Gallstones vs. kidney stones, common risk connection, treatment and prevention


Both gallstone and kidney stone can pose a risk to people having any of them inside their body. These may give the same kind of symptoms, which share common risk connection as well. Though they may appear same to some extent, yet happens to be very much different in their risks and the way of treating them. A gallstone is like a hard lump, which is formed inside the bile duct/gallbladder, while the bile comprises much of cholesterol/bilirubin forming the gallstone. On the other end, kidney stones are formed when you find insufficient amount of fluid inside our body, hence mineral deposits are seen getting formed together to make these stones.

Difference between gallstones and kidney stones

Gallstone can affect around 20% of women over age of 40 while only 8 percent of men are affected with it. The kidney stones are seen sending around thousand American adults every year to different hospitals. The kidney stones can be called as one of the painful experiences one can face; however, the gallstones can enter without any symptom for a number of years. When you find the symptoms occurring over gallstones, you can experience pain, which can be even both sudden and excruciating, however, these doesn’t often last long. The gallstones can contribute to issues like infection, which would demand for a treatment with antibiotics. However, for kidney stones, you may end up getting infection that can even cause blockage to urination.

What is gallstone and kidney stone?

As said gallstone is a hard lump formation, which is developed in the gallbladder or over the bile duct whereas kidney stones can be called as hard crystalline structures, which are formed inside the kidney or the urinary tract areas. All these stones are seen differing in their composition and position. The kidney stone patients are often the men wherein gallstone patients are generally the women. Both the kidney and gallstone are called as asymptomatic unless the stones are seen growing big size during which the patients are seen experiencing the excoriating pain.

Symptoms of Gallstone and Kidney stone

Although both the kidney stones and gallstones are seen hampering a number of organs but their symptoms are seen very much similar. They both share similar kind of symptoms, which are as under:

  • Nausea
  • Sweaty
  • Restless
  • Chilled
  • Feverish
  • Ribs pain
  • The shoulder blades pain

However, apart from these symptoms there are certain specific one for each of these, which include the following:

  • The kidney stone pain can be found in a form of waves rather than being constant
  • The kidney stones can lead to blood inside the urine
  • The gallstone can lead to issues like jaundice or the whites of your eyes and yellowed skin.

Causes of gallstone and kidney stone

For Gallstone, the causes include age, obesity, ethnicity, oral contraceptives, crash diets, high fat diet, hereditary and statin drug kidney. And the causes for kidney stone include dehydration, calcium supplements, obesity, hereditary age, hyperuricemia, digestive diseases, etc.

Treatment for gallstone and kidney stone

The treatment for gallstone:  You may not experience any symptom for the same; however, the patients with some symptoms would immediate need a surgery. Unlike in the kidney stone treatment, removing of the gallbladder is one of the most common options to get away with the gallstone claims the expert. Generally, the patients with gallstone are recommended with Laparoscopic cholecystecomy which helps in removing the gallbladder. With this surgery, you can get rid of the stones along with preserving the gallbladder; however, it is not the first option since you are not often seen producing the stones and luckily the gallbladder one can live with it without any hassle.

The treatment for kidney stones:  The small size stone can often pass away on their own. The patients however stick to the home drinking waters and liquid diet while considering the pain medication unless the stone is seen passed off. However, if you experience severe kind of pain, it can even block the urinary tract then you may need the procedure known as lithotripsy in order to remove the stone.


Both gallstone and kidney stone are no often a serious issue; however, these can be easily prevented with proper diet and other things. In case, if you still have these issues, there are several treatment options, which can help you to walk free from these ailments and their symptoms.



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