Dental Implants FAQ

What Is a Dental Implant?

An anchor made of titanium material is known as the dental implant. It is used to take the place of the missing tooth which is placed into the jawbone of an individual. After the implant is attached to the bone which is surrounded, on top of the implant the replaced tooth has secured its place.

Why Do People Get Dental Implants?

There are numerous causes like having issue sin chewing and eating which can lead to undergo the procedure of the dental implant. Some other problems like missing teeth and the problems like elder people having problem in chewing and eating food needs a denture wear.

Are Dental Implants Noticeable?

Yes, but it is possible only with the x-ray. The type of advancement in today’s prosthetic and surgical methods, there is no chance that anyone can notice the dental implant with bare eyes, as this advancement made the restoration look like very natural one.

How Long Will Dental Implants Last?

After a successful surgery of dental implant in which the surgeon will fuse to the jawbone effectively and make it very functional, and will make it to last many years if precautions are taken properly. Many implants have reported to be in placed even for 40 years.

What Are the Chances of Implant Failure?

There are no such failure case has been reported. Instead is past 30 years, this procedure is been utilized effectively on individual just like us. Maintaining a good oral health insures that the result will lasts as longer as possible.

When Should You Get an Implant?

Dental implant is now the best tooth replacement options for individuals. It can be used in the scenarios like:

  • All teeth are missing – instead of dentures
  • Several teeth are missing – instead of bridges or partial dentures
  • A single tooth is missing – instead of a bridge

Does an Implant Require Special Care?

It is very usual and significant to avoid exposure of the recent surgical spot in the mouth to any kind of solid food if possible. A very important and easiest rule is to eat nutritious food, soft in nature and keep the food well hydrated. Your diet for few days is suggested by your dentist and he/she will provide you with the guidelines and tell you the steps or methods to take care of the healing of your implant.

Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

No it is not. An anesthesia is utilized by your dentist during the procedure in order to make the procedure less discomfort and avoid any pain. Even after the surgery your dentist will prescribe you some of the pain relievers in order to avoid the discomfort feeling after the dental implant procedure. Many individual will have minimum discomfort and feel great on the immediate day after surgery.

How Long Does It Take to Put in a Dental Implant?

The dental implant surgery procedure comprises of few steps and the complete time required for the treatment based on individual patients. The old form of treatment will lasts for months, but in some cases with latest technology the dental implant can be inserted and restored immediately.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Anybody who has a good prime health can report to have a safe dental implant surgery. It can offer a long-lasting result to these patients. But the patients who have habit of smoking or alcohol consumption might face some risks associated to dental implant surgery like pain and swelling of gums.

How Expensive Are Dental Implants?

The price of the dental implant surgery is depend on the number of implants which is placed, the prosthesis type which is recommended by the dentist for individual tooth replacement case. The cost can be evaluated only after a complete examination by your dentist.


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