Benefits of Medical Tourism


‘Medical tourism’ is a term in which two very significant requirements of the human fraternity have been clubbed beautifully. Over the years, India has positioned herself in a very enviable and strategic stature as a medical tourism hotspot. Each and every aspect of medical tourism is very wonderfully presented to the international patients and therefore with every ongoing year, the number of medical visas availed for India is rising with a great momentum. What can be better if your medical tour can be combined with a vacation to the most beautiful locations of India!


Affordability and Cost Effectiveness

The availability of every kind of treatment and surgery definitely plays a highly significant role but it is also very crucial that there treatment packages are available at cost effective prices so that these are accessible to patients coming from all kinds of economic backgrounds. In this matter, India is way ahead than most other leading nations as the medical tourists receive the best cure along with significant cost savings.

High Quality Healthcare

Along with affordability, it is very important that the quality of healthcare services that is offered is the best. India makes sure that this requirement is fulfilled totally as there is no compromise in the quality of facilities that the international patients receive here. Further, Indian Health Guru Group, a leading health travel company in India, ensures that there are no loopholes in this matter.

Immediate Treatment

Every health disorder comes with a specific time frame within which it should be attended to with the apt medical attention; otherwise the patients may face extreme or more discomforting situations. The medical tourists are very relieved in this matter when in India as they do not have to go through long and tiring waiting periods before they are attended by the medical experts. Right from getting the medical visa to the admission formalities and the initiation of the treatment – everything is planned and done swiftly.

Privacy or Anonymity

There are many patients, who may not be comfortable with the idea of their treatment details or any other information related to them, getting disclosed to others. India is very meticulous in this matter. Indian hospitals as well as medical tourism services provider have stringent policies related to the privacy of the patients, which are adhered to very strictly.

Travel Opportunities

Indian Health Guru being the best healthcare tourism company in India has a massive responsibility to take care. Along with a huge bunch of outstanding features offered by us, we can also plan and arrange a vacation for our patients, once their treatment process is finished. India being one of the most sought after tourist destinations, there are beautiful and exotic locations to explore, which can be an added benefit during the recovery of the patients.

No or Less Insurance Coverage

The patients need not be worried about not receiving the required treatment if they are not covered by insurance or if they have less insurance coverage. We will still cater to you with the same dedication and our facilities are available to one and all.

Availability of Medical Experts

India is enormously blessed in the matter of being home to extremely talented and knowledgeable medical experts belonging to each and every healthcare speciality – be it Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Paediatrics, Transplants or any other area for that matter. These specialists have attained training at some of the top institutes of the world and have several years of experience after working with internationally renowned centers of excellence. They are highly adept and meticulous, have cured countless patients suffering from the most difficult type of ailments.

Availability of Advance Equipments

In India, the medical tourists can be totally assured about getting nothing but the best of healthcare amenities. India has been doing a very laudable job by staying at par with the rapid advancements of the medical sphere. The Indian hospitals strive a lot to keep their infrastructure extremely updated matching global standards. There is regular and successful implementation of the most progressive diagnostic and surgical instruments, which give a huge push to the success rates owing to the high level of accuracy that these instruments bring along with them. Thus, the international patients can be totally relaxed about the treatment outcomes and are be definite about going home completely cured.

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Is There a Relationship Between Anxiety And Heart Disease?


Getting anxious is normal but if this feeling of anxiousness is getting in your way of normal functioning then it needs attention.


Anxiety disorders have different categories. Some are:

Panic disorder – During this, there is occurrence of tremendous agitation and fear, shortness of breath, uneasiness in the stomach, dizziness, increase in the heart rate, chest pain. These signs and symptoms can be mistaken for a heart attack and or can be linked with the cardiac ailment.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – This is a condition, which occurs after a shocking or a terrifying incident or a sudden life-threatening disease or accident or a violent crime. A person affected by this condition always has difficulty handling a situation that may have a connection with the incident that has led to the development of PTSD. These patients often experience jitteriness and detachment from the world and people around them.

Obsessive-Compulsive disorder – People with this condition will handle unreasonable beliefs and worries by doing the same actions over and over again. For example, a person suffering from OCD, who is obsessed with having cardiovascular issues but has been checked by a Cardiac specialist may find new physicians and get themselves checked again and again or keep researching on this endlessly.

Why anxiety increases the risk of heart disease?

When a person is suffering from an Anxiety disorder, that person’ body reacts or gets worked up in way that can put a lot of excess strain and pressure on the heart. The signs and symptoms of the same can have disastrous results on people already having heart diseases.

Anxiety can be linked with the below mentioned heart diseases and cardiac risk issues:

• Rapid heart rate (Tachycardia) – In serious cases, Anxiety disorders can get in the way with normal heart functions and also increase the peril of a sudden heart attack.

• Increased blood pressure – Anxiety disorder, if chronic, then can lead to Coronary disease, the heart muscles may get weaker ultimately leading to a heart failure.

• Decreased heart rate variability – A person who has had an acute heart attack, Anxiety ailments ca make them all the more vulnerable and can have fatal results.

The negative impact of anxiety on cardiovascular disease recovery

Anxiety disorders bring along a high level of fear, hesitation and insecurity. The problem aggravates when this fear stops the heart patients from following the advice and recommendations of the Cardiologist, for their speedy recovery. All this can be a huge hindrance for the recovery like:

  • The patient may not take timely medication
  • May not follow the exercise regimes
  • Not taking a healthy diet
  • Not able to or may not get sufficient hours of sleep
  • Many avoid connecting with family and friends
  • May not be able to resume with career and family responsibilities

Seek help

It is very important that anxiety disorders are nipped in the bud that is should be given immediate medical attention as and when the initial signs are visible. Depending on the span of time that the person has been suffering, the severity level, and the type of anxiety ailment, there are available treatments that include therapy, medication, or a blend of both. But a very common and effective mode of treatment is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which has three primary components:

• Anxiety management – The aim of this is to keep the patient away from putting too much focus on worries and anxieties related to things like future, which is beyond his or her control. Also, this component helps the patients to focus on the present time through usage of relaxation techniques like exercises, sensory focusing, and yoga methods.

• Cognitive restructuring – People suffering from anxiety disorders have a habit of thinking too much about the possibility of occurrence of any disastrous or apocalyptic incidents. This component that is done through patient-therapist give and take method has a series of logical steps that target on making the patient understand and shifting his focus on thinking about more healthy things.

• Exposure therapy – This methods works by exposing the patients more often to the same activity or ambience that has the caused the anxiety disorder. This is done slowly but repeatedly till the success level is reached, when the patients can easily handle the exposure to such circumstances. For example, travelling to the same place or location which some accident or crime is associated.

Heart Valve Replacement: How to Prepare


Before you undergoe the heart replacement surgery to replace a heart valve, you will need to prepare for your hospital stay.


Hospital Preadmission

You will have to visit the hospital or your doctor’s office several days in advance of your surgery for a hospital preadmission session. During this session, the medical team will educate you about the upcoming surgery. They will teach you how to prepare for your operation and explain the procedure, give instructions for a successful recovery. At some institutions, a patient education video is shown about the heart valve replacement surgery.

Use this time to ask questions. It is natural to be worried and anxious before the surgery. So talk about the issues which cause you anxiety.

Informed consent

Your doctor or nurse will discuss about the informed consent during the preadmission session. They will describe about the risks related to the heart valve replacement surgery which include:

  • Bleeding
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Infection
  • Kidney failure
  • Death

You will be asked to sign a consent form or waiver. Ensure to read it carefully and ask the questions about the form if there is anything you do not understand.

Preparatory procedures

You will have a range of the preparatory procedures to follow. The hospital staff will give you a few preliminary tests such as a blood test, an EKG to ensure that your bodily functions are normal. You will be asked to bathe or shower with an antiseptic soap while a technician will shave any hair from your chest and abdomen. This will ensure that your body can be as clean as possible during the surgery.


One of the most important discussion before the heart valve replacement surgery will be with your anaesthesiologist, who will administer anesthesia during the surgery. The general anesthesia has significant risks and therefore you will need to describe your past medical history including the surgery you have had and any allergies to food or medicines. You should mention any history either personal or within your family about the adverse reactions to anesthesia. Also bring a list of the medicines you are currently taking.

Before surgery

Since the heart valve replacement surgery is a serious procedure, you should start preparations for it several days ahead of time. Try to get into good condition by eating healthy foods, limiting vigorous physical activities and getting plenty of rest. Ask your doctor if there are any medicines which you should take or which should not take before the surgery.

Your doctor will provide instructions for the night before your surgery. Your doctor will tell you when you must not eat or drink anything including water before the surgery. You will have to follow the instructions or surgery may be cancelled. In case, your doctor has instructed you to take your medications on the day of surgery, do so by taking only a sip of water.

During Surgery

Before the surgery starts, you will be put under general anesthesia which will be given through an IV line and through a mask placed over your mouth and nose. When you are under the general anesthesia, you will be unconscious during the entire operation and you will not feel anything. When you are unconscious, the surgeon will make an incision along the length of the breastbone and expose your heart and hook up to a heart-lung machine. After blood flow is directed to this machine, the surgeon will remove the damaged valve and replace it with an artificial one.

Bottom Line

The above are preparation tips before the heart valve replacement surgery.




What Are the Signs That Root Canal Therapy Is Needed?


Have your dentist informed you that you would require a root canal therapy? If yes, then you are not alone in this world to have. Every year millions of people are treated with this dental procedure, which helps in securing their dental health. In order to understand this procedure called root canal, you are supposed to have a glimpse of your tooth’s anatomy. Well, inside your tooth, right beneath the white enamel of your teeth, you can find a hard kind of layer termed as dentin and looking further you can find a soft tissue known as pulp. This very pulp contains a number of blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves, which together help in growing your tooth’s root during the process of its development. In completely developed teeth, these can easily sustain without these pulps owing to the presence of tissues surrounding them that take care of your teeth nourishment.   However, when this nourishment stops, the procedure called root canal comes into picture for your inside tooth treatment. This treatment becomes mandatory when your teeth pulp is seen infected, which can be due to a number of reasons. Now, let’s learn more about this therapy as under:

Dental Surgery

What Should One Expect After Root Canal Therapy?

Once you finish your root canal therapy, you are supposed to follow a couple of instructions of your dental surgeon to get the right effects after the surgery. In your initial days after this procedure of root canal, your tooth will give a sensitive kind of feeling owing to the natural tissue inflammation especially when you find any kind of infection or pain before going this procedure. However, this discomfort or sensitivity can be easily managed with the help of consuming certain over the counter pain medications as recommended by your dentist. A majority of patients are seen returning to their day to day activities the very next day of the therapy. Unless you complete the entire process of root canal, you would find the permanent fillings over the place or over the crown. At such junctures, it is better to reducing the chewing activities over the tooth, which is under the repair of root canal. This preventive step can help in reducing the recontamination of the interior of your tooth and can even prevent your fragile tooth as well from breaking before the tooth is seen getting completely restored. Now, talking about your oral health care, make sure you floss and brush on a regular basis and keep on visiting your dentists on a frequent basis for obvious reasons.

Cost of Root Canal Therapy

Now talking about the cost of the root canal therapy, the cost of this treatment can be seen varying depending upon the severity of your dental issue and the way your tooth is getting affected. There are number of insurance companies, which can cover a number of dental treatments like root canal therapy. However, checking the ballpark estimate of this root canal treatment, which often do not include the dental restoration procedure after the this therapy carried out by any general dentist, the cost can range around 500 to 1000 dollars for the molars. Generally the cot incurred by the specialised professionals like the endodontists can rise up to 50 percent higher than the usual family dentists found in your area.


Securing your natural teeth should be more preferred choice of anyone conscious about his or her dental care. Your natural teeth can help you in consuming a wide range of foods that you need to maintain your good health. However, dental treatments like root canal can be your personal choice to go with. Well, the only option over the procedure of root canal is to get your tooth replaced with implants or bridges. In this way you can easily restore the chewing features of your teeth. Yet, at times you may need root canal therapy, which remains the only option for people to keep intact their dental health. The fact is the root canal procedure is simpler and inexpensive as compared to the other options like implants or bridges.







All about medical tourism market in India

Due to the recent changes in Indian Rupee, it has become little bit difficult for people to avail the benefits of the advanced medical procedures  at the best hospitals across the country. However, there are some medical service providers offering highest quality medical tourism packages at the most affordable prices for both the national and the international patients sekeing their medical treatments and surgeries in India. All this has become possible with the government help as the Indian government is supporting the medical tourism sector in the country.


India has emerged as a preferred healthcare and wellness destination for patients from across the world. In order to showcase India participating in big way at this year’s International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference, the premier inbound and outbound medical travel is being organized. The Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC) which has been set up by the Department of Commerce under India’s Ministry of Commerce is participating on behalf of the Government of India at the event showcasing the theme “India Heals”. It has been promoting India as an ideal healthcare and wellness destination with the presence of the medical tourism market in India.

It is also hoped that the presence at IMTEC 2016 gives the country the opportunity to leverage the long standing relationship with the Middle East and the USA. This will lead to enhancing the ties and explore the potential opportunities in the field of the medical tourism market in India.

Medical tourism in India

India has many clinics, hospitals and nursing homes offering a wide range of the medical services and procedures to their guests from abroad. The municipal owned clinics in India offer the highest quality medical treatments at economical prices which suits the budget of the global patients. The medical tourists can get good medical procedures done in the municipal clinics and this can go for the private clinics and hospitals to get excellent outcome from the surgeries done without spending much.

Medical tourism in India offers various procedures such as urology, gynecology, Traumatology, orthopaedics, maxilla facial surgeries, eye surgery, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgeries, dental procedures and general surgeries. Patients can get the benefits of different medical procedures in India that will help improve their quality of life.

Effects of rising medical costs

The rising healthcare costs and long waits for quality medical care are pushing millions of patients each year to search for the best medical tourism destinations abroad. This has lead to an increase in the number of medical tourists to India. The doctors and medical professionals in India are able to treat almost all types of ailments. Availability of latest healthcare technology attracts patients from across the globe to seek affordable treatment in India.

Effects of economic crises on medical tourism

Indian economic troubles have affected the economic growth of the country as well as the healthcare and medical tourism sector. The international patients still seek their medical treatments done at affordable prices in India. Medical tourism market in India is estimated to be over $1 billion per year. Though the medical prices are economical in the country since the medicines, medical equipments and other facilities are well within the budget of our patients. This is the reason why patients prefer India for their medical treatments from the world class hospitals and best surgeons in India.


The changes in the currency of India are affecting the growth of medical tourism market in the country. However, the availability of affordable medical treatments and surgeries in the country has encouraged patients from abroad to choose India as their medical tourism destination.


Best Healthcare Tourism Company India – Indian Health Guru


Indian Health Guru is the best healthcare tourism company India over a decare by treating hundreds of patients across the globe every year. We have earned the reputation as one of the best health tourism companies in India due to our years of experience and goodwill to provide the best services in the field of medicine and treatment. Being the leading medical tourism company in India, we promise the state of the art hospitals, internationally renowned surgeons to provide the highest quality medical treatments to our International patients. Additionally, our team also provides assistance with complete travel, transport, accommodation and arranging a leisure trip to our patients and their attendants.

logo-indian-health-guru (1)


We strive to combine the highest standards of medical excellence and the best of services. At Indian Health Guru, our aim is to offer surgery with maximum care and minimal invasion of body whenever possible.


To provide the best medical care at the affordable prices to the international patients and heal the body and the soul with a combination of medication, indulgence and travel.


To provide quality health care and health-related services directed toward continually improving the health and well being of the patients and communities we serve. Here we unite the exceptional clinical success rates and the superior technology with the centuries-old traditions of the Eastern care and warmth since we truly believe that the world is our extended family that our 16 million patients from around 55 countries can affirm warmly. We provide compassionate, accessible, humanistic, professional, personal, efficient, quality and cost effective services. Our objective is to provide the world class and high quality medical care from the hospitals that have all the super specialty departments which are operational round the clock.

  • Use of latest medical technology and equipments
  • Our panel of doctors are either trained or have worked or have associations abroad
  • No waiting list
  • Offer economic medical travel packages that are around 60 to 80 percent lower than the prevailing cost in the US and the UK
  • Provide the private rooms, language translators, dedicated staff and private chefs
  • Provide the best care possible from the highly qualified surgeons and doctors
  • Arrange the picturesque tours across India

Bottom line

Every patient from across the world has right to seek the highest level of medical treatments at the most economical prices no matter whether they have to travel abroad for it. India has evolved to become one of the top notch medical tourism destinations that boasts to provide affordable yet qualitative treatment hence scoring high on several aspects, including the quality hospitals, patient satisfaction and renowned doctors to name a few.

With the tremendous growth of medical tourism over the last years, two hundred thousands of patients to travel to India each year to seek medical care. Few of the popular and life saving procedure for which medical tourists visit India are cardiac surgery, dental implants, ventricular septal defect surgery, LASIK eye surgery, cataract surgery, dental surgery, heart failure surgery and treatment, etc.

Indian Health Guru provides high quality of medical services and affordable price medical treatments in India which are the leading reasons behind the boom in healthcare tourism in the country. A large majority of the inbound medical tourists in India are from Afghanistan and Bangladesh (34%), Russia (30%), the Middle East countries and Africa (10%) and the UK and the US (16%).

Our group helps the foreign patients seeking low cost medical treatments and surgery by providing them easy access to the best hospitals across the country. We have association with the highly skilled and experienced surgeons in India to provide better surgery outcomes. All you have to do is send us your inquiry on our Email ID:  or call us at +91-9371136499 to get fast track reply for arranging your medical trip to India.