Eye Surgery In Goa For Abroad Patients Looking For Low Cost Treatment

What is Eye Surgery?

Eye surgery is also known as ocular surgery, which can be called as a surgical procedure dealing with eye or the areas closed to them. It can help the patient either to fix the eye sight issues or some other problems evident in this important organ. The doctors dealing with the eye surgery are called as ophthalmologist, while the eye surgery simply addresses a number of specific ocular ailments or the ones that are designed to improve upon the sharpness in terms of vision and its clarity. Let’s dig in deep in to this surgery and its type and nature in the following paragraphs:

What are the different types of Eye Surgeries?

When it comes to the types of eye surgery, there is couple; some of these are discussed below, how about checking them as under:

Laser eye surgery

The ailment in vision like hyperopia or myopia can be corrected with the procedure like laser eye surgery, which basically deals with reshaping of the cornea and the curved and the clear front of the eye seeking the laser technology. One can find this surgery in different forms and the most common the same include LASIK wherein the laser assisted in sitykeratomileusis deals with the same. In this surgery, the doctor makes small incision that helps in creating a flap that allow the laser beam to enter in order to remodel the cornea.

Cataract surgery

This surgery is among the common ones when it comes to eye surgery. The cataracts are nothing but a cloud like of obstruction where it covers the lens of the eye and thus can impair the vision or even lead to issues like blindness. Though one can find different cataract surgeries, one of the common types are the one called phacoemulsification that involves in taking out the lens through a small incision and with the help of ultrasound procedure wherein it is replaced with the artificial lens seeking intraocular lens. This surgery hardly takes half an hour and it uses local anesthesia with small size incision that in turn doesn’t really need any kind of suture.


This surgery deals with the disease called IOP or the intraocular pressure that put an impact over the optic nerves leading to even serious issues like blindness. There are different types of glaucoma surgeries having particular procedures that are indicated as per the needs and requirements of the patient. The surgery is widely used under the tag of trabeculectomy that are called filtration surgery and it focuses on draining of the excess amount of fluid found in the eye.


This is among the popular surgeries, which have a different name called the trabeculectomy. The term Canaloplasty is used for the trabeculectomy procedure only when it is carried out with great prevention and care and thus give out a number of benefits like fewer side effects. This surgery helps in treating the issues like glaucoma seeking some state of art microcatheter that is used in order to enlarge the drainage kind of channels and thus reduces the pressure of eye.

Refractive surgery

This surgery is employed simply to correct the vision problems, which include both the nearsightedness (myopia) and the farsightedness (hyperopia). Thus seeking the help of laser for this option can be even carried out for glaucoma surgery is counted among the refractive surgery.

Eye surgery in Goa for abroad patients looking for low cost treatment

When it comes to healthcare services, India ranks at the top position and eye treatment is certainly not an exception. India has one of the best hospitals for eye care especially in places like Goa wherein the place is surrounded by Mother Nature to give you nothing but the best. Well, global patients decide upon the option like Goa for eye surgery, they get one obvious benefit – they end up getting a good holiday as well amidst the cool beaches of this place, which has much to deliver them apart from getting high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost.





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