Undergo Advanced Hysterectomy Surgery at low costs in India

What is Hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy can be called as a surgical removal of woman’s uterus considering some amount of dreaded disease in the same. With this surgery, the women end up getting the menstruation periods and in other words loses the ability to become pregnant. Thus depending upon any reason for the surgery, the hysterectomy can involve the surgical removal of the woman along with tissues and other organs in the surrounding like ovaries and fallopian tubes provided these are also infected by the same.


Why Is a Hysterectomy Performed?

When it comes to carrying out the procedure of hysterectomy, there can be a number of reasons to do so, some of these are as under:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding, which is not regulated by any other treatment options
  • Severe kind of endometriosis
  • The presence of uterine fibroids (benign ones), which are found in bigger size and that happen to be painful or are seen carrying out the bleeding.
  • Increased amount of pelvic pain linked to uterus that cannot be controlled by any other treatment
  • Uterine prolapse that can lead to issues like urinary incontinence or bowel movement difficulty
  • Cervical or uterine cancer ailments leading to cancer for cancer prevention

What Are the Types of Hysterectomy?

When it comes to the types of hysterectomy, there are several of the options found in the medical field, the common one can be jotted down as under:

Partial Hysterectomy: In this procedure, one can find the ovaries or the cervix that are left whole. These procedures too can be carried out abdominally, laparoscopically or vaginally. Regrettably, whole lot of women are seen either not much aware about the same or do not know all such options really existed. There are number of doctors who all are seen taking out the cervix automatically like a precaution against the cervical cancer.

Total Hysterectomy: As the name indicates, this surgery deals with removing the entire uterus of the woman along with cervix too are removed. The surgery can be carried out abdominally with a small incision and thus can be carried along the bikini line. In more emergent situations one can find vertical type of incision that has to be made over the abdominal wall found over the belly button to the pubis. This kind of surgery is needed with more downtime and the healing time too. The procedure is carried out via the vagina with no bigger incision made over the belly.

Hysterectomy and Salpingo-Oophorectomy: Both the procedures deal with removal of organs like fallopian tube and ovary, which together called the Salpingo-Oophorectomy. A unilateral salpingo- oophorectomy is relevant for women whom an ovary is unable to be preserved that can include the cases of ruptured ectopic pregnancy having the incapability to get hemostasis without actually the removal of ovary, tube and adnexal torsion wherein the tube and ovary are necrotic.

Advance Hysterectomy surgery- The surgery remains the same that deals with removing of the organ called uterus from the woman’s body, however, the method used for the same has turned more advanced. This simply means that the procedure has become more invasive as compared to the other options and one such procedure includes the total l laparoscopic hysterectomy.

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