the two elements that remain at the forefront is the medical history and the costs involved. People suffering from chronic diseases including diabetes and leukemia are not at all the candidate for the dental procedure as these conditions incur the ability of the body to recover. The patients getting treated with procedures like bisphosphonates along with bone building drugs including Boniva and Fosamax are first checked properly and then go for the procedure. Also, the people who smoke are not likely to be candidate for the surgery.

The dental history you have focuses over the thickness and health of the jawbone along with a wide range of implants that doctor would require in order retaining your smile with implants. The other key factors that are considered for this dental procedure is the oral hygiene habits, you need to go for a proper flossing and brushing using proper toothpaste and brush. Without proper care you cannot expect the dental implant to remain for a long run.

Cosmetic Dental Implant Procedure and Cost

Owing to the nature of this dental procedure, the doctor has to take a number of steps for the same. The first step is to seek the care for the dentist who is known to have specialization in placing the implants. Your general dentist can refer the case to any specialist who deals with the dental implant. The dental specialist will carry out a couple of diagnostic tests along with understanding the requirement for the implant and then depending upon the result, he or she would plan for the dental implant. The denal implant procedure has few steps, which starts with complete mouth x rays and CT scan, the second is extractions of failing teeth, the sinus lift/bone grafts and the last step is the temporary teeth replacements or prosthetics. Now talking about the cost of the implant, it can cost you in between 1000 to 3000 USD depending upon the oral health conditions, the number of implants you need and the kind of dentist you have chosen for the same.




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