Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery & Can I Afford It?


Are you wondering about the cost of LASIK eye surgery or how LASIK cost will fit within your budget? The cost of LASIK depends on a number of factors including the surgeon, technology used for laser eye surgery procedure and your vision prescription. The LASIK cost if often quoted per eye therefore remember to double the number if you plan to have lser eye surgery for both eyes. In addition to financing the options for the laser eye surgery, there are many laser eye surgery options which fit your budgets.


Step by Step: How to Evaluate the Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery?

The average cost of LASIK eye surgery is between $1,500 & $2,500 per eye. It is significant to balance your comfort level with the LASIK specialist and their staff. Some major factors to evaluate the cost of LASIK eye surgery includes:

LASIK Surgeon

The experience of your LASIK surgeon makes a difference in your laser eye surgery costs. Some doctors who charge less may not have access to the latest laser technology. Your comfort level with the LASIK surgeon and their staff is so important and ideally it can strike the right balance between affordability and experience.

Vision Prescription

There are a variety of factors about vision prescription which may affect the LASIK cost which will be thoroughly discussed in your free consultation for the LASIK eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery Technology

While researching the cost of laser eye surgery, remember there are quite a few variants of LASIK and new technologies which are always emerging. Although the latest technologies have higher costs, it also has many benefits and the right procedure will depend on your unique needs and your LASIK specialists will help you to make best decision.


Cost of living has a vital role to play in LASIK cost therefore living in a large expensive city may lead to higher costs than living in an area with a lower cost of living. The overall cost of living for the state may also help to account for the cost of laser eye surgery.

Can I Afford LASIK? Payment Options Are Available

While planning your laser eye surgery budget, remember that the financial options which are available allow paying over the LASIK over time. Review your options for LASIK financing since it is similar to applying any other type of loan. Not all surgeons work with every financing company, therefore it helps finding a surgeon you like and then apply for financing.

On the other hand, you can set up a health savings account which will allow saving for the medical needs with a few added tax benefits which will lower the costs in the long run. At Indian Health Guru, to get your LASIK vision correction this is safe, easy and affordable. That is why hundreds and thousands of patients get their LASIK eye surgery in India for a better vision at the better value. Also there is no reason for waiting.

The cost of laser eye surgery reflects an elective procedure which is life changing and reduces the need for glasses and contacts for years. The money saved on related costs of Lasik eye surgery in India reflects only the part of the surgery’s value. However, many patients have found that they can do what they could not have done before LASIK including SCUBA dive, swim, off-the shelf sunglasses, travel without hassle and play freely with their children. Contact us to learn more about the cost of LASIK and the many payment options available.


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