Laparoscopic Acid Reflux Surgery in India – What services they provide?


Gastroesophageal reflux disease common termed as GERD is a digestive disorder, which hampers the lower esophageal sphincter (a muscular ring that connects the esophagus with stomach). The sphincter usually plays a role in preventing food to enter from moving out of the belly and remain as a backup over the esophagus. When you experience this condition, the sphincter muscle would become weak or simply fails to close tightly giving food and stomach acids to reduce the reflux over the esophagus. You can find the lining of the esophagus becoming inflamed or irritated from the acids that simply cause chest pain burning and at times giving a sour taste/cough.


Know about Laparoscopic Acid Reflux Surgery

The patients with severe esophageal reflux would require a surgery to fix the issue when their symptoms are not relieved via the other medical treatments. If it is left untreated, the chronic gastroesophageal reflux can simply cause a certain complications like esophageal ulcers, esophagitis, bleeding, or the scarring over the esophagus. The laparoscopic antireflux surgery also known as Nissen fundoplication is employed for the GERD treatment when the medicines fails to work. The laparoscopic antireflux surgery is the minimally invasive surgical procedure, which helps in fixing the gastroesophageal reflux by simply reducing the hiatal hernia, reinforcing the lower esophageal sphincter and reconstructing the esophageal hiatus. This surgery is appropriate for the patients who never had any adnominal surgical procedure earlier, apart from the one who have small hiatal hernias without having the GERD complication and the ones who experience the symptoms too often while lying down.

Laparoscopic Acid Reflux Surgery Cost

Talking about the cost of the laparoscopic acid reflux surgery in India, it is found out to be extremely low especially when you compare the same with the hospitals found in developed nations of the US or the UK. Interestingly, the affordable cost of the surgery doesn’t really is compromised on the quality of surgery. This is one of the reasons why more and more global patients are seen planning their surgeries in India.

Best hospital for Acid Reflux Surgery in India

When it comes to the hospitals dealing with medical ailments like GERD is concerned, the Indian hospitals are competent to deal with these with comprehensive care and professionalism. Most of the hospitals in India are known to have comprehensive state of the art armamentarium that fall all under one roof. The doctors, surgeons and medical team present in these hospitals are known for their extensive experience where their expertise and commitment is gauged in equal measures. A majority of these medical professionals are trained, studied and worked abroad in prestigious medical institutions. The hospitals have more than 100 consultants, which are available 24 x7. These have a team of highly skilled medical consultants with ample of exposure at the top institutes in India and at other places in the world. The dedicated support team of the hospital is recognized for the high end and compassionate care of global yardsticks.

What services they provide

As far as the services are concerned, the top hospitals in India render all the facilities that lead to safer and much caring kind of ambience to the global patients. Interestingly, all these services come at very much less cost. The hospitals have highly skilled professionals who are committed to cater superior and compassionate kind of treatment options along with the care ranging from the surgical procedure found in the medical management. One of the best surgeons are employed, which are known for their proven track records in prestigious hospitals having quality care and exception healthcare services that are gained with trust of the global patients.

Final Verdict

GERD can prove a menace, if its intensity has increased in our body making things chronic. At this stage, it is imperative to consider the surgery and global patients planning the same in India find many benefits out of it.




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