Eye Surgery India Gave Vision To A Qatar Based Patient

Eye surgery India gave vision to a Qatar based patientHi, my name is Abu Sufyan, I am from Qatar and had recently got my eye surgery in India. I was lucky to be guided the best here in India getting the best of the healthcare services seeking the help of the medical tourism company. So, at the outset, I was glad that I got the help of this group and hence thank them a lot. With great care and professionalism, I was given the best of the health care services, which together helped me a lot in getting my eye vision back. I was struggling with the poor vision and finally got the solution in the form of a surgery, which did cost a lot so, I started looking for an affordable healthcare solution that finally came in the form of eye surgery India. I knew about the Indian healthcare systems that proved me the best of the healthcare services that helped me to tread this path.

However, when I started looking for the eye surgery India packages, I came to know that there are many medical tourism companies that help the global patients to get the surgery done with great care and professionalism. But so many groups available in this country, I was perplexed as to whom should I consider. So, I took some time to decide upon. My son who is an IT guy helped me a lot, he researched on the internet to check the reviews and ratings of different medical tourism companies. Finally, he shortlisted a few and then shared my medical reports and saw a few responding a few. After comparing the packages offered by each of the group, he finally chose the one that seemed affordable and at the same time appeared competent to me.  So, with positive reviews and other things, I gave my consent to the group and finally chose their healthcare package.

I applied for my medical visa and finally got the same that allowed me to book my tickets and reach for the eye surgery in India. I along with my son reached India and was then picked up by the rep of the medical tourism company. With things appeared perfect over everywhere I was really pleased to visit this place for my surgery and that too taking the help of a group that changed things for me and my life. I met the doctor he was an interesting man and made me comfortable coming to a new place and a new country. He did have a couple of tests of my eye that needed the surgery and when things turned normal and favorable for the surgery he decided the date for the same. Soon my eye surgery India day dawned at me and thus gave me the opportunity to reach on time for the surgery.

The eye surgery India was accomplished with great care and professionalism and gave me the positive outcome. I had normal conditions that led me to reach the recovery room wherein I had to get rid of my discomfort and pain I had after my eye surgery. It took a few days to recover and get back to normalcy but my doctor gave a long list of instructions that helped me to recover soon. I thank my doctor and his team who treated me the best and helped me to recover fast and gradually making things in a right shape. Also, I had to thank my medical tourism company and without the company, things would have been difficult for me to consider. I highly recommend India Health Guru Group for the Eye Surgery India packages and the doctor who treated me. I thank everyone once again and the surgery gave me the new light in my life.

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Thank You

Abu Sufyan




Cardiac Bypass Surgery India: Stands For Improvement Of Blood From The Heart


The cardiac bypass surgery India is regarded as the surgical procedure, which helps in restoring the blood flow in the heart muscle that offers smooth diversion of the blood flow over the section of the blocked artery over the heart.  The surgery helps in using the healthy blood vessels that are taken from the body parts like chest, arm, abdomen, and chest and connects over the arteries in the heart that can be bypassed over the blocked or diseased area.  After the surgery, the blood flow inside the body from the heart is improved. The coronary bypass surgery is simply one of the best ways of treating the heart ailments. With high quality and low-cost cardiac surgery India, more and more global patients are coming to India and thus offering them the best bet.


When it comes to coronary bypass surgery India procedure, it is often carried out for 3-6 hours and stars with the general anesthesia. The surgeons deal with fixing the coronary arteries, which are found in four in total. The bypass is made for the blocked arteries and this would depend upon the location along with the intensity of the blockages found in the heart. A majority of coronary bypass surgeries is carried with the help of making long size incision over the chest while the blood flow is then diverted using the heart-lung machine while the arteries are bypassed. As the surgery is open heart surgery, which is carried out opening up the rib cage in order to expose the heart. The surgery is carried out with the two ways, which include the off-pump/beating heart surgery and the second one is minimally invasive surgery.

Cardiac bypass surgery India Stands for improvement of blood from the heart.pngBenefits and risks of Cardiac Bypass Surgery

The cardiac bypass surgery India has both merits and demerits like any other surgery related to heart and any other surgeries. The benefits of the surgery include improving the blood flow by fixing the heart ailments. These include improving the symptoms that are found in the body that demand this surgery. These include improving symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath for the reason of having poor blood flow to the heart and so on. In most of the cases, the Cardiac Bypass Surgery India is reported with positive results, however, considering the downside of the surgery there is only one that includes the death of the patients due to complications, which is rare.

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Life After Cardiac Bypass Surgery

The cardiac bypass surgery is regarded as a major operation; hence you are expected to stay for one or two days in the ICU. The patients are then monitored for things like blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing and other signs. When the patients are reported with the normalcy, he or she is shifted to a general ward to get rid of the discomfort found after the surgery along with other symptoms. The patients are then given the discharge, however, he or she takes around 10 – 12 weeks to settle down to normal life.

Why Cardiac Bypass Surgery In India?

The Cardiac bypass surgery India promises a number of benefits, which come along with the blend of both quality and affordability. The low cardiac surgery India backed with high quality somewhere competes with the highly developed countries like the US and the UK. The hospitals dealing with cardiac care are highly modern and have state of art facilities manned with top doctors and cardiac surgeons offering the best of the cardiac care services. So, with a number of benefits and features, more and more global patients heading to India for a wide range of healthcare services including cardiac care services.

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Get relief from your Dental Problems with Dental implants India

Get relief from your Dental Problems with Dental implants India

For more details about Dental Implants Treatment in India fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below-given details. Call: 9371136499 Email:contact@indianhealthguru.com

“Hi, I am Laura from Taiwan. I was fortunate to get Dental Implants India due to which, it has been months that I had the procedure, but I haven’t faced any problems till now. Some time ago, I was suffering from the severe Dental infection, for which I had a few of my teeth removed. Owing to this, I was facing a very difficult time while chewing my food. I visited a Dentist, who suggested that I do for Dentures, but it too has its own share of hassles, owing to which I was not very eager to go for it. I had read about Dental Implants and the related success stories. I researched more about them and visited my Dentist for the same. He told me that Dental Implants are possible for my teeth but when I came to know the expenses, I was not very happy as the Dental Implants are very expensive in my country.”

“In order to search for more cost-effective options, I researched about other countries, where more affordable options are available. My search ended with a group called Indian Health Guru Consultants, which is a very established group focused on providing Medical Tourism services to international patients from all corners of the world. I was very happy to see their services and connected with them at the given contact details on their website. In response to my e-mail, their representative called me and shared all the details of their packages. The cost difference was very noticeable and huge as compared to other leading countries. Along with my medical visa, they also arranged my stay, traveling tickets for me and my companion.”

“Once everything was in place, I traveled to Goa in India on the decided date. The group’s representative took us to the hotel, where my accommodation arrangements had been made. After this, I was taken to the Dental treatment center to meet the Dentist, who was going to handle the surgery. Post a thorough evaluation, the Dentist suggested that a Root Form Implant would be suitable for my condition. On a decided date, the surgery was done without any complications. The implants were placed aptly, and I did not feel any pain and discomfort during the procedure. Also, the post-surgical pain was taken care by medications. I was very happy with the outcome of the surgery as the implants that were used did not appear out of the place. I actually felt that the implants were merged with the existing teeth and they helped a lot by improving a chewing ability.”

“The representatives from Indian Health Guru, who was my constant support throughout my treatment, ensured that I had a hassle-free experience. The group even took care of my language issues so that I could coordinate with the hospital staff. Also, the food arrangements were as per the recommendations of the doctor. Most importantly, the cost-effectiveness of the procedure proved a very relieving factor. For the Root Form Implant, I had to shell out only $550 in India, which would have cost me $7,000 in the USA or $5,500 in the UK. The bonus was the sight-seeing arrangements that the group had planned for me in Goa. I had a very rejuvenating time. So, overall it was an all-encompassing experience because the guidance that the group provided was outstanding and there was not a single loophole that I faced.”

“I had a great experience through Dental Implants India and I sincerely thank the group of Indian Health Guru, who made this possible. Also, the Dental surgeon and his team, who handled the whole process so fluently that today I am free from my Dental issues.”

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The cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India proved a great savior for global patient

Hi, my name is Sidra Mahrosh, I am from Qatar and have been raised in Pakistan and this country. I have lived all these years of my life reaching to my late forties but when I had to rely on my country for getting the quality cardiac care I found it avoidable due to the high cost. This made me look out for an affordable option, which was available only in the cardiac surgeries hospitals in India. I was appalled when I realized I need a quick heart surgery to extend my life further and when I consulted the doctors for the surgery in Qatar, it went too expensive for me to consider. Hence I started looking for options abroad as my doctor informed that I can find a decent one in India giving me quality with affordability element. I took some time to explore the options in the Indian sub-continent and soon found the option there.

I found that Cardiac surgeries hospitals in India offer the best of the cardiac care services, which come along with the best of the services and competence. With the best doctors and surgeons, the hospitals maintain a good track record in the domain of healthcare services. Interestingly, I found the Indian hospitals and healthcare systems to be very much affordable giving me the best of the quality cardiac care services. Now, the big question was, how would I get my cardiac surgery in a country in which I have never visited. I have to do a lot of things, right from getting a space to stay to do a number of other things; there are many more things to do in a place especially when I have to visit for my healthcare services. This is where the medical tourism company comes into the picture.

The cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India proved great savior for global patient

For more details visit our website indianhealthguru or fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below give details. Call: 9371136499 Email: contact@indianhealthguru.com

However, I had to struggle hard to find out a right medical tourism from a long list of players in the market of healthcare in India. But thank God, I got one with a good research that gave me the opportunity to help things in a right way. The medical tourism I found as my whims and fancies and offering me the best package for the global healthcare solutions is – Indian Healthcare Group. It has come a long way in establishing its niche hard by having one of the Best cardiac surgeries Hospitals in India and surgeons in its network that help us a lot in making things right as per my whims and fancies. I shared my reports with them and got the expert advice from the competent doctor who helped me to guide and get the best solution. I finally accepted the package and started my preparation for visiting India by applying for the medical visa.

It just took a week to get the visa and I had booked my tickets earlier to reach India for my treatment at one of the best cardiac surgeries hospitals in India seeking the help of my chosen medical tourism company. I was admitted after getting my reports positive to go ahead. My surgeon then decided the date for the surgery, which was just the next day when my surgery date was announced. It didn’t take long for him to carry out the surgery and I was out of danger with the issue got settled down. I am really pleased with the services of the medical tourism company, which has helped me emerge out with flying colors. I am glad that I got the right place for my treatment. I thank my doctor and his team for taking good care of me and my medical tourism company as well that helped me a lot in making things work in my favor.

Visit: https://www.indianhealthguru.com/cardiac-best-surgeons-top-hospitals-surgery-India.html

Sidra Mahrosh


Nigerian Kid benefits from the Best Hospitals for Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery in India

“Hello, I am Hannah from Nigeria. It was a disastrous moment for me when I was told what my child, Kay was suffering from – Ventricular Septal Defect and a surgery was required for the same. I was in distress as such advanced Heart surgeries are not easily possible in my country. Also, my family couldn’t possibly afford the high-priced treatment in countries like UK or USA. Considering the urgency, I started researching for better options in other countries and that’ when I came across Indian Health Guru Consultants Group, which is a leading Medical Tour planner in India, with very focused services for the international patients. I went through the information provided on the group’s website and found their services very well-planned. This group has the association with the best hospitals for Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery in India. Also, as I read the patient testimonials, I found them very convincing and could make out that the patients had a happy experience.”

“Without any further delay, I got in touch with the group. To my surprise, their representative got in touch with me immediately and asked me to send my son’s medical reports and other details. On sending those, they sent across a tailor-made package. Much to my surprise, the treatment packages were very reasonably priced and the cost difference between what I was offered and what I had seen in other countries, was really worth noticing. Once I have a confirmation, the group arranged everything from my medical, accommodation, food, traveling, even pick up and drop at the airport and much more.”

“Soon, with my son, I was on my way to India – apprehensive but very hopeful. On our arrival, we were picked up from the airport and taken to the hotel, where our stay had been arranged. I found it very neat and hygienic. The group had also arranged the required appointments at the hospital. The next day, we were taken to the Medanta hospital, which is one of the best hospitals for Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery in India. I met the surgeon, who very patiently heard my queries and explained in detail about what exactly the surgery was and how it will be done. We were told that this surgeon was a very reputed one for Cardiac issues. I was very convinced after talking to him and felt that my child was in good hands. Further, throughout the coordination process, I never faced any language issues.”

Nigerian Kid benefits from the Best Hospitals for Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery in IndiaFor more details about Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery in India fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below-given details. Call: 9371136499 Email:contact@indianhealthguru.com

“The surgeon was meticulous about the evaluation process and the accordingly planned the course of treatment. The surgery was handled very skilfully by the surgeon and his team and was successful, much to my respite. The nursing staff at the hospital was very dedicated to following up and ensure that my son’s condition kept improving. Even the food provided to my son was as per the diet prescribed by the surgeon. Overall, it was an all-encompassing treatment experience for my son.”

“Soon it was time when the surgeon found my son fit enough to travel. The representative of Indian Health Guru Consultants kept following up till we reached home safely. I can’t thank enough to the surgeon and his team extremely committed team, who kept away my son from any kind of discomfort. Also, thanks to the supreme care and timely support provided by the team of Indian Health Guru Consultants, because of whom I had such a rewarding Medical Tour experience in India.”


Hannah, Nigeria.

10 reasons to choose Goa for your Dental Treatment

Like all other medical specialties, the area of Dentistry to is improved rapidly. One of the advancements in the advent of Dental Implants, which are replacement tooth roots. These implants give a very sturdy base of foundation for the fixed or removable replacement tooth or teeth, that are created to match the natural tooth or teeth. Unlike previous times, there are many types of Dental Implants that are available:

  • Endosteal Implants
  • Root Form Implants
  • Plate Form Implants
  • Transosseous Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants

The success rate of Dental Implants is as high as 98 percent and with appropriate care, these implants can be really long-lasting. The main advantages of today’s Dental Implants are the durability. Other advantages include:

  • An enhanced appearance
  • Helps the patients to eat easily
  • Better speech
  • The implants are very comfortable and fit easily so the patients do not feel the presence of a foreign object in their mouth
  • These implants ensure the better oral health
  • These implants do not require the nearby tooth or teeth to be altered or disturbed
  • The patients are saved from the hassle of removing and fitting these implants again and again, which is the major problem with Dentures

Dental Treatments in Goa

There are many hospitals and Dental treatment centers in Goa, which provide the most advanced Dental Treatments in Goa. Owing to the outstanding facilities available here, these hospitals are witnessing a continuous rise in the footfalls from different corners of the globe.

Some of the best Dental Hospitals in Goa, are:

  • Expressions Dental Clinic
  • Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic
  • Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre
  • International Dental Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Beyond Smiles Dental Care
  • Platinum Dental Clinic
  • Goa Dental College and Hospital
  • Smile Factory
  • Visage Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
  • The Goa Dental Studio

These and numerous other Dental treatment venues are there that have every type of Dental Implants available. Furthermore, the Dental surgeons in Goa are considered to be some of the best in this field. These Dental experts have been practicing for several years and are highly proficient in the matter of Dental Implants. There are many complex Dental conditions that these experts have dealt with during their career. These Dental specialists are very well acquainted with most advanced Dental treatment and surgical techniques and very capably diagnose and choose the correct mode of treatment.

10 reasons to choose for your Dental Treatment.

Some of these experts are:

  • Sandeep Vaz
  • Anil Da’Silva
  • Ajay K. Aras
  • Dipti D. Dhume
  • Atula Usgaonkar
  • Parag Prabhu Desai

Just the availability of the treatment is not enough; it has to be affordable too. In this matter, India does not burden the patients at all; especially, Dental Treatments in Goa is found extremely sensibly-priced. For example, the best Dental Hospitals in Goa have priced the Root Form Implant at only $550, while the same costs $7,000 in the USA, and $5,500 in the UK. Also, the Transosseous Implants priced only $500 in India, while $6,500 in the USA and $5,000 in the UK.

A very attractive reason why Goa can be the best is that the city is the top tourist destination in India. The presence of gorgeous beaches, amazing food and much more, are enough reasons why the patients can club their medical tour with a vacation.

Another reason that has made India such a coveted treatment venue, is the presence of a highly developed Medical Tourism planner like Indian Health Guru Consultants, who are continually boosting India’s popularity as a Healthcare Tourism hub. Any treatment or surgery in India, our sole aim is to ensure that the medical tourists can avail the outstanding healthcare services in India. More specifically, for the international patients who are coming here for Dental Treatments in Goa. We not only guarantee their treatment at the best Dental Hospitals in Goa but also at affordable prices. Also, we can help the patients in planning their vacation as well.

The last reason but definitely not the least in India’s reputation as the leader in the Medical Tourism industry. Over the years, India has attained a very desirable position for the medical tourists owing to the presence of the flawless and patient-friendly attributes in the field of healthcare. By offering the finest standards of medical care, India has surely bridged the gap between herself and many other countries.

For more details visit our website indianhealthguru or fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below-given details. Call: 9371136499 Email: contact@indianhealthguru.com

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Get immediate relief from Kidney Stones with Best Surgeons for Kidney Stone Surgery in India

Kidney Stones are also known as Nephrolithiasis or Renal Lithiasis. This issue arises when there is an unwanted build-up of dissolved minerals on the internal linings of the Kidneys. These are hard deposits that are formed from salts and minerals, created inside the Kidneys. These can get bigger equalling the size of a golf ball or can be very small, which may pass unnoticed. But it is the bigger ones that bring the extreme amount of pain and uneasiness. The different types of Kidney Stones include Uric Acid Stones, Calcium Stones, Cystine Stones and Struvite Stones.

Till these stones reach the Ureter, the patient doesn’t face any symptoms. But in the later stages, the symptoms that are noticeable, are:

  • Pain while urinating
  • Severe pain in the groin
  • Blood in urine
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling of burning while urinating
  • Urine having a foul smell
  • Presence of pus in the urine
  • Reduced amount of urine
  • Persistent urge to urinate
  • Infection along with fever and chills

Owing to some risk factors, many people are comparatively more venerable towards facing the problem of Kidney Stones:

  • Family or Personal history
  • Dietary habits particularly if it is a high-sodium diet
  • Obesity
  • Dehydration
  • Digestive disorders
  • Surgeries like a Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Other medical conditions like Urinary Tract Infections, Renal Tubular Acidosis, Hyperparathyroidism, etc.

Get immediate relief from Kidney Stones with Best Surgeons for Kidney Stone Surgery in India

What is the recommended Treatment?

The treatment for Kidney Stones is focused mainly on managing the symptoms. There are patients, who get relief from home remedies but there are many cases, which need more serious medical attention:

The treatment and procedure chosen depend on the size and the type of Stones:

  • Small stones with less and slight symptoms can be cured by:
    • Taking pain relief medications
    • Drinking lots of water
    • Medical therapy so that the patients can pass the stones
  • Large stones with serious symptoms can be addressed with the help of:
    • Sound waves, which can be effective in breaking these stones; more specifically, a procedure called Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is very frequently used
    • Surgery to eliminate or remove the stones – surgery called Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
    • Parathyroid Gland procedure
    • A scope is used to eliminate the stone – an instrument known as Ureteroscope, which has a camera, which gives a precise view of the stone’s location

For more details visit our website indianhealthguru or fill our free consultation form online, or even you can call us or email us on the below-given details. Call: 9371136499 Email: contact@indianhealthguru.com

How is India the best place for Kidney Stone Treatment?

Kidney Stone is a very commonly occurring medical condition and affects numerous people around the globe. However, not necessarily every country has the relevant treatment available easily. With the kind of discomfort that a Kidney Stone patient has to go through, immediate medical attention becomes essential. Many of these patients opt to find India the most suitable option because:

  • Best surgeons for Kidney Stone Surgery in India with extremely laudable surgical success
  • Many hospitals having cutting-edge surgical facilities associated with this problem
  • Cost-effective treatment
  • Medical tourism planner to assist the international patients
  • No language hindrances

Patient Story

Mrs. Coleman from Tanzania was suffering from an extreme amount of pain around my back, side and in the lower abdomen region. On consulting a doctor, I came to know that I had Kidney Stones, which needed surgical attention. Owing to the lack of appropriate facilities in my country, I looked for help in other countries and found out about Indian Health Guru Consultants. After communicating and finalizing with them, I reached Mumbai where my surgery was planned. The surgery was performed by one of the best surgeons for Kidney Stone Surgery in India, and thanks to his proficiency I was on my feet in a few weeks. Today, I am back in my country totally recovered, thanks to the hospital’s team and Indian Health Guru Consultants.”

Medical Tour with Indian Health Guru Consultants

With us, the international patients are assured of the best treatment services.

  • We have the most experienced and best surgeons for Kidney Stone Surgery in India
  • Our association with the best hospitals for Kidney Stone treatment can prove very beneficial for you
  • The best priced Kidney Stone treatment packages are viable with us
  • We initiate the treatment process without you waiting for a long time
  • Our services are completely focused on providing the best to you
  • Very well-organized packages and a transparent approach
  • Very well-thought-out rejuvenation vacation for you
  • We take care of the coordination part so that it becomes all the easier for you
  • Our other services include stay and travel arrangements, airport pick up and drop, for the patient and his/her medical tour companion, specific diet requirements, and much more

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