Dentist in India Provides Consumer Information for Dental Implants


The dental implants are seen by many as a definitive modern solution for the missing teeth. The affordable dental implants have provided a better option to replace the missing teeth and most people can have them placed as soon after the tooth loss or extraction. However, dentists in India have found that the general public do not know a lot about the dental implants. They have recently decided to educate their patients and the general public about the dental implants with a post.

A lot of people have some valid questions about the dental implants. The dentist in India want to get the information out there to help the patients with an idea of what to expect if they are think about getting dental implant as a solution to a missing tooth or a full set of missing teeth. The dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth in most patients.

The implants are titanium rods or posts which are placed into the jawbone to anchor the artificial teeth. This procedure can be done under a local anesthesia and never requires any preparations or changes to be made to the neighboring teeth as in the dental bridge. The modern implant dentures can help patients to smile with confidence instead of worrying about the problems related to traditional dentures.

female-associate-dentistDental Implants are usually successful

Though the numbers fluctuate, the generally accepted success rate for the dental implants is about 95%. The rates will vary due to the health of the patient or some systemic disorders which can contraindicate the dental implants. The part of the failure rate is low and can be attributed to the failure to properly screen the patient for health problems. Other main factor is the expertise of the doctor to perform the surgery but virtually, the dentist in India who performs the dental implants is qualified to do so. In very rare cases the dental implant fail’s it is when the dentists are unable to place them due to lack of adequate healthy jawbone in which place it. Usually, the dental implants are successful after the procedures to improve the bone stability are done.

How do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is implanted into the jawbone for replacing the root of a lost tooth. If the patient is healthy enough, then the jawbone grows new cells around the implant and fuses it with bone. This will make a root which is every bit as good as an original root. A crown will be then placed on the top of the root. The crown is made an exact duplicate of the tooth in dimension and appearance.

The dental implants are one of the closest things for replacing a tooth which is available today. The implant is fused into the bone exactly as the root would be and implants feel same as the natural tooth. No special considerations need to be made for cleaning the tooth or for eating and it looks exactly as the natural tooth.

Due to missing teeth, void is created where the root was which causes the jawbone to eventually lose density and mass. This will cause it to shrink and create a void in the row of teeth. If this is not fixed, it will cause the rest of the teeth to shift position until they are crooked. As the dental implant is similar to a natural tooth, it will solve both these problems.


A dental implant is exactly as having an original tooth but even better since it isn’t affected by tooth decay. Indian Health Guru Consultants provide the dental implants, emergency dentistry and a host of other dental services from the best dentists in India.


How is Blepharoplasty Done?


Eyes are the most beautiful features of a human being and therefore it is essential to take care of them. There are possibilities that eyelids might be droopy with a bit of excessive skin. With ageing, eyelids happen to get stretches and the muscles tend to weaken. This is due to fat which starts accumulating around the eyelids and lead to sagging eyebrows. This problem needs treating the eyes and getting them back to proper shape.

54-yr-before-after-blepharoplastyBlepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct the droopy eyelids. It is a minor procedure as the surgery and recovery time does not take too long. Patient can consult their doctor and get this procedure done either cosmetic or medical reasons. It is important to get professional advance if the patients choose this surgery for the cosmetic reasons. The result of the surgery can last for up to 10 years depending on the person’s health and some other factors.

What is Blepharoplasty?

It is an outpatient surgical procedure which is directed towards repairing the droopy eyelids by eliminating excessive skin around the eyes. Basically, blepharoplasty is a form of plastic surgery which carried out to fine-tune flaws, disfiguration and malformation of the eyelids. Everyone wants excellent looking eyes which mandates for excessive care. When the aging process approaches, this surgery helps a lot to provide the best looking eyes. This procedure treatment is quite an effective way to restore the efficient functioning of the eyelids. Not everyone is a good candidate for this surgery.

Why is Blepharoplasty Done?

It is done to treat the sagging and droopy eyelids. This condition will make a person look aged and tired as well as affect the vision. The procedure includes removing excess upper or lower eyelid tissue for improving the vision and making the eye look attractive. Patients can get this procedure along with a face lift or brow lift.

Blepharoplasty is done to treat or get rid of the following conditions:

  • Extra skin on lower eyelids
  • Droopy or baggy eyelids
  • Bags under eyes
  • Excess skin in the upper and lower eyelids which obstructs vision
  • Irritation due to rubbing of excess folds on the eyelids
  • Discomfort on forehead due to strain and overuse of the eyelid muscles
  • Droopy lower eyelids which makes the white portion of the iris visible

How is Blepharoplasty Done?

This surgical procedure is done with external surgical incisions being made along the eyelids creases. The surgeon will make an incision on the eyelid’s surface and remove the fat. The surgeon will then use a small medical retractor to keep away the extra tissue so that the operation can be done without any hindrance. The surgeon uses a suture to retain the inner tissue on the surface of the eyelid over the eyeball.

The surgery will take around one to three hours. The result of the blepharoplasty is based on condition of the skin, wear and tear on the eyelid, age of the patient and general condition of tissues around the eyes.

What is the Recovery Period Post Blepharoplasty?

The rate of healing and recovery period post blepharoplasty will vary as per the patient’s condition. One thing which worries the patient’s recovery post surgery is that the face and eye are always on display and you cannot hide it. Due to this visibility, anyone who sees the patients keeps on looking for recovery signs or change. This will make the patients feel that the healing process is taking longer. Initially, the discoloration of the eyelids is common post surgery. The main reason for this is the eyelid tissue which is thin and accumulation of even a few drops of blood which makes the area look bruised. The entire recovery period will need about one to two weeks and the results are visible post five to six weeks.

Where to get the low cost Blepharoplasty?

The low cost blepharoplasty is a minor surgery. Since the eyes are the most delicate organ therefore extra care must be taken to avoid further complications. Patients must discuss the precautions to be taken in details with the surgeons and about any medications they are taking or the chances of possible complications of drug interaction.

Safe & Affordable Heart Valve Replacement in India with Indian Health Guru


A heart valve replacement in India with Indian Health Guru includes replacing a damage dvalve in the heart using a mechanical valve or a tissue valve. A new valve will relieve the strain and aims to ease the symptoms of chest pain and breathlessness. This is a safe and affordable surgery in India which is most complicated than most of the surgeries. Therefore, it is necessary that you should get your heart replacement surgery done by the best surgeons in India.

4B11490Heart Valve Replacement Overview

A heart valve replacement surgery involves replacing a damaged valve in the heart using a mechanical valve that is made from the synthetic materials of tissue valve which are often taken from the cow, pigs or human donors. A new valve will relieve the strain and aims to ease the symptoms of angina such as cheat pain and breathlessness.

The best hospitals in India offers great valve proposition for the patients seeking safe and affordable cost heart valve replacement in India. Our netwotk of hospitals have state of the art infrastructure, world class medical facilities, highly skilled qualified medical and healthcare professionals, compassionate and caring nurses and dedicated medical staff. The heart surgeons in India uses the most advanced minimally invasive heart valve replacement techniques for the global patients.

Pros and Cons

The pros are:

  • It will reduced the symptoms
  • It will improve the quality of life
  • It will prolong your life

The cons are:

  • You will be at increased risk to develop an infection of the valve, known as endocarditis
  • You will need to take antibiotics while undergoing dental or other surgical procedures to prevent blood clots

Low cost treatment in India

India’s favourable exchange rate and the low cost of treatment are some of the reasons why the foreign patients choose India for their heart valve replacement. The cost of the procedure in the Western countries such as the US, UK, etc. are expensive while the same procedure in India will cost only a fraction of the prices. Low cost treatment in India is not the only criteria patients are looking for instead they also seek quality output. India is beneficial for patients seeking affordable cost heart valve replacement without compromising the quality.

Why choose Indian Health Guru Medical Tourism Consultants?

Indian Health Guru Medical Tourism Consultants provides assistance to the patients seeking low cost heart valve replacement in India. Our medical value provider has a network of the best hospitals and the top heart valve surgeons in India. We are affiliated with the reputed hospitals and clinics having renowned and prominent medical teams who are capable to provide specialized treatments. We specializes to provide the most affordable medical care and treatment packages to the patients from across the country.

Our team will assist the global patients seeking heart valve replacement in India by providing them the medical opinion from our panel of experts. Every patient who travels to India will be provided with dedicated attention and care. We ensure to offer extensive efforts to ensure that our patients are satisfied by the facilities, treatments and care provided by us.

All you need to do is send us your query regarding the heart valve replacement in India and within 24 hours, our patient coordinator will contact you for further interactions and details. We will take care of all the proceedings during your medical trip to India such as accommodation, arranging VISA, appointment with the doctor, etc. thereby make your medical trip a hassle free one.

Eye Surgery In Goa For Abroad Patients Looking For Low Cost Treatment

What is Eye Surgery?

Eye surgery is also known as ocular surgery, which can be called as a surgical procedure dealing with eye or the areas closed to them. It can help the patient either to fix the eye sight issues or some other problems evident in this important organ. The doctors dealing with the eye surgery are called as ophthalmologist, while the eye surgery simply addresses a number of specific ocular ailments or the ones that are designed to improve upon the sharpness in terms of vision and its clarity. Let’s dig in deep in to this surgery and its type and nature in the following paragraphs:

What are the different types of Eye Surgeries?

When it comes to the types of eye surgery, there is couple; some of these are discussed below, how about checking them as under:

Laser eye surgery

The ailment in vision like hyperopia or myopia can be corrected with the procedure like laser eye surgery, which basically deals with reshaping of the cornea and the curved and the clear front of the eye seeking the laser technology. One can find this surgery in different forms and the most common the same include LASIK wherein the laser assisted in sitykeratomileusis deals with the same. In this surgery, the doctor makes small incision that helps in creating a flap that allow the laser beam to enter in order to remodel the cornea.

Cataract surgery

This surgery is among the common ones when it comes to eye surgery. The cataracts are nothing but a cloud like of obstruction where it covers the lens of the eye and thus can impair the vision or even lead to issues like blindness. Though one can find different cataract surgeries, one of the common types are the one called phacoemulsification that involves in taking out the lens through a small incision and with the help of ultrasound procedure wherein it is replaced with the artificial lens seeking intraocular lens. This surgery hardly takes half an hour and it uses local anesthesia with small size incision that in turn doesn’t really need any kind of suture.


This surgery deals with the disease called IOP or the intraocular pressure that put an impact over the optic nerves leading to even serious issues like blindness. There are different types of glaucoma surgeries having particular procedures that are indicated as per the needs and requirements of the patient. The surgery is widely used under the tag of trabeculectomy that are called filtration surgery and it focuses on draining of the excess amount of fluid found in the eye.


This is among the popular surgeries, which have a different name called the trabeculectomy. The term Canaloplasty is used for the trabeculectomy procedure only when it is carried out with great prevention and care and thus give out a number of benefits like fewer side effects. This surgery helps in treating the issues like glaucoma seeking some state of art microcatheter that is used in order to enlarge the drainage kind of channels and thus reduces the pressure of eye.

Refractive surgery

This surgery is employed simply to correct the vision problems, which include both the nearsightedness (myopia) and the farsightedness (hyperopia). Thus seeking the help of laser for this option can be even carried out for glaucoma surgery is counted among the refractive surgery.

Eye surgery in Goa for abroad patients looking for low cost treatment

When it comes to healthcare services, India ranks at the top position and eye treatment is certainly not an exception. India has one of the best hospitals for eye care especially in places like Goa wherein the place is surrounded by Mother Nature to give you nothing but the best. Well, global patients decide upon the option like Goa for eye surgery, they get one obvious benefit – they end up getting a good holiday as well amidst the cool beaches of this place, which has much to deliver them apart from getting high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost.



3 Successful Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Ovarian Cancer Details

The ovarian cancer starts when any cells in the body is seen growing in an uncontrolled fashion. The cells in nearly in any body part can turn into cancer and thus can spread over the other areas of the body. The ovarian cancer deals with starting up with the ovaries, while these body parts are the reproductive glands that are found only in the female. Thus ovarian cancer is restricted to female only. The ovaries produce eggs for reproduction while the eggs travel via the fallopian tubes over the uterus wherein the fertilized egg implants and develop over the fetus.  The ovaries are also the key source of female hormones estrogen & progesterone. One way the ovary is seen over each side of the uterus is over the pelvis. Well, let’s dig in deep into these types of cancer and the treatment options in the following paragraphs:

Treatments available For Ovarian Cancer

When it comes to the treatment options available for ovarian cancer, one can find a couple of options, however, the following three discussed below can be called as the most popular one. How about checking them as under:


This is often carried out after doing the surgery which involves removing of the body part ovary affected by the cancer. If the surgeon is not able to remove the cancer completely with the surgery, this procedure is carried out that helps in reducing the risk of having the cancer back. If you find the surgeon unable to take out the cancer then the aim of this procedure is to simply shrink the cancer which is left behind. Some of the women can further have the surgery done even after having this procedure. From looking at the scans during the diagnosis, your surgeon will help in deciding things in advance, which it would not need to, remove all the forms of cancer. In this case, one can find the chemotherapy to consider before the procedure. The chemotherapy before the surgery is known as the neo adjuvant or the primary chemotherapy.


The doctors do not often rely on this procedure for treating ovarian cancer; however, at times this can be used to treat the stage 1 and 2 stage cancers after the surgery. This can help in killing any kind of cancer cells that are left behind and hence reduce the risk of having the cancer coming back. Your doctor can only suggest this if you see the small areas of cancer that is left over the pelvic areas and thus carry no signs of cancer left. This procedure is often used to treat the ovarian cancer that are found in the advanced stage as it helps in shrinking the tumors and thus reduce the symptoms. This type of treatment is called palliative radiotherapy. You can use this treatment at any body part wherein the cancer is seen creating problems for you.


The surgery helps in removing the ovaries found in the womb and allow taking some samples from various places like pelvic and abdomen areas to find out the spread of the cancer. The surgery helps in removing the layer of the fatty tissues that are close to the ovaries and thus remove the lymph nodes as well. The surgery is also used during the advanced stage of ovarian cancer.

Indialaparoscopysurgerysite Medical Tourism Consultants offers Low-Cost Ovarian Cancer Treatment in India

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