The link between heart disease and gum health


Every year more than 600,000 people all across the world become the victim of heart every year in the US alone. Not many would know that the research has found out the link found in between this dreaded ailment along with the health of the human gums. Treating the gum ailment can help in reducing the influence of the CAD ailments. As per the 2014 study published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine, the patients who were seen treating the gum disease and thus has the reduced level of medical cost along with the hospitalization for the coronary artery disease. Hence if you are keen to avoid the heart ailments keeping a check over the oral issues can help in a big way. The following are some of the ways of doing the same as under:

Does gum disease cause heart disease?

Despite the link found between the heart ailments and gum disease, it is not evident whether one can really causes the other claims the reports of American Heart Association. The two conditions have similar kinds of risks that include diabetes, poor nutrition and smoking. However, even the non-smokers can even have the risks claims the researchers as they feel that there is some strong amount of risks that are seen in between the oral cavity and oral cavity that are seen spreading all across the body that inflate the conditions like diabetes, arthritis  and heart ailments.

Prevention is the best medicine

As said, prevention is better than cure, hence one can avoid the heart ailments with keeping a check over the oral issues as well. Prevention is the best medicine in averting a number of health conditions, which certainly include heart ailments and gum diseases. And if you any of the conditions, one can end up reducing their influence for sure.

Brush and floss regularly

This is one of the vital and key required habits of anyone who is keen to avert the same. With the daily brush and floss twice in a day can really help in keeping your healthy in terms of oral health. It helps in removing the plaque forming bacteria and yes many people are seen avoiding the floss thing but make sure it should come together and it can help in making things better.

Choose a healthy diet

One of the ways of averting the heart ailments is to choose the best and healthy diet. This should comprise of the key nutrient values especially the Vitamins A and C. At the same time one has to reduce the starches and sugar to keep things perfect.  You can further discuss with experts and dieticians to embark with the right choice in the healthy diet. Generally speaking one can consume green vegetables along with fruits to cater the same before the media.

Avoid cigarettes and smokeless tobacco

Consuming tobacco and cigarettes is one of the ways of averting the heart ailments. The smokeless tobacco can simply help in running your gums and thus surging the chances of heart ailments. In fact, these are regarded as the foes of cigarettes and tobacco. Though the non smokers can have the heart ailments but a person with tobacco consumption and the habit of smoking can aggravate the conditions to the same extent. These things can easily ruin the gums along with boosting up the chances of having heart ailments.

Visit the dentist for regular cleanings and exams

This should be your regular exercise, which can be carried out on a regular basis. This can help in identifying the signs and symptoms of some problems, which can be diagnosed at the lower stage and thus can flush out from the life of yours. Hence this exercise becomes vital for everyone in a big way.

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