Gallstone Removal Surgery in India – What services they provide?


A gallstone is a known crystalline concretion, which is formed over the organ called gallbladder by accretion of bile components. These calculi are usually formed due to gallbladder; however it may pass distally over other portion of the biliary tract like the cystic duct common bile duct, pancreatic organ. As per reports, more than 5 million people are diagnosed with gallstone every year all over the world. However, more than 99 percent of people come out safe with the surgery of gallstone. The Gallstone Removal Surgery in India is regarded as one of the best option in terms of quality and cost, which is a rare option to find out in Asia. This is perhaps the biggest reason of rise seen in medical tourism in India. The availability of high quality healthcare services at affordable cost has therefore become an important USP for one and all. Now, let’s dig in deep into the surgery as under:


Know about Gallstone Removal Surgery        

The gallbladder surgery in India is often carried out using laparoscopy, which means it is a minimally invasive procedure using a camera that is inserted inside the body thus removing the gallbladder as the surgeon can see the inside of your body over the monitor using this camera and the gallstones via the several small cuts are put out from the incisions made in the abdomen. The surgeon simply inflates your abdomen are with air or carbon dioxide to have a look of the ailment clearly. The surgeon is seen removing the gallbladder with making incision over it and finally getting away from the opening over the abdomen area. Before the surgeon removes the ailing organ, he can show you the same with special X ray procedure known as intraoperative cholangiography that helps in understanding the anatomy of the bile ducts. The surgery takes around two hours or less to complete seeking the help of general anesthesia for obvious reasons.

Gallstone Removal Surgery Cost        

India is among best place when it comes to offers one of the best and incredible cost saving option of Gallstone Surgery. If you check the cost of gallstone removal surgery in India it is almost 80 percent less than the prevailing rates of the USA or UK rates. Even if you consider the travel expenses and the local stay and other expenses, the comprehensive medical tourism packages found in India is still can help in getting loads of savings measured in terms of thousands of dollars for most of the major procedures. A simple cost comparison of various medical treatments in India with developed nations can give you a good idea about the exact cost difference, let’s check them out:

Treatment Cost in US Cost in India
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 16000 3000
Cholecystectomy (open) 13000 2200
Sphincterotomy 18000 4000

*cost in USD

Best hospital for Gallstone Removal Surgery in India       

The hospitals for gallstone removal surgery in India come at a hospital which is well-equipped with one of the best and most advanced medical treatment and methodologies. These are known to have one of the most extensive diagnostic and imaging facilities including most advanced CT technology and MRI.

What services they provide  

In terms of services, no nation in Asia can beat the Indian hospitals. The Indian hospital caters one of the best of the services with advanced machines and equipment along with highly competitive human resources. In a sense global patients coming to India can have one of the best of the hospitals and doctors to treat the gallstone surgery.

Final Verdict                      

Gallstone removal surgery in India is regarded as a win-win health care solution, which cater high quality healthcare solutions at much of the affordable cost. So, if you are looking out for affordable and high quality healthcare solutions abroad, simply head to India and get the best.



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