Plan your Dental surgery India without any hassles or hindrances

Dental health is something that is ignored to a huge extent; until we face a painful situation. No matter how much we are hammered by the Dental awareness programmes or advertisements about visiting a Dentist at regular intervals; we do not visit till we really reach a situation that needs a Dentist’s attention.

There is a wide-spectrum of Dental issues that can be highly troublesome; rather highly painful. Some of them are:

  • Gum diseases
  • Dental allergies
  • Discolored tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Pyorrhoea
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Dental injury
  • Dental Ankylosis
  • Cavities
  • Sensitivity

In order to address these and many more Dental problems, there is a wide variety of treatment and surgical options available too.

Types of Dental Surgery:

  • Endodontic Surgery
    • Root Canal – through this process, the Dentist cures the inner aspects of teeth; more specifically the areas that are the tissues and nerves
    • Apicoectomy – When Root Canal is not enough to get rid of the pain, this procedure can be helpful
  • Dental Prosthetics
    • Crowns/Caps – these are artificial coverings that are made up of materials like ceramic, or different metals like gold or titanium and others
    • Veneers – these too are artificial covering and cover the forward sections of the tooth
    • Bridges – these are fixed prosthesis, where two or more crowns are linked together by replacing missing tooth together; mostly used post an extraction procedure
    • Implants – in this a titanium implant is placed with the help of surgical method; then it is given time to heal after which an artificial tooth is joined to this implant by using cement or a screw
    • Dentures – also known as False Teeth, these are set of teeth that are attached to the neighboring teeth with the help of metal or plastic grasps or by using adhesive
    • Implant-supported Prosthetics – in this, there is the usage of a combination of implants and dentures, that are positioned into the bone. Once it heals, the implants are fixed, and the dentures are placed on top
  • Orthodontic Treatment
    • Apiectomy – the underlying bone structure is removed
    • Extraction – in this a damaged tooth is taken out either by pulling out or cutting
    • Fiberotomy – the procedure to remove the fibers around a tooth

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The Expenses involved

Irrespective of what kind of treatment or surgery a patient needs, the cost factor is a very significant factor, that matters. Similarly, when availing Dental treatment, not every country has the affordable cure. However, Dental Surgery India is extremely inexpensive and the patients planning this treatment in this country are enjoying massive cost benefits. For example, the approximate cost of Root Canal procedure is $400 to $700 in the USA, while the same costs about $50-$90 in India. The Orthodontic Braces are priced at $3,500-$6,000; whereas the same costs $500-$1,000 in India.

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Why India can be the best venue for Dental treatment?

There are several reasons, why India can be the best treatment destination for you.

  • Presence of highly developed Dental hospitals and centers, making Dental Surgery India a highly matured offering for Indian as well as international patients
  • Dental surgeons with the top qualifications and experience spanning over several years
  • These surgeons have experience of being associated with many renowned hospitals around the world
  • Also, while in India, the medical tourists can enjoy a lot of cost savings as compared to other nations
  • The presence of healthcare tourism planner like Indian Health Guru Consultants makes the complete Dental treatment process highly rewarding

How can Indian Health Guru Consultants make things easier for you?

The medical tourists planning any kind of treatment or surgery need apt kind of guidance so that they do come face any obstacle during their treatment. This is where, we, Indian Health Guru Consultants come into the picture. Our sole focus is on taking care of each and every detail associated with the medical tour. We handle the whole process with the help of the following services:

  • No worries related to your accommodation, medical visa, local traveling, airport pick up and drop – we take care of it all
  • The hospitals impaneled with us are some of the tops in the world and have state-of-the-art Dental treatment facilities
  • We arrange the earliest possible appointment with the Dental specialists
  • We arrange for health-friendly meals; catering to your specific food requirements
  • No hidden costs or conditions; we plan everything with a very transparent approach
  • Very budget-friendly Dental Surgery India
  • We have a very skilled panel of Dental experts as a part of our widespread network
  • With our bunch of services, we can even plan a rejuvenation vacation for you to a place of your choice in India.

Get maximum health-friendly advantages by opting for Kidney Stone Surgery India


The problem of Kidney Stones crops up because if the unwanted accumulation of dissolved minerals above the internal linings of the Kidneys. Kidney Stones can grow to a size of a golf ball or can be very tiny. The smaller ones might pass unnoticed, but the bigger ones can bring the severe pain.

A Kidney Stone generally doesn’t show any symptoms till it moves into the Ureter. But then it reaches this situation, the noticeable symptoms include:

  • Extreme pain in the groin and/or side
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blood in urine
  • Presence of pus in the urine
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • The amount of urine is reduced
  • Continuous urge to urinate
  • Infection leading to fever and chills

If delayed or left untreated and inside the body, Kidney Stones can bring several complications, which include blockage in the tube that connects the Kidney to the Bladder, that also causes obstruction in the path via which urine leaves the body.

Get maximum health-friendly advantages by opting for Kidney Stone Surgery India.png

Causes behind Kidney Stones

The primary cause behind the occurrence of Kidney Stones is insufficient of water in the body. People, who drink less water than the recommended quality are highly prone to this problem. When there is a lack of water, which is not enough to dilute the Uric Acid – a component in the urine – it leads to the urine becoming more acidic. If there is excessive acidic ambiance in the urine, it leads to the formation of Kidney Stones.

Also, there are some medical conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Crohn’s Disease, Hyperparathyroidism, Renal Tubular Acidosis, Medullary Sponge Kidney and Dent’s disease augment the risk of Kidney Stones. If there is a family history of this problem, then there is an increased risk of getting them.

Additional causes can be consumption of certain medications, long-term use of Calcium or Vitamin D supplements can also be major contributors.

Treatment recommended

The choice of treatment is primarily focused on symptom management. Some patients are cured by home remedies. But sometimes, when the pain during passing the stone becomes unbearable, anti-inflammatory medications, narcotics, anti-emetic medications to control nausea and vomiting, are prescribed.

There are cases, in which surgeons use a procedure called Lithotripsy, which is a shock wave therapy. It breaks the stones into smaller pieces to make it easier to pass. Patients suffering from large Kidney stones that are in areas, where Lithotripsy is not possible, are recommended surgical procedures, like the removal of the stone by making an incision in the back or by passing a thin tube into the Urethra.

Why choose Kidney Stone Surgery India?

The pace at which India’s healthcare system is progressing is revolutionary. More and more advanced forms of treatment technologies and surgical approaches are being introduced, keeping in mind the utmost convenience of the patients. The renowned hospitals of India Apollo, Medanta – the Medicity, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Global, Care and several such centers have carved a niche for themselves. More specifically, the international patients, who visit these hospitals for Kidney Stone surgery India, are offered supreme assistance and care. Further, these hospitals maintain best practices and a very ethical approach while attending to the patients.

The hospitals have the superlative infrastructure and highly trained nursing staff to look after the patient’s pre and post-treatment. The patients are welcomed with comprehensive treatment experience coupled with immaculate ambiance.

How can Indian Health Guru help in planning your Medical Tour to India?

Health Tourism has become a very rapidly flourishing and promising trend and India undeniably emerges as the leader in the Medical Tourism industry. The ample availability of excellent kind of treatment opportunities and outstanding guidance by leading Healthcare Tourism Consultants in India has positioned her at a very respectable position.

We, at Indian Health Guru Consultants, do our best so that India’s reputation as the top Medical Tourism Destination is maintained. With our bunch of services, we help the medical tourists enjoy maximum benefits while in India.

  • Our group has coordination with the best and most talented Surgeons of India
  • We can plan your treatment at the state-of-the-art hospitals of India, without the patients going through any hindrances
  • We make Kidney Stone surgery India extremely affordable for you
  • Our main concern is the quality of care and we do our best to keep the standards high
  • We ensure that the waiting time is the minimum for our patients
  • We handle the coordination part to make things easier for our patients
  • We make sure that our patients enjoy maximum cost savings
  • We provide other services like airport pick up and drop, stay arrangements for the patient and his or her travel companion

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Lasik Surgery India: The best option to rely upon by the global patients


If we talk about LASIK, it is nothing but the abbreviation of laser in-situ keratomileusis, which is among the most popular techniques that are used to fix the vision. This procedure is only meant for people who are seen as the victim of the issue called astigmatism, which is meant for either the farsighted or nearsighted. The surgery only helps in reshaping of the cornea to get the right focus of the light traveling that come along from the cornea to the retina. This procedure is often called the procedures that are carried out only to reshape the cornea. This Eye surgery can barely take an hour to complete and is even referred to as the refractive surgery, which is further categorized concerning technique that is known as the flap and non-flap techniques.

Types of Lasik Surgery

When it comes to the Lasik Surgery India, it can be called to come along with a number of types, which include the following:

  • Custom LASIK – This treatment employs the technique called the WaveFront analyzer, which helps in creating a detailed customized mapping that is meant to study the small number of little imperfections found over the eye.
  • Blended Vision – This surgical procedure called the Lasik Surgery India is simply meant for those the patients suffering from presbyopia and who are not interested in wearing the bifocals or glasses. The goal of the surgical procedure is to simply correct one eye to get to see the other eye, which is meant for close-up vision.
  • Standard LASIK – In this surgery, the surgeon is seen making sculpts in the patients’ corneal tissue with the help of making some computer-guided lasers to fix the correct vision impairment.
  • All Laser LASIK – This surgery falls under the minimally invasive LASIK surgery, which does not use blades rather than the conventional LASIK approach.

Lasik Surgery India The best option to rely upon by the global patients

The advantage of Lasik Surgery

When it comes to the Lasik Surgery India, there are several advantages attached to this surgery as compared to other types of eye surgery.  Some of these are clubbed as under:

  • After this surgery, you do not need to wear any kind of eye correcting glasses
  • A majority of people (more than 90%) get their normal eyesight back
  • A perfect vision is created after this surgery
  • It simply involves a minimal amount of pain
  • There are no stitches/bandages seen after the LASIK Surgery India

Why prefer Lasik Surgery in India?

There are many reasons to consider the Lasik Surgery India. First and foremost, you get the best quality and affordability element that attract the global patients far and wide. Secondly, the availability of the best and top quality hospitals that are known to offer you the best quality eye care at affordable cost. This is the reason why more and more global patients come to India for the said treatment in India.

Plan your Lasik Surgery in India with Indian health guru Consultants

The group like Indian Health Guru Group helps you get the best quality and affordable package. The group has one of the Best Hospitals And Doctors that are known to give you the best of the eye care. Planning your surgery in India with this group can help you get the best of the services at the top hospital seeking the help of the top doctor.

Success Story

This is Rose Mary, I am from Africa, I got my Lasik Surgery in India recently and pleased with the result of it. It was managed by the Indian Health Guru group and it has managed to give me the best of the eye care services. The group has helped me a lot for my Lasik Surgery India, which includes getting the best doctor and hospital along with a number of other things.

Acoustic neuroma surgery, success rates and best hospital rates in India


Also known as vestibular schwannoma. It is a slow-growing benign primary intracranial tumor of the myelin-forming cells, means it arises from the cell responsible for the formation of the myelin sheath. Most cases are diagnosed in people between the ages of 30 and 60 and the probability of trait appearance in men and women is the same. It develops on the main nerve leading from your inner ear to your brain. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Hearing loss
  • unsteadiness and balance problems or even vertigo
  • pressure in ear
  • facial weakness or paralysis
  • A recurring headache.


Three different treatment options are available for patients to include monitoring, microsurgical removal, and radiation (radiosurgery or radiotherapy). Further treatment will vary on the basis of the size of the tumor, its location, the patient’s age, physical health and current symptoms of the patient. The patient is kept under the periodic monitoring of the patient’s neurological status, serial imaging studies. Hearing loss is the most common trait, regardless of the chosen treatment. The goal of surgery is to remove the tumor, preserve the facial nerve to prevent facial paralysis and preserve hearing when possible. Sometimes the entire tumor may not be removed by the doctors if it is too close to the facial expression nerves or too close to the brain. It could happen that the surgery may worsen the symptoms if the certain nerve or cranial structures are affected during the operation.

Acoustic neuroma surgery India

the doctor may recommend stereotactic radiosurgery. Some very large tumors can’t be treated with stereotactic radiosurgery though. As mentioned earlier the main motive of your surgeon will be to remove the tumor preserve the facial nerve’s function and possibly preserve hearing. Doctors deliver radiation precisely to a tumor without making an incision.


 Some Best Hospitals for Acoustic Neuroma Surgery In India are listed below. In all these reputed hospitals Specialists perform the spinal cord and brain tumors removal and the doctors’ use positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT) for MRI.

  • Neurology department of aster CMI hospital
  • Neurosurgery department of the Global hospital
  • Neurosurgery department of Manipal hospital
  • Neurosurgery clinic of Medanta hospital
  • Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

Acoustic neuroma surgery, success rates and best hospital rates in India


The Cost of acoustic neuroma surgery differs from USD 5000 to USD 11,000 in an Indian hospital. The treatment may vary on the basis of surgery doctors suggest you on the basis of the size of the tumor, its location, the patient’s age, physical health and current symptoms of the patient.

The Surgery cost offered by Indian hospitals is near as half as charged BY hospitals in UK, USA, and other Eastern countries with quite affordable travel services and accommodation charges in the world-class hotel.

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 The neurology departments of Apollo Hospital, Chennai work in sync with each other to form a neurosciences unit that tends to treat every nervous system injury from headaches to seizures. Some hospitals in India even has around the clock consultation department to help as many patients as they can. Some surgeons use robotic surgery technology for operating neurological issues in patients giving the surgeons a fair rate of success.


If you are looking for more information about acoustic neuroma surgery and want to plan your blood cancer treatment in India, INDIAN HEALTH GURU CONSULTANTS is the platform you need. Not only they will provide you an access to the world’s best medical facilities with several pocket-friendly packages but they are also affordable to people from all parts of the globe. They will guide you every step of the way from quick visa letters to world-class hotel arrangements.



Since a long time lasers are being used in the dentistry to treat a number of dental problems. Tooth decay, teeth whitening, gum disease, lesion removal are some of the procedure laser dental treatment in India is available. You are likely to end up in a dentist’s cabin, in case of carelessness in dental attention. Imagine what smile does for you, it is a sign of how confident and happy you are! Now think about that constant recurring pain in your jaws and not to forget those headaches. We often neglect our dental issues until we are backed against the wall. Dental surgery includes the number of medical procedures that involve modifying dentition. If you have the problem in healing it may take a while to heal from dental surgery which may increase the risk of infection in the mouth. Hence, being in constant supervision of doctors is necessary after the surgery.

What is laser treatment and who should go for it?

It is a laser designed specifically for use in oral surgery and dentistry. For different applications, different layers of a wide range of wavelength are used. There are several dental problems that could be treated with laser treatment but mostly laser treatments deal with the gums. Laser dental in India is used for some of the following dental problems. Any of these symptoms is a sign that you should see your dentist soon.

  • Canker sore and cold sore pain treatments.
  • Treating root canal infections.
  • Treating gum disease.
  • Removing gum inflammation.
  • Gum reshaping.
  • Biopsies.
  • Exposing wisdom teeth.
  • Removing throat tissue that causes sleep apnea.
  • Regenerating damaged nerves.
  • Removing benign oral tumors.



There are two types of laser dental treatment which your dentist can recommend you according to your gum type:

  • HARD TISSUE LASER TREATMENT: This treatment is primarily for your teeth and bone. The wavelength of these lasers cut through the calcium phosphate in your bones and teeth. Detecting cavities, dealing with tooth sensitivity and preparing teeth for dental fillings
  • SOFT TISSUE LASER TREATMENT: This treatment use a light wavelength that hemoglobin and water absorb. Soft tissue lasers are ideal for gums leads to less bleeding while surgery. This laser technique is ideal for cutting into the soft tissue and sealing the exposed vessels at the same time. Other than this, soft tissue laser is used for Lengthening crowns, dealing with restricted tongue movement, reshaping the gums to create a more pleasing smile.

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Key Highlights of laser dental treatment in India

  • Well equipped clinics and hospitals.
  • It is a cost-effective alternative for the resident of Middle East countries and western regions.
  • Large manpower of trained dentists and nurses who provide international quality services at exceptionally reasonable prices.
  • Customized dental treatment plans are available according to convince of the patient.

How to choose a laser dental treatment in India?

India is known for its cost-effective medical treatments and hence making it possible for a wide range of patients, in search of surgeries at a low cost.  If you choose a laser dentist, you may find that you feel more comfortable and less anxiety during your treatments. Although the laser is a very useful dental instrument, it is not appropriate for every dental procedure. “Health Tourism” providing consultancy that helps the patients from other countries willing to be treated in India. It provides access to Best dental Surgeons in India for patients overseas. Many different packages are provided by health tourism consultancies that can help you to choose doctors and the treatment of your choice.

Get the best deal for dental treatment India via Indianhealthguru

It is a promising platform for international patients in order to approach the best doctors and hospitals, Along with its comprehensive packages. Indian Healthguru India has provided a service to over 500 patients in 15 countries to date. For many years they have been providing health checkup camps for NRI’S (Nonresidential Indians). They primarily concern about the quality of care, either its health meals recommended by the doctors, Visa arrangements, accommodation for the patient and family.

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Heart valve replacement surgery is recommended for those who have at least one valve dysfunction. These valves include the mitral valve, tricuspid valve, pulmonary valve and aortic valve. Each valve has the flap-like structure which opens and closes every time heartbeats. If in any conditions valves don’t open and close smoothly, it disrupts the flow of blood throughout the body. If your doctor has recommended you for valve replacement surgery, it will depend on many other factors including your age, health, the condition of the affected heart valve and the severity of your condition. There are two ways of replacing the damaged valves.  Mechanical and biological, in mechanical ceramic, titanium and steel are used. This valve has a longer life but patients will have to take blood-thinning medication all his life. In biological tissues derived from humans or animals and these last up to 15 years more.


The Cost Of Valve Replacement Surgeries can vary according to the diagnosis and the condition of the patient. The cost of cardiac surgeries in the developed countries is nearly as double as India. It’s been reported that around 44% of developing countries have less than one physician per 1000 people with poor cardiac healthcare facilities. In these conditions treatments in developed countries is not affordable for patients. Through medical tourism, India provides patients abroad to get the access to best medical care.

Mitral valve replacement Aortic valve replacement Heart double valve replacement Single bypass and valve replacement
$6500 $5500 $10500 $10000


  • Ashok Seth: Cardiac surgeon, New Delhi, 38 years experience.
  • Naresh Trehan: Cardiac surgeon, Gurgaon, 40 years experience.
  • Ajay Kaul: Cardiac surgeon, New Delhi, 36 years experience.
  • Ganesh. K.Mani: Cardiac surgeon, New Delhi, 37 years experience.
  • Rajesh Sharma: Pediatric cardiologist, Noida, 25 years experience
  • Amarnath Gosh: Cardio-thoracic surgeon, Kolkata, 17 years experience.
  • Shilpi Mohan: Cardiac surgeon



  • Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi: Multi Specialty , 285 beds , New Delhi
  • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon: Super Specialty, 350 beds, Gurgaon.
  • Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Bangalore: Multi Specialty, Bangalore.
  • Medanta- the Medicity, Gurgaon : Super Specialty, 1250 beds.
  • Fortis Hospital, Bangalore: Popular for Anaesthesiology, Cardio Thoracic and
  • Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, Non Invasive Cardiology.
  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital ,Kolkata


Medical tourism is a boon for those who are looking forward to affordable, accessible and efficient surgeries in India. In the year 2016 around 200,000 tourists travelled to India on a medical visa.

This appearance is primarily due to the development of private and public sector health care facilities, medical insurance and the ease of access to quality healthcare services. In the last 5years, there has been 15-20% rise in a number of patients every year. Most of the cardiac hospitals here are NABH certified that will connect you to the top-notch medical experts, around the clock assistance and hospitals. Every year an unbelievable flock of people benefits from the services and the surgeons available in India hence, making it one of the biggest hub in Cardiac Surgeries and not to forget that too at a very reasonable surgery cost.

If you are diagnosed recently with a valve dysfunction and looking for a destination for your valve replacement treatment surgery contact us for further details at or you can call us +91-9371136499.

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