Top 5 Lasik Centers in India

The Lasik eye surgery is a treatment procedure done using the laser for correcting the refractive errors and improves your vision. It is done by highly specialized eye surgeon and greatly helps to reduce the need for contact lenses or glasses. This surgery is done all over the globe but the prices vary as per the place. The Lasik surgery in India is pretty reasonable and uses the latest technology that are at par with the international standards. Here’s presenting the top 5 Lasik centers in India.


  • Apollo Hospital: The Lasik center at Apollo Hospitals is one of the few centers in India that are well equipped to offer comprehensive care to the most precious and important organ i.e. the eye. The unit caters to all eye problems and is equipped with state of the art technology for performing surgeries such as Lasik with precision. They maintain excellent services and the team comprising of the renowned surgeons and consultants are totally committed and supported by a dedicated team of nurses, technologists and paramedics.
  • Medanta Hospital: The ophthalmology division at Medanta Hospital is designed to offer a comprehensive range of surgical and medical eye care to protect, preserve, enhance and restore the vision of patients for any age group. We use a multidisciplinary approach to care for the eye problems of the patients and offer a full range of ophthalmic services involving the laser surgery. Our hospital is recognized both nationally and international for providing excellent patient care. Our Lasik center is well equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools such as the cutting edge technology that will maximize and optimize the results. Our center is pioneered to individually map every eye, precisely align the new lenses, accurately predict surgical outcome, causes minimal trauma and cut down the length of surgery.
  • Fortis Hospital: The Lasik center at Fortis Hospital has expertise to treat all kinds of eye related problems. Our team of ophthalmologists are fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipments to treat conditions of the eye and the surrounding structures. They are the state of the art world class hospital infrastructure offering complete eye care solutions and have separate centers for each specialty.
  • Wockhardt Hospital: The eye care at Wockhardt hospital provides excellent highly quality health care and offers a wide range of services using the modern equipments and expertise that enable one to treat and manage a panorama of the eye diseases. It offers the laser capabilities for most of today’s surgical procedures. The Lasik center is structured as per the National standards and equipped with the advanced technologies available today. The Lasik center has about three surgical theatres that are well equipped and adhere to the highest standards. The operating rooms of the surgery department are equipped with the surgical instrumentation and advanced monitoring and sophisticated endoscopic set ups along with the video monitors for the general as well as specialized surgery.
    Max health.jpg
  • Max Hospital: The leading eye specialists and surgeons uses the highly sophisticated technology at the Lasik center at Max hospital to provide the desired cost effective eye care. Our exclusive Lasik center has been specifically designed to facilitate an optimum level of wellness for our patients. Our team of expert medical professionals offer the best Lasik surgery in India at a caring environment.

Now that we have gone through the top 5 Lasik centers in India, it is observed that almost every center uses the innovative technology, has total commitment to excellence by the medical, management and nursing staffs combined with their dedicated support services. These centers are world renowned to provide the best eye care from the teams of highly skilled and experienced consultants; surgeons thereby offer the best care in the world. The surgical team at the best Lasik center in India continuously strive to offer a better professional service to the global patients seeking excellent treatments at affordable costs.



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