Couple triumphs over infertility though IVF


Years ago, Riya and her hubby Mr. Sumeil were trying to have a baby. However, a few months later, she was diagnosed iwth endometriosis which is the blocked fallopian tubes in which the tissue from the uterine lining extends outside the fallopian tubes and the neighbouring organs. Though it is not a severe condition, but it causes great pain and many side effects. This is also a common factor for diagnosing infertility in women.

Riya choose to undergo a surgery for curing endometriosis since she and her husband has being trying for a baby since 2010 and for four years, they have failed to start their family. Finally, having feeling frustrated and lost all hope and out of options she made an appointment at a clinic located in New Delhi. At the initial few visits, she learnt about the fertility issues she was facing.

As per Riya, “When I spoke to Dr. Rita Bakshi at first, she was very patient and understanding and confirmed that endometrosis being the main reason behind my inability to conceieve despite the surgery. She also explained me in detail about the odds to become pregnant through natural means being less for me hence gae a well defined treatment plan for me.”

From this point, her on-year treatment began and she was advised to undego In-vitro fertilization. Riya says, “It was a very pleasant experience and this didn’t make her feel uncomfortable in any way. I felt like Dr. Rita Bakshi is the best doctor for me and she was truly there to help me since she was very compassionate, supportive, motivating and understanding.”

IVF treatment for endometriosis

The team at IFC has decided Riya’s best chance for pregnancy with IVF which is a simple procedure involving fusion the the male parent’s sperm and the female parent’s eggs in a laboratory dish outside the human body and then transferring it to the female parent’s uterus. Riya says that “Dr. Riya Bakshi was helpful and wished me good luck. It was the little things which doctors, nurses and other staff did at the clinic that made my journey unforgettable.”

Patience, determination and success

A few months later, she had a successful pregnancy. Riya said, “It was fortunate we had a successful IVF in 2nd cycle itself. I feel that only Dr. Bakshi could have helped us win over endometriosis and help us to conceive.” Riya and Sumiel gave birth to a baby girl in June 2015.

What Should You Know About IVF?

IVF is a procedure in which the eggs from a woman’s ovary are removed and are fertilized with sperm in a laboratory procedure. Then the fertilized egg is returned to the woman’s uterus. It is one of the several assisted reproductive techniques used to help infertile couples to conceive a child. If even after a year of having sexual intercourse without using the birth control, a woman is unable to get pregnant then infertility is suspected.

IVF is one of the many possible methods for increasing the chances of an infertile couple to become pregnant. Its use depends on the reason for infertility and it may be an option if there is a blockage in the endometriosis or fallopian tube in the women or low sperm count or poor quality sperm in the man.

The other possible treatments for these conditions includes are surgery for the endometriosis and blocked tubes will be attempted before IVF. It will not work for woman who is incapable to ovulate or with a man who is not able to produce at least a few healthy sperm.

Closing Thoughts

My biggest piece of advice is just to relax. You should have faith and trust in your doctor and yourself so that you have to make your own future. Couples should try for pregnancy in the early childbearing age before it is too late.



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