3 Successful Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Ovarian Cancer Details

The ovarian cancer starts when any cells in the body is seen growing in an uncontrolled fashion. The cells in nearly in any body part can turn into cancer and thus can spread over the other areas of the body. The ovarian cancer deals with starting up with the ovaries, while these body parts are the reproductive glands that are found only in the female. Thus ovarian cancer is restricted to female only. The ovaries produce eggs for reproduction while the eggs travel via the fallopian tubes over the uterus wherein the fertilized egg implants and develop over the fetus.  The ovaries are also the key source of female hormones estrogen & progesterone. One way the ovary is seen over each side of the uterus is over the pelvis. Well, let’s dig in deep into these types of cancer and the treatment options in the following paragraphs:

Treatments available For Ovarian Cancer

When it comes to the treatment options available for ovarian cancer, one can find a couple of options, however, the following three discussed below can be called as the most popular one. How about checking them as under:


This is often carried out after doing the surgery which involves removing of the body part ovary affected by the cancer. If the surgeon is not able to remove the cancer completely with the surgery, this procedure is carried out that helps in reducing the risk of having the cancer back. If you find the surgeon unable to take out the cancer then the aim of this procedure is to simply shrink the cancer which is left behind. Some of the women can further have the surgery done even after having this procedure. From looking at the scans during the diagnosis, your surgeon will help in deciding things in advance, which it would not need to, remove all the forms of cancer. In this case, one can find the chemotherapy to consider before the procedure. The chemotherapy before the surgery is known as the neo adjuvant or the primary chemotherapy.


The doctors do not often rely on this procedure for treating ovarian cancer; however, at times this can be used to treat the stage 1 and 2 stage cancers after the surgery. This can help in killing any kind of cancer cells that are left behind and hence reduce the risk of having the cancer coming back. Your doctor can only suggest this if you see the small areas of cancer that is left over the pelvic areas and thus carry no signs of cancer left. This procedure is often used to treat the ovarian cancer that are found in the advanced stage as it helps in shrinking the tumors and thus reduce the symptoms. This type of treatment is called palliative radiotherapy. You can use this treatment at any body part wherein the cancer is seen creating problems for you.


The surgery helps in removing the ovaries found in the womb and allow taking some samples from various places like pelvic and abdomen areas to find out the spread of the cancer. The surgery helps in removing the layer of the fatty tissues that are close to the ovaries and thus remove the lymph nodes as well. The surgery is also used during the advanced stage of ovarian cancer.

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