Get The Facts About Gastrectomy


The procedure of Gastrectomy also called as an antrectomy is a surgical procedure, which deals with the removal, of a certain portion of your stomach called antrum. This portion of antrum is at the lower third of your stomach, which is found in between the stomach, body and the pyloric canal. This further goes to empty the stuff over the small intestine. Of late, the problem of obesity has been bugging lot many people who opt for various options including the surgical procedure called Gastrectomy. Now, let’s dig in deep in this issue to get the crux of the same.

Why You May Need a Gastrectomy

Obviously to get rid of the obesity, if all the other options fail, one has to consider this procedure, which further helps in fixing the following conditions or risks:

  • Cancer in Stomach
  • Gastric ulcer bleeding
  • Stomach wall perforation
  • Noncancerous Polyps

Gastrectomy simply helps in treating a number of stomach issues, which cannot be achieved with other treatment options. In this way, when your surgeon suggest this process, he or she will also help you in treating issues like benign tumours, bleeding, inflammation, ulcers, and perorations inside the stomach wall.

How to Prepare for Gastrectomy

When it comes to opting for this surgery for fixing your obesity issue, you are supposed to prepare a lot for the same. So, before choosing the Gastrectomy, the patients are supposed to go through a number of tests including the X rays, Computed Tomography (CT) scans, endoscopic biopsies, and microscopic examination, which help in confirming the presence of any ulcer of tumour inside your body. These are important because with obesity comes all these issues, which are important to check before the surgery and thus get a perfect roadmap for the same. Laparoscopy can be carried out in order to diagnose the real issues. Thus all these tests are important parts of the preparation, which will help the doctor to take a perfect road to the surgery of Gastrectomy.

Types of Gastrectomy

When it comes to Gastrectomy, this particular type of surgery for overweight are found with different types, however, you can find three major types of this procedure, which are enlisted as under, let’s check them out as under:

1) Partial Gastrectomy: In this surgical procedure, your surgeon is seen removing the lower half of your stomach. If cancer cells are seen present in the same, your surgeon would then end up removing the closed one lumps nodes. In this surgery, you would find the duodenum closing off, while the remaining portion of your stomach can help in bringing down the things along connecting to the bowel inside your body. The duodenum is known as the first part inside your stomach, which are directed as required in order to get an obesity free life.

2) Complete Gastrectomy: This procedure is also known as Total Gastrectomy, which simply helps in removing the stomach that in turn help in getting an obesity free life. Your surgeon will then help you in connecting your esophagus directly to the small intestine inside your body. Make a note that the esophagus usually is seen connecting your throat with your stomach, which is managed using the procedure giving a care free life without any issue.

3) Sleeve Gastrectomy: The last type of Gastrectomy is Sleeve Gastrectomy, wherein the surgeon removes three quarter of your stomach thus making you free from the obesity issue. Once the surgeon does that he or she simply pulls of the remaining amount of fat followed by stitching the area. With this procedure, you end up creating a smaller and obesity stomach for the patient.

Bottom line

In a long list of surgical procedures for obesity, Gastrectomy can help you in making you free from Gastrectomy. You would be able to retain the result only when you abide by the surgeon’s instruction, which include eating small size meals, avoid the high fibre meals and lastly consume food that are rich in iron, vitamins and calcium.

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