Where to get the best Laparoscopic Bariatric surgery in India?


Obesity is on the rise in both children and adults and it affects people in a myriad of ways. Obesity can also cause serious health issues, depression, isolation, social anxiety and other emotional problems. People who are considered as morbidly obese are good candidates to undergo the weight loss surgery or the laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

The bariatric surgery is a big step toward a new life; it is one of the many steps on the journey to get a fuller, healthier and more satisfying lifestyle. Losing weight through a surgery requires a serious, lifelong commitment to change the way you eat, think and exercise. It needs a whole new way to approach life each day.

Choosing an affordable and effective bariatric surgery can be difficult. You should check the credentials of the surgeon and the hospitals before getting your surgery fixed. India laparoscopy surgery site is a leading medical group in India offering the best laparoscopic bariatric surgery at low cost in India.

Which hospital is the best for Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery?

The best hospital for laparoscopic bariatric surgery in India is committed to provide adequate facilities and the latest equipments, properly trained bariatric surgery support staff at affordable costs. The minimal standards are set by the institutions and maintained under the supervision of a highly qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon who is in charge of a comprehensive and experienced bariatric surgery team. Considering the patient’s condition and health, the hospital offers high effective laparoscopic bariatric surgery with utmost care and compassion.

Here’s a presenting a list of 5 best hospitals in India for the laparoscopic bariatric surgery:

  1. Fortis Healthcare Hospital offers world class medical treatments to the patients by treating them with utmost compassion, warmth and care. The medical facilities at the hospital ensure there is genuine medical value in health travel to India. The group performs cutting edge surgeries including the laparoscopic bariatric surgery at the most reasonable costs compared to the Western countries.
  2. Hiranandani Hospital has a composite Weight Management Center which offers the medically approved options for weight loss. It is renowned for the largest centers for bariatric surgery in India. We have a highly skilled and experienced world famous surgeons who have been invited for live demonstrations of the advanced laparoscopic and bariatric operations at numerous international and national conferences.
  3. Kokilaben Hospital is designed to raise India’s global standing as a healthcare destination by laying the emphasis on excellence in clinical services, diagnostic facilities and research activities. They offer minimally invasive surgery techniques and the type of bariatric surgery is decided as per the need and compliance of the patient. The medical team are devoted for patient care and they have a very high success rates and low complications and mortality rates.
  4. Lilavati Hospital is a super specialty, state of the art hospital having highly trained nursing, allied health, administrative and technical personnel for the most efficient diagnosis and comprehensive treatment and care. The specialists keep abreast with the latest discoveries in medicine and modern techniques while treating the patients.
  5. Max Healthcare Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that provides highest levels of professional expertise and world class care in medicine and support specialties.

Bottom line

Send your query to us for getting your laparoscopic bariatric surgery fixed at the best hospitals in India. Our association with the best medical team involved in each step of this journey including the nutrition, dietary guidance, payment options, exercise plans, personal navigator will guide you through the entire process from beginning till end.



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