Why Choosing Best Eye HospitalsIn India For Retina Is a Good Idea?


Before we check the list of best eye hospitals in India, we need to know the basic of eye care and the retina as well. Well, retina happens to be a critical part of our eye which is basically a layer that remains at the back of the eyeballs having cells that remain sensitive to light that triggers the nerve impulses having passed through the optic nerve to the brain, wherein a visual image is formed. There are several ailments that are seen hampering the retina and then causing the issues to the vision. Majorly the most common cause to the problem is the Diabetic Retinopathy, while the ARMD as well and the injuries to Retina and several other drug-induced, along with the age-induced diseases. Hence it is often recommended to have a preventive check-up for the Retina on a regular basis especially the ones who happen to be diabetic simply to avoid any permanent vision loss. Seeking the help of a Retina Specialist will help in carrying out the perfect health of the retinal health and thus get the best treatment options for the retina seeking the Best Eye Hospitals in India. Let’s check the reason why relying on these hospitals is a good idea.

Retina Treatment Options

Unless you are periodically examined, a majority of the Retina damages are not often treated properly. Your Retina Surgeon working in the best eye hospitals in India can only regulate any further deterioration to the Retina and to your vision in the long run. The diabetics often remain at the high risk for Retinal damages, which is usually due to the leakage of blood vessels on Retina, and remain the resultant vision impairment. You can find the ailment Diabetic Retinopathy damages can be easily treated using the treatment options like Lasers or Medication. There are several other major complications also witnessed including ARMD, Vitreous Hemorrhage, and Retinal Detachment that can be treated with the help of medication, while the Intra Vitreous injections and Laser Surgeries would treat you depending upon the extent of the damages. The Retina Surgeon will be able to easily diagnose your Retina seeking the advanced equipment and thus advise you the best treatment for restoration of vision along with the vision loss prevention.

Advanced Technologies used to treat the Retina

There are several methods to treat the retina; however, the Best Eye hospitals in India for Retina today rely on state of art technologies for treating the retina. Some of the technologies adopted are as under:

The Retinal Lasers:

The Advanced Green Laser System from Iridize and Luminous Zeiss Pascal Laser from Iridiex are known to treat the retina issues.

  • Fundus Imaging: This technology employs the Carl Zeiss Fundus Fluorescein Angiography and Zeiss & Topcon OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) for treating the retina along with using the Yellow Laser method as well for the ailments.
  • Vitreo Retinal (VR) Surgeries: The following are the treatment options that are adapted to create retina issues:
  • The Constellation VR workstation meant for the Advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgeries
  • The Accurus VR workstation known for carrying out the Advanced Vitreo Retinal Surgeries
  • The Guedeur VR work Station that is known to carry out the Vitreo Retinal Surgeries

Why choosing Best Eye hospitals in India for Retina is a good idea.png

Why choose the Best Eye hospitals in India for Retina?

Well, there are several reasons why you should rely on Best Eye hospitals in India for Retina. Well, these include getting the best doctors and eye surgeons to treat. These hospitals are state of art facilities hospitals that are known to offer you one of the best eye care with high quality and better success rates. Then the other reasons for the global patients to rely on these hospitals is the availability of highly competitive medical services for retina at much of the affordable cost. There is barely any waiting period for any treatment at these hospitals. Thus you are never short of reasons to consider these hospitals in India.

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Success Rates of Dental Surgery in Goa boost the confidence of many Kenyans


Dental problems are highly prevalent and all of us much have gone through some of the other dental problems at least once in our lives. The main problem with dental issues is the pain that comes with these and can strike people belonging to any age group. The reasons can be poor and unhealthy eating habits, lack of awareness and not giving enough care and thought towards dental health.

Also, many people think of the visit to a dentist to be scary and avoid by taking pain medications. But if not given timely attention, dental problems can lead to a terrible and painful situation. When ignored for a long time, the dental problems can get serious and the patients might have to go through a surgery.

Some of the common types of Dental Surgeries performed are  :

  • Endodontic surgery – Surgery involving the pulp or root of the tooth like Root Canal treatment
  • Periodontics – Surgeries involving treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth
  • Prosthodontics – Dental prosthetics such as crown, bridge, veneers, implant, denture, also known as false teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment – In this implants and the implant-supported prosthesis and it also involves the curing the bones
  • Oral and Maxillofacial surgery – This  area involves treating different diseases, injuries and defects affecting the neck, head, face, jaws as well as the hard and soft tissues of the Oral and Maxillofacial region

Why is India becoming so very popular as a treatment destination? More specifically, Dental Surgery in Goa? This is because of the presence of:

  • Very well established dental hospitals and clinics
  • Highly cost-effective and sensibly priced yet very progressive forms of dental treatment packages
  • The dental practitioners are highly qualified and competent to handle even the most complex dental procedures with ease
  • Be it patients from any corner of the globe, they do not have go through language hindrances as there are language translation services available in India
  • Even the nursing and assistant staff are adequately trained to handle the patients
  • The follow up services ensure that the patients recovery well

Success Rates of Dental Surgery in Goa boost the confidence of many Kenyans

Patient Story

With the help of such outstanding services in India; particularly Dental Surgery in Goa, there are several international patients, who have been cured of many difficult and painful dental problems.

One of these patients is Jaden from Kenya, who needed Dental Implants procedure but she was finding it really difficult to find the related surgical facilities in her own country. Further, the few centers that had this facility had priced the Dental Implant procedures very high. That’s why she started looking for suitable options in other countries and came across very reasonably priced Dental Implants surgery in Goa, India.

“I read about the Dental Implant surgery possible at the one of the best Dental Clinics, being associated with a health care tour planner in India known as Indian Health Guru Consultants. I researched more about them and even read the testimonials by some patients and came to know that these consultants have a very good track record. Without any delay, I sent my query and much to my surprise I got a very quick reply and that too a very detailed one.”

“If anyone Looking For Successful Dental Surgery treatment. Goa is Best and Affordable Place in India For Dental treatment. Indian health Guru will Always help you to give Best Suggestion for best treatment within Your Budget.”

We, at Indian Health Guru Consultants, ensured that the packages offered to Jaden were very cost effective. Further, after the initial consultation, we assisted her is getting the medical visa, flights, arranged her accommodation, pick up and drop from the airport as well as coordinating with the Dental Clinic in Goa. Our representative was there all the time to look after all her requirements during the whole treatment process. After all the formalities were done, the Dental Implant procedure was performed by a very qualified and experienced Dental surgeon, with a very high success rate. Jaden was very happy with the results of the procedures and also because the whole treatment did not feel heavy on her pockets at all.

“The Dental Clinic where this procedure was done was extremely patient-friendly and the staff members too were extremely caring. Also, I did not come across any language difficulties as I was provided language translation services. Overall, Indian Health Guru Consultants covered each and every aspect related to my medical tour, which made this a very rewarding experience. Thus, I can very confidently say that availing Dental Surgery in Goa proved to be a very beneficial decision for me and I got the best services associated with my treatment. I am immensely thankful to Indian Health Guru Consultants; specifically, Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his whole team for the guidance and support provided.

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Heart failure surgery Special Packages in India


Before we talk about the heart failure surgery India, we need to talk about how it can be arranged in this country. One of the best ways to manage this treatment in a country like India is to see the help of a competitive medical tourism company. Your search ends with the group called Indian Healthguru. The group is known to give the best of the healthcare packages including for cardiac care as well. One can find a wide range of healthcare services with this group simply includes giving quality healthcare services at affordable cost, which include the local stay, travel, food and entire heart failure surgery India management.

Why international patients travel to India for Heart failure surgery?

There are many reasons why the global patients head to Indian hospitals including for heart failure surgery India. These include getting High-quality healthcare services at affordable cost. You get the best doctor and surgeon having expertise and experience in handling the health issues once for all. The presence of top cardiac care hospitals backed with state of art facilities governed by modern technologies. All these factors attract the global patients far and wide giving the best of the healthcare services.

Heart failure Treatments provided through Indian HealthGuru

The Indian HealthGuru has come a long way in establishing its niche hard in the domain of healthcare services giving you nothing but the best of the healthcare services. It has one of the best doctors and surgeons in its network along with having the top hospitals that offer the global patients nothing but the best. Besides, the global patients also get the basic and other services like local travel, proper food, local stay and other similar things which the patient would need for his or her treatment in an alien country.

Heart failure procedures include

There are several types of heart failure surgery in India that can be considered to save the life of a patient. This can include taking up the open heart surgery the bypass surgery or any other non-surgical procedures like angioplasty can also help the patients to get rid of the heart ailment once for all. However, much would depend upon the medical condition and the severity of the issue. The major heart attack would invite open heart surgeries while the mild one can have even the nonsurgical ones that remove the ailment once for all.

Heart failure surgery Special Packages in India

Affordable packages for global patients

One of the USPs of Indian healthcare systems is that it offers the most affordable healthcare packages with one of the best quality as witnessed in developed nations. This combination is rare to get for any global patient as they can only find quality healthcare services but with the high cost. All thanks to the skyrocketing cost of the healthcare services including cardiac care. However, the Heart failure surgery India comes out to be a blessing in disguise for the global patients in many ways as it helps them to get rid of their problem once for all without much of the affordable cost.

What makes Indian HealthGuru in India so special?

One of the key reasons of why this group is special for a wide range of healthcare services including heart failure surgery India is that it has an expertise and exposure in serving the global patients coming from all corners of the world. The healthcare packages offered by the group happen to be very much affordable that are hard to get at any other place. The group has one of the best doctors, surgeons, and hospitals in its network which offer the global patients the best of the healthcare services. Besides, it serves in all the aspects that are hard to find with another group.

Get Appointment of the best cardiac surgeons in India to get rid of all your cardiac ailments

Overview of Cardiac surgery

The cardiac surgery in India deals with diagnosis and treatment of cardiac or heart ailments and disorders. This can be called as a medical specialty that involves caring of a number of issues that are associated with the cardiac issues and problems found in its arteries. The doctors dealing with the cardiac issues are called as the cardiologists. There are several best cardiac surgeons in India that offer the global patients the best of the healthcare services. Thanks to the highly competitive cardiac hospitals and health systems that make things perfect for the global patients.

Symptoms of Cardiac surgery

There are several ways in which one can imagine that he or she is getting a heart issue. This will prompt you to report to a cardiac surgeon. Some of the symptoms that can lead to cardiac surgery India include the swelling found in hands, feet, and ankles, too much tiring scene after the exercises, the shortness of breath during the physical activities, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, chest pain and fainting.

Advance procedure for Cardiac surgery

When it comes to the Cardiac surgery India, there are several advanced surgical procedures that keep on adding up. Well, there can be a long list of such surgeries, however, we will be checking only the common and effective ones that are carried out by best cardiac surgeons in India. Let’s check them out:

  • Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Repair(Including Endographs)
  • Valve Repair and Replacement
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)
  • Ross Procedure
  • Heart Transplantation
  • Arrhythmia Surgery. Cardioversion. Pacemaker
  • Transmyocardial Revascularization (TMR)
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

Get Appointment of the best cardiac surgeons in India to get rid of all your cardiac ailments .png

Recovery after Cardiac surgery

When it comes to the cardiac surgery India then it mostly depends upon the type of surgery one has carried out. Your recovery would simply start once the surgery is complete depending on your medical condition. It will take place both at the hospital and at your home. The minimally invasive surgical procedures carried out by the best cardiac surgeons in India will take less amount of time, while the others would take a bit more time for obvious reasons. However, there are several things to be kept in mind to get a speedy recovery. The 80 percent of your recovery will take place within two months, hence you need to listen to your doctor carefully and follow all his or her instructions carefully and with patience. Make sure you eat the right stuff along with keeping yourself physically active.

Success Rate of Cardiac surgery India

When it comes to the success rate of cardiac surgery India there are several factors that are responsible for making the success work for you. These factors include the choice of the Best cardiac surgeons in India along with the hospital that makes things perfect for you. For instance, the bypass surgery in India would be around 98 percent, while as per studies, the patients with the risk of heart failure can have lesser chance to recover.

Top Hospitals with most experienced surgeons for Cardiac surgery

When it comes to cardiac surgery India then there are several ways in which the doctor can treat the same. There are many hospitals that offer the best of the cardiac surgery in India, which are known to have the best facilities and features that are governed by state of art technologies. Some of the top heart hospitals include Fortis Escorts, Artemis Hospital, Max Healthcare, Narayana Heart Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and Global Hospital to name a few.

Why India is the best for Cardiac surgery?

There are several reasons why to consider cardiac surgery in India. The basic reason is that the global patients get high-quality healthcare services at affordable cost. One can find best cardiac surgeons in India treating the patient with great care and professionalism. The hospitals offering a wide range of cardiac care are known to have the best of the facilities and features that give you quality cardiac care with no waiting time. In fact, for global patients, Cardiac Surgery India is a win-win situation which brings them here to Indian hospitals.

If anyone looking for Best Cardiac surgeons in India. So I would like to suggest go with Indian Health Guru Consultants as your trusted medical planner in India.

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Medical treatment India calls upon too much of Global Patients


When it comes to the medical treatment India, it has been developed a lot in the past few years by the Indian hospitals and medical systems. Thanks to the massive amount of investment being carried out in India and abroad. All thanks to this a number of groups in the healthcare have developed a lot in this domain giving high-quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. This combination is rare to get when it comes to the medical treatment cost India. More and more global patients are heading to India for this very reason only. Luckily, with affordable cost and competitive quality, which is very much similar to the western world particularly the developed nations like the US and the UK, more and more global patients are heading for this. How about exploring more about it as under:

Describe Medical treatment

When it comes to the Medical Treatment India, these are several healthcare procedures, which are carried out seeking the help of competitive drugs and medicines along with the help of surgical procedures that are carried out to regulate and control the treatment methods for the treatment of the disease and work out as a prevention of the disease, more and more global patients are now looking forward to getting the best of the healthcare services. All thanks to the medical treatment cost India, which gives the patients nothing but the best of the healthcare services. And the best part is, the medical treatment cost India you get with it.

Medical treatment India.png

Availability of High-Quality Medical treatment

India has one of the best and most competitive healthcare services, which are available at affordable cost. There can be a wide range of high-quality medical treatment, which are backed with best efforts. Thanks to the presence of highly competitive doctors and surgeons who are highly skilled and make things really work well for the global patients. This is the reason why more and more global patients are heading to India.

Cost Effectiveness for Medical treatment

One of the most interesting aspects of Medical treatment India is the cost-effectiveness. The low Medical Treatment Cost India, which is backed with one of the best quality goes hand in hand. Interestingly, what matters the most is the quality which is offered with the best and most affordable cost. Do you know that the medical treatment is it heart transplant or any other surgery or the competitive cancer surgery and treatment is available in India in the best of the form and that too at the most affordable cost? In fact, you name any medical treatment and you would get the best of the quality healthcare services, which are backed by quality services.

Why Indian health guru is the best destination for medical treatment

If you are looking for medical treatment India then you would need a medical tourism company for fixing things right. Thanks to the groups like Indian Health Guru, more and more global patients are looking for high-quality healthcare services, which are offered with best of the cost.

Why travel to India for Medical treatment

There are many reasons to travel to India for the medical treatment. One big reason is that you get the best of the medical treatment India backed with affordable cost. With passing time, India has developed its niche hard in establishing like the best of the place for a wide range of medical treatment in India. The availability of the best of the doctors and surgeons have made things work for the global patients. Also, the state of art hospitals also makes a great difference.

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Avail the advanced eye surgery India Seeking the Top Surgeon at Best Hospital


The human eye is often considered as a complex mechanism in a number of ways, which is very much similar to a camera. And it is very much similar to the camera records images seen over the film, the eye records are seen as the special layer, which is known as the retina. And as the camera requires the lenses to focus the images over the motion picture, the eye is also seen having the lenses that are meant to focus the images over the retina. The eye is seen with the two lenses – one comes over the cornea and the other is seen over the “lens”. Well if you talk about the Eye surgery India, it is often called as the orogolomistician surgery or even the ocular surgery, which is carried out over the eye or the ailment called the adnexa, which is typically carried out by the ophthalmologist. Thanks to the presence of best eye surgeons in India, the surgeries are carried out with great care and professionalism.

Avail the advanced eye surgery India Seeking the Top Surgeon at Best HospitalDescribe the Advance procedure of Eye surgery Treatment

When it comes to the advanced eye surgery India, there are several types. And one such surgery is called the LASIK Eye surgery, which simply stands for the laser in situ keratomileusis, which involves the use of a laser underneath seen over a corneal flap in order to reshape the cornea (keratomileusis). This very surgical procedure is seen employing a highly modernized laser treatment, which is designed simply to treat the refractive errors, enhance the vision, and then reduce or eliminate the requirement for the glasses or the contact lenses. During the LASIK procedure, which happens to be a specially trained eye surgeon is seen first creating a precise, thin hinged corneal flap seeking the help of a microkeratome. The best eye surgeons in India is then seen pulling back the flap in order to expose the underlying corneal tissue, and then seen with the Excimer laser ablates and the cornea is seen in a unique and pre-specified pattern for each patient. Then the flap is gently repositioned in order to rely on the cornea without sutures.

Is safe Eye surgery Treatment in India

When it comes to the eye surgery India, then it is regarded as the safest and the best healthcare services. The reasons are obvious as it is carried out seeking the help of some of the best eye surgeons in India backed with hospitals that run along with the state of art facilities and features. The presence of highly developed healthcare systems makes a great difference. So, when you are treated seeking the best of the healthcare systems along with highly competitive healthcare services, more and more global patients are seen considering the same.

The budget for Eye surgery India

When it comes to the eye surgery India including the advanced surgeries then the LASIK Eye Surgery is considered as much affordable. The cost of the LASIK surgery in India can cost you around 1000 USD while the same surgery in the US can be carried out at the cost of around 9000 USD. This makes the eye surgery India to be the safest one even it is considered to be at the top hospital.

eye surgery India.png

Best Hospitals and surgeon’s for Lasik eye surgery

If you talk about the best hospitals and surgeons for advanced procedures like advanced surgeries like LASIK surgery, one can find the best doctors and surgeons along with the best hospitals wherein they are engaged. Some of the top doctors dealing with best eye surgery India include DrSudhir Bhatia, Dr. S.Bharti, DrSudiptoPakrasi, DrGul J Nankani, Dr. DharitriSamantaray, Dr. Sonia Nankani, and Dr. Anita Sethi to name a few. They have highly skilled apart from highly qualified and known for their high success rate.


The medical tourism in India seems to be on a constant rise, which includes a wide range of healthcare services, which include the eye surgery India as well. Thanks to the presence of top hospitals and best eye surgeons in India.

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Acoustic neuroma surgery India Cures the ailments skilfully with low morbidity


Before we talk about the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, we need to understand the ailment first. Well, the  Acoustic neuroma, which has multiple names like vestibular schwannoma, Angle tumor or Cerebellopontine angle tumor happens to be a non-cancerous, which is seen getting developed over the main nerve that tends to lead from the inner portion of the ear to brain. The cells are then seen forming the acoustic neuroma which is called as Schwann cells and thus is seen making up the lining over the eighth cranial nerve is seen passing via a small size canal that connects over the inner ear of the brain. This ailment grows slowly and steadily but in some cases can be seen growing fast as well. The only solution this ailment is the surgery carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India.

Describe Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

Acoustic neuroma surgery India

If you talk about the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, it deals with the removing the acoustic neuroma that is seen growing over the nerves that are seen balancing of the ear in a human being. With this surgical procedure carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India, the section of a skull is seen getting removed behind the ear along with getting the access to the nerves and tumor. The acoustic neuromas generally cause issues like hearing loss along with adding up issues like ringing in the ears along with dizziness.

Advance Procedure For Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

When it comes to the advanced Acoustic neuroma surgery India, then gamma knife surgery is considered as the best for getting rid of the issues. This is called as the most preferred stereostatic radiosurgery, which is carried out for treating the brain tumors along with issues like arteriovenous malformations and brain dysfunctions like the trigeminal neuralgia. The surgery is considered as the minimally invasive procedure having a higher success rate. It comes along with 192 beams that are shown with a high focus using the cobalt gamma radiation and thus removes the abnormalities and complications.

Acoustic neuroma surgery India Cures the ailments skilfully with low morbidity

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery Success Rate

When it comes to the success rate of the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, the figures are encouraging. As per reports, earlier the success rate was recorded as 63 percent but with effective treatment options it rose to 90 percent of the patients have showcased the normal or close to the normal facial nerve functions after getting the treatment carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India.

Top Hospitals With Most Experienced Surgeons For Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

If you are considering Acoustic neuroma surgery India then there is a long list of the best hospitals for the treatment. It is completely equipped with the state of the art facilities getting the equipment like imaging, lab equipment and getting the top surgeons here. Some of the top hospitals in India dealing with the top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India include Fortis, MedantaTheMedicity, Artemis, Apollo, Max Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital and Manipal Hospital.

Get free online consultation for Acoustic neuroma surgery connect with Indian health guru

If you are looking for consulting the ailment about yourself then the Indian Health Guru group can be at your service. You can visit us and get the best of the healthcare solutions including the Acoustic neuroma surgery India. This comes along with the top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India.

Choose Indian health guru for best Acoustic neuroma surgery in India

If you are choosing Indian Med Guru group for the Acoustic neuroma surgery India then you have a long list of services waiting for you. It has one of the best hospitals and the by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India in the network giving you nothing but the best. Besides you can get a wide range of other services as well, which include help for a medical visa, good food and local travel to name a few.

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