Top 9 Heart Articles of 2017


  1. Congenital Heart Defects — Symptoms, Types, and Treatment

    Congenital heart defects are the heart problems pertaining to its structure, which is often seen after the birth. These can involve the issues pertaining to interior walls of the heart, the heart valves along with finding problems in arteries, veins, which carry the blood from body or heart. With this defect you can find the usual blood flow of the heart changes. When it comes to types of the said disorder, there are many, which can range from simple defect without having any symptoms to the complex ones like live threatening ones. Indian has been ranking high when it comes to treating the heart ailments, thanks to the high quality infrastructure that can lead things in a right shape. The cardiologist are par in terms of experience and expertise, which cater quality services at much of the affordable cost thus giving the global patients to prefer India for cardiac treatments including the congenital heart issues.

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  2. Heart Health for Women: What You Should Know

    Heart is often thought of as a man’s problem but in reality all women are also at risk. According to a survey conducted by the American Heart Association, women worry more about getting breast cancer, although heart disease kills six times as many women each year. It is important that women of all ages should protect their heart health and understand the signs and symptoms of their heart disease and learn the risk factors and take steps for prevention.

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  3. Can Too Much Exercise Harm the Heart?

    This seems to be an interesting question to answer and perhaps the vital question for a number of readers who are somewhere very much workout alcoholic. Of late, this question has got loads of attention due to a number of news reports in the media, hence it would be interesting to explore this topic with the available data that offer food amount of thoughts and results and thus enable you to decide for yourself provided you have loads of good stuff to consider. One of the papers on the topic exercise is good or bad has been in discussion in public domain in different forms or media. The people in the sports and athletics seem to worry a lot about this question since they are the ones who remain extremely physically active. Let’ dig in deep into this issue as under:

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  4. Look After Your Heart This Christmas

    A healthy heart promises prolonged life which is only the outcome of a healthy lifestyle. This festive time when you have loads of joy to mobilize, trying some useful tips can help in taking care of your heart the best. The following are some of the things you need to do take care of your heart for healthy living this Christmas as under:

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  5. Underweight People at Elevated Risk of Heart Diseases

    Most people assume that heart diseases and blood vessel disease only threaten the overweight and obese people. However, the cardiovascular disease or a heart disease is influenced by a lot of factors other than excessive weight. A person is classified as underweight of his or her BMI value is less than 18.5. Lack of body weight could be caused due to malnutrition, genetics or infection.
    Always remember that overweight and obesity are not the only conditions which causes the cardiovascular disease. Instead it is usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle characterized by smoking, a high intake of fat and salt that give rise to the high blood pressure, a lack of physical activity and fat depositis around the veins and the heart.

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  6. Christmas Heart Attack and Heart Syndrome Prevention Tips

    Heart is an important body organ in human body apart from being a complex one as it carries a number of key functions for us. Hence the kind of care and support for the organ is inevitable by people. However, despite all care and concern, one may get the trouble of getting the heart ailments. As we find the Christmas approaching, it is recommended to try to a couple of prevention tips to avoid the heart attacks and heart syndrome. The following are some of the prevention tips:

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  7. Holiday Heart Attacks

    Your heart may leap with delight at the emerald bracelet or the electronic gizmo that you’ve just unwrapped from under the Christmas tree. But you can’t say the same for the nasty holiday surprise known as the “Merry Christmas Coronary”. For many years, researchers have been intrigued by a disturbing pattern of the deadly heart attacks being increased during the winter holidays. As per a study, distinct spikes were found around the Christmas and New Year’s Day.

    Certainly we know that there are certain risk factors for the coronary artery disease such as hypertention, smoking, diabetes, dyslipidemia, lack of exercises and age. But we are also learning that there are certain other triggers for the cardiovascular events such as time of the years and seasons. If we can get the true handle of the seasonal variation then we could knock down the death due to coronary diseases.

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  8. Sex After Heart Surgery – You Should Knows About it

    Today one can find the heart surgeries to be very much common in medical circles all across the world. Hence it becomes mandatory for everyone to know regarding the post surgical procedures and more importantly checking about the things to get back to the normal life. This certainly includes knowing how one can have his or her sex life after the heart surgery. Let’s have a look at this topic as under:

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  9. Heart Valve Replacement: How to Prepare

    Before you undergoe the heart replacement surgery to replace a heart valve, you will need to prepare for your hospital stay.

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Where to get the best Laparoscopic Bariatric surgery in India?


Obesity is on the rise in both children and adults and it affects people in a myriad of ways. Obesity can also cause serious health issues, depression, isolation, social anxiety and other emotional problems. People who are considered as morbidly obese are good candidates to undergo the weight loss surgery or the laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

The bariatric surgery is a big step toward a new life; it is one of the many steps on the journey to get a fuller, healthier and more satisfying lifestyle. Losing weight through a surgery requires a serious, lifelong commitment to change the way you eat, think and exercise. It needs a whole new way to approach life each day.

Choosing an affordable and effective bariatric surgery can be difficult. You should check the credentials of the surgeon and the hospitals before getting your surgery fixed. India laparoscopy surgery site is a leading medical group in India offering the best laparoscopic bariatric surgery at low cost in India.

Which hospital is the best for Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery?

The best hospital for laparoscopic bariatric surgery in India is committed to provide adequate facilities and the latest equipments, properly trained bariatric surgery support staff at affordable costs. The minimal standards are set by the institutions and maintained under the supervision of a highly qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon who is in charge of a comprehensive and experienced bariatric surgery team. Considering the patient’s condition and health, the hospital offers high effective laparoscopic bariatric surgery with utmost care and compassion.

Here’s a presenting a list of 5 best hospitals in India for the laparoscopic bariatric surgery:

  1. Fortis Healthcare Hospital offers world class medical treatments to the patients by treating them with utmost compassion, warmth and care. The medical facilities at the hospital ensure there is genuine medical value in health travel to India. The group performs cutting edge surgeries including the laparoscopic bariatric surgery at the most reasonable costs compared to the Western countries.
  2. Hiranandani Hospital has a composite Weight Management Center which offers the medically approved options for weight loss. It is renowned for the largest centers for bariatric surgery in India. We have a highly skilled and experienced world famous surgeons who have been invited for live demonstrations of the advanced laparoscopic and bariatric operations at numerous international and national conferences.
  3. Kokilaben Hospital is designed to raise India’s global standing as a healthcare destination by laying the emphasis on excellence in clinical services, diagnostic facilities and research activities. They offer minimally invasive surgery techniques and the type of bariatric surgery is decided as per the need and compliance of the patient. The medical team are devoted for patient care and they have a very high success rates and low complications and mortality rates.
  4. Lilavati Hospital is a super specialty, state of the art hospital having highly trained nursing, allied health, administrative and technical personnel for the most efficient diagnosis and comprehensive treatment and care. The specialists keep abreast with the latest discoveries in medicine and modern techniques while treating the patients.
  5. Max Healthcare Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that provides highest levels of professional expertise and world class care in medicine and support specialties.

Bottom line

Send your query to us for getting your laparoscopic bariatric surgery fixed at the best hospitals in India. Our association with the best medical team involved in each step of this journey including the nutrition, dietary guidance, payment options, exercise plans, personal navigator will guide you through the entire process from beginning till end.


Things to gain and lose by supplementing Health Care Systems with Medical Tourism


Medical tourism has increasingly become a lucrative option for patients from abroad who want to travel overseas to receive their medical treatments in a bid to enjoy the affordable costs, better healthcare standards, less waiting time an exotic holiday to boot. Many talk about the manifold benefits of the medical tourism and view it as a life saver for many critically ill patients who are hushes by the skyrocketing healthcare costs and the exceeding long waiting periods. However, some are sceptical about this industry and its practicses and hence urges the patients to do their groundwork before you opt for medical tourism. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of medical tourism and the effects of the same on the existing healthcare system.

The Pros

The pros of medical tourism are as follows:

Faster Treatment

When compared to the developed countries such as the US, UK where the waiting lines for getting a specific medical procedure can stretch on for years on end, the waiting time for the same procedures in developing countries such as India is minimal. Hence, medical tourism allows the patients to gain acess to the timely medical care.

Low Costs

A standards medical procedure in a country like India will cost just a fraction of what would cost for the same procedure in the US. In this way, patients can end up saving money while choosing to get their medical treatment overseas.

High Quality Standards

The majority of medical tourism destinations including that in India have internationally accredited medical facilities with the latest medical equipment and technology. They also have well qualified doctors, nurses and other medical personnel which ensures that the patient is in safe hands.


Medical tourism packages comes with a holiday clubbed with your medical treatment. In this way, patients from abroad enjoy a peaceful holiday in a foreign destination during their treatment and can ensure a smooth recovery period.

The Cons

Medical tourism does not come without its share of cons which could well doubt with its effectiveness to supplement a nation’s already existing healthcare system and they include the following:


There is no way for a medical tourist to known detail of the destination and healthcare facility he/she will be visiting unless via internet which is unfortunately packed with misleadinf information. It is very easy for the patient to get misled by accepting treatment from a substandard facility with proper support and care.

Money laundering agencies

There are a number of medical tourism companied that have cropped up over years which promises to help medical tourists gain access to treatments in several destinations. Not all of these are licensed and genuine hence it is easy for patients to get cheated of their head earned money.

Unreliable outcomes

Some procedure have not been patent but still offered in several countries. Fertility procedure are always risky and may cause harmful side effects if not done properly. Individuals choosing these procedure need to do as volunteers for research based studies and the outcomes can be highly unreliable and cause permanent health issues. Governments looking to reduce costs could very well adopt the medical tourism as a standard supplement to the established healthcare system. However, you should always weigh the pros and cons carefully before adopting it as a common practice.


Medical tourism is one the rise with many Governments advocating it as a more lucrative supplement to the existing healthcare system. You should carefully analyze the pros and cons of this industry before promoting it on a grand scale.



Everything You Wanted to Know About Recovering from Colorectal Surgery


Karen Manzini, a Southern girl both by birth and choie was raised in Georgia and now living in the state after a 25 year hiatus in Italy. She participates in gardening clubs, speaks with a drawl and was raised not to discuss bodily functions like gas and bowel movements. About two years ago, she was recovering from surgery to remove a tumor in her colon and was startled when her clinicians treated passing gas and moving bowels as cause for celebration. Though she has since become comfortable discussing all things about the gastrointestinal tract, she become a volunteer for Colon Cancer Alliance that aims to reduce deaths due to colon cancer.

If you are one of them, lets us now check out everything you should know about recovering from colorectal surgery.
Where exactly are you going to operate?

Not all bowel surgeries for cancer created equal as those of rectum or last 20 centimeters of bowel are much riskier and complicated than those of the colon- the larger and upper portion of the bowel. If cancer is in colon, we choose surgery, if its in rectum, we do chemo and radiation before opting for the surgery.

What exactly are you going to do?

There are two main approaches for colorectal surgery for removing cancerous tumor:

1) Laparotomy- a surgeon makes a 6 or 7 inch abdominal incision to remove cancerous portion of the bowel and connect two new ends

2) Laparoscopy- a newer, minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon removes the diseased bowel through smaller incisions

Although both procedures have similar long-term outcomes, patients undergoing the later recover faster, with fewer complications and are able to eat normally sooner. The beauty of laparoscopy is short term outcomes are better.

Are you the best doctor for me?

Patient needing rectal surgeries should seek a colorectal surgeon who can preserve the normal anatomy of the rectum. This will likely reduce the recurrence and need for a colostomy bag. Ask your surgeon about their experience and whether or not they’re board certified in colorectal surgery and whether they are doing things in minimally invasive fashion or robotically. This will indicate how they are more attuned to some advances in their field. Find out the best hospital with qualified surgeons performing the colorectal surgery.

Will I wake up with a colostomy bag?

If you have chosen a qualified surgeon, then the likelihood of needing a permanent colostomy bag post colorectal surgery is slim to none. The risk to need one among the rectal cancer patients ranges between 10 to 25 percent depeding on the location f tumor and expertise of surgeon. Even if you do end up with one, remember that major league baseball players have lived full lives iwth colostomy bags. Although at first this may seem like a daunting change, but most people adjust to it quite well. Since the focus of colon cancer surgeries have shifted from saving people’s lives to preserving a high quality of live, more surgical techniques are being developd with the aim to avoid that result.

Will I ever poop normally again?

Manzini who had got both a laparocopy and laparotomy surgery for her now stage 4 cancer has experienced few days for the pipes to begin moving again. After they do, you’ll probably adjust to a new normal and its obvious as well as silly to say that post intestinal surgery, your bowel habits will change and its not repeating. It is not necessarily a bad thing. If you used to go to bathroom once to twice a day before surgery then you may start going two to three times and all frequencies will be in the normal range.

In few cases, the bowel function may even improved as the surgery could have removed a tumor causing tummy trouble. Hence it is simply a matter to relearn the signals and relearn what you can trust as things do on. This is a small price to pay in people’s mind to avoid using colostomy for rest of life.

How will the surgery affect my sex life?

While some treatments for the colorectal cancer such as radiation of rectum can make sex painful, difficult and undesirable or in some cases even impossible, most patients who underwent colorectal surgery can return back to their normal sexual activities including anal sex within four to six weeks. Doctors would encourage patients to walk as soon as they are able to. However, exercises like weight lifting which stress the abdominal wall will take longer to resume. Recovery from surgery is never linear therefore you will improve over the course of weeks.

What can I eat and when?

Once the bowel wakes up, you can expect to opt for liquid diet. A week later, you eat soft, low-fiber diet which is stripped of known gut irritants to ensure low residue in bowel during healing. Over time, you may learn some foods will upset your stomach which didn’t before surgery since you have less colon to do the job. Adapt to lifestyle changes such as a diet low in saturated fats as it will reduce recurrence of cancer in colon cancer survivors.


How to overcome high medical care costs through Medical tourism in India


The medical tourism industry has gained popularity in each and every corner of the globe. It is providing health, monetary and social benefits to people across the world. However, on the negative side it is affecting the healthcare system of countries such as the US.


Health care in India

The healthcare in India has evolved over the last decade and covers the key areas such as Public Health, Healthcare Delivery, Wellness, Healthcare Startups, Healthcare Insurance and Healthcare Technology. The healthcare system in Indian is known for its quality medical services. The highly skilled, qualified medical professionals are able to treat almost all types of ailments. We can improve the care standards in India by focusing on the preventive health in order to improve the care outcomes.

People from across the world want to get their treatments at the top class hospitals which are equipped with the latest technologies and medical facilities. India offers various treatments and medical procedures such as joint replacement procedures, cosmetic surgeries, cardiac treatments, organ transplant procedures, eye care and dentistry procedures.

Effects of high medical care costs in the USA

Each year, a majority of Americans cross borders to avail the quality and most affordable medical treatments in the medical tourism destinations across India, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The key reason behind this is the high medical care costs in the USA. Patients have to stand in huge lines to get the desired medical attention. However, while choosing the medical tourism destinations like India they get immediate medical treatments. And this has affected the healthcare sector in the USA in the following ways:

Expensive medical care

The highly expensive medical costs in the USA have attracted the attention of people to medical tourism in India. Patients can get the inexpensive and quality medical treatment at their desired medical tourism destination.

Increasing death rate

It becomes difficult for the low income groups in the developed countries such as the US to get desired medical care for their medical condition. This has led to a relative increase in the death rate in the USA.

Medical tourism becoming popular in India

As the medical treatments in the US are becoming expensive, patients get attracted towards the medical tourism in India. Most Americans do not want to go under the knife at their native country and this has majorly affected the healthcare sector of the country.

Americans are trying to overcome high medical care costs through medical tourism in India

The government of the country is making effective policies in order to over the high medical care costs in the US. All these policies are geared for helping people to get their desired medical treatments at the most affordable costs.

Various cities in India have the world class infrastructure, best hospitals and clinics with modern equipments and the latest technology. They also have highly qualified, skilled doctors, surgeons, nurses and staff who are dedicated, caring and compassionate. India ensures to offer quality medical tourism facilities to the international patients seeking the most affordable cost medical treatments and surgeries in India. Interstate medical tourism is also considered as a part of the medical tourism sector. So, people do not have to cross the international borders to get the quality medical treatment in India.


The increasing healthcare costs in the USA are the key reasons why patients at their native country seek the medical tourism in India. This is the reason for increasing popularity of medical tourism in India since we offer highest quality medical care within the budget of our patients travelling here.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery in India

What is a hysterectomy?

The procedure called laparoscopic hysterectomy deals with removing the uterus, which is infected by cancerous cells or some other issues. It is among the surgical procedure for women not just in the US but in the developed nations. The downside of this surgery is that the women going with this surgery may not be able to become pregnant as they no more have the womb.


What structures are removed during a hysterectomy?

When it comes to hysterectomy, there are different types, which are responsible in removing the structures. In total hysterectomy, the entire uterus is removed, in supracervical helps in removing the uterus. The radical hysterectomy helps in removing the structures over the uterus, which can be diagnosed provided cancer is diagnosed.

What will happen if my ovaries are removed before I have gone through menopause?

In such cases, you can experience instant menopause symptoms. You would be at increased risk of osteoporosis. The hormone therapy can help in relieving the signs of menopause and thus also reduce the osteoporosis risk. After the surgery, the hormone therapy is carried out, while other medications can be added in order to avoid the issue of osteoporosis.

What are the different ways hysterectomy can be performed?

This procedure can be carried out in various ways including the vagina via the abdomen area or with laparoscopy. The option would depend upon a number of factors and at times the decision is carried out at the last moment as well.

What are the benefits and risks of laparoscopic hysterectomy?

As compared to the abdominal hysterectomy, the laparoscopic surgery can give you minimal pain and lower risk of infection, which would require a shorter hospital stay. You would resume to your normal activities soon as you can. Also, there are risks attached to the surgery, which can take longer in order to carry out the surgery with vaginal or abdominal surgery like a robot. At the same time, there is an increased amount of injury over the urinary tract with the kind of surgery.

Is hysterectomy safe?

Hysterectomy is among the most safest surgical procedures but at times problems can occur with fever, infection, injury over urinary track over the surrounding organs, heavy bleeding with the surgery, blood clots that moves over the lungs, heart issues owing anesthesia. Some issues can be linked with the procedure that can hamper the results.

Will I have to stay in the hospital after having a hysterectomy?

You are supposed to say in the hospital for a couple of days after the surgery, however, the stay would depend upon the kind of hysterectomy you have considered and the way it is carried out. You would be instructed to walk over and over again after the surgery. With walking you can avoid the blood clots inside your legs. Also, you would be getting medicines or other forms of care in order to prevent the blood clots.

What should I expect after having a hysterectomy?

You can even expect some amount of pain in the initial days after the surgery. Also, you would be given the medication to get rid of the pain. Also, the discharge from the vagina and bleeding would last for a couple of weeks, which mean you need to use sanitary pads to address the same. Also, you may experience constipation with all the forms of hysterectomies, while some may even find issues in bladder. The other side effects could psychological and thus can be seen with depression.

What are some important things I should know about recovery?

You need to follow a number of instructions, which are given by the surgeon. This can help in expediting the recovery a lot. When you walk every day, you would certainly get rid of the pain and other issues one may face after the surgery. Take your time to indulge in activities like sex and other strenuous jobs once you feel comfortable having the same.


Urin Cancer spread after Hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy Surgery – How Safe and Effective Is This Surgery?

Hysterectomy Abdominal Surgery in India

Congestive Heart Failure – Causes, Symptoms and treatment

What Is Congestive Heart Failure?

Congestive heart failure means the blood pumping power has gone down and is found to be lower if compared to normal rate of heart. Many times people think heart failure as the heart has stopped working but the real situation is a weaken condition of heart.

As a result of congestive heart failure, different body parts and organs get very slow supplement of blood or say insufficient amount of blood supply.  Heart pressure goes above the normal line as proper amount of oxygen and nourishment is not meeting up to the body’s needs.

The heart chambers may react by extending to impound more blood to pump through the body or by turning out to be hardened. This serves to keep the blood mobile; however the heart muscle dividers or the walls may get damaged or debilitate and is not able to pump as effectively. Subsequently, the kidneys may react by bringing about the body to hold liquid (water) and salt. In the event that liquid develops in the legs, feet, arms, lungs , ankles or different organs, the body gets to be congested, and follows the congestive heart failure


What Are the Causes of CHF, and Am I At Risk?

Conditions and causes of congestive heart failure is the effect of disorders of health which is directly affecting the individual’s cardiovascular system. Now here comes the role of annual health checkups to know your cardiac condition and keep an eye on heart risks. Causes for the CHF are included in the below list.

Coronary artery disorder – a sickness of the blood streams that supply oxygen and blood to the heart, lead to diminished supply of blood to the muscles of the heart. In the event that the supply routes gets blocked or extremely limited, the heart will have to starve for nutrients and oxygen, carried by blood.

High Blood Pressurenormal blood pressure is very essential for good health, if the BP of a person goes above the normal range that is 120/80 mm Hg, this can be a cause of CHF. This is specially seen when arteries and veins get filled up with sticky plaque or say deposits of fats and cholesterol. This could be due to age, which makes passage of blood difficult.

Problems in Valves– improper working of heart valve leads blood to move in and out in the chambers in an incorrect way.

What Are the Symptoms of CHF?

  • Legs and ankles are swelled
  • Gaining extra weight
  • Frequent urge to urinate, this is increased in night
  • fatigue
  • Cough is developed in lungs.
  • Irregular heart beats
  • Weakness
  • Getting faint

How Is CHF Diagnosed?

If your symptoms are showing up for a severe and critical condition, your regular consultant will advise you a cardiologist. He will organize some tests to identify the correct condition of your body and heart. The tests include blood tests for cholesterol, diabetes. Imaging tests like MRI scans and some stress tests.

What Medications and Treatments Will I Need?

Early detection of any health care issues is route to finer results. To control heart malfunction and work properly will need medications and treatment. Surgical treatments are well known giving best out comes. According to the condition of patient, cardiologist will advice correct type of surgical operation.

Others are the medications and therapies to get best treatment. Aspirin therapy, beta blocker therapy, anti-platelet drugs, Angiotension II Receptor Blockers and Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are some of the medicines included in treating CHF.