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Dental implants are today’s preferred treatment plan for replacing a single or multiple missing teeth. A dental implant is a small titanium rod that serves as the replacement for the natural root portion of a missing tooth. It offers a long-term fix if you’re missing one, two, three, or even all of your teeth. The result is a natural-looking tooth that acts, feels and looks just like a real tooth.


Dr Tarun Giroti provides a new, healthy smile can change your life

Your smile plays a noteworthy part by the way you see yourself, and also in the impressions you make for the people around you. Dr Tarun Giroti offers all dental treatment that will help you feel more confident in your professional life. On the off chance that you are not totally content with your smile, maybe it’s chance you get the new looks. Dr Tarun Giroti top dental surgeon in Vasant Vihar Delhi has served thousands of clients all over the world. He is experienced and highly qualified, accredited both locally and globally. He provides each individual with the highest aesthetic dentistry satisfaction – aimed at establishing improvement to teeth appearance and cosmetic dentistry. Dr Tarun Giroti believes, A relationship built between his patients is a shared responsibility because his commitment isn’t just teeth but its people!

The art of creating smiles with passionate and caring dentist of Delhi Dr Tarun Giroti

 Dr Tarun Giroti aims to provide the highest standard of care to patients across the globe; his international patient program adds an extra “peace of mind” to his valuable patients Dr Tarun Giroti does dental works to the best of his ability. He is detailed, diligent and careful. He provides fast, efficient and cost-effective dental implant treatments to his patients. Dr Tarun Giroti is truly dedicated to take good care of your smile with expertise. He has undergone extensive training to handle the most complex cases around the world. He is highly-experienced and committed to continuing education in order to stay on the forefront of technology.

Dr Tarun Giroti offers world class dental treatment just at your convinces

In the world of dentistry Dr Tarun Giroti is one of the best and most experience dental surgeon in the world. With his world-class service he can improve your smile in many situations. Dr Tarun Giroti Dentist in Delhi India has gathered all of the latest technology in dentistry and brings out many choice of treatment. He don’t just focus on taking care of your teeth, he provides other excellent services to meet the needs of his patients, helping them feel warm and welcomed. Experience a new way of going to the dentist on a calm and secure environment. Dr Tarun Giroti top dental surgeon in Vasant Vihar Delhi regularly caters to patients coming from all over the world the majority of his patients are from Australia, and he strives to ensure the highest standard of quality in dental services at all times.

Benefits of choosing Indianhealthguru consultant

Indianhealthguru consultant is associated with some of the best dentists in the industry. A comfortable clinic in India run by a team of highly approachable staff ensures that all your doubts are cleared before you undergo a treatment. A common language in a foreign place is comforting. Honest and transparent communication in India will not be a problem as most can speak English. Indianhealthguru consultant thus invites you for a free consultation with expert dentists and assures you hassle free arrangements for examinations, dental procedures, recovery, travel and stay. You can be assured that with Indianhealthguru consultant’s expertise, we will bring in a wonderful experience of dental treatment to India, which we have been doing for almost a decade now. An individually allocated case manager takes personalized interest to design a tailor made treatment plan for every guest and will inform you about the duration and dental treatment cost in India. Pictures of your open mouth and / or OPG X-rays may be sent to drtarungiroti@indianhealthguru.com  for a quick response from the case managers.

We keep having special offers on various treatments. Our co-organizer will be glad to help you with these, on request

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5 Reasons a Dental Implant can make you Happy with Your Smile


If you have lost your teethes before time, then a dental implant is the best method you should consider. The implant is just a tiny titanium metal connected with the dental crown is inserted in the jaw which is the best replacement for your lost tooth. It is the best method from other methods and the reasons are as follows.

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Protects the structure of jaw bone

 When you lose your teeth the bone starts to melt and changing the shape of your face and increase the possibilities of dental fractures. Just implanting an implant can stabilize your teeth and it will help you to avoid these problems forever. When the implant is implanted in your jaw bone the latter will remain intact and it will not get deformed over time. This will help you to retain the best shape of your entire face so that you can smile happily. And if you choose to implant the teeth on the same day you lose your teeth then it reduce the risk completely because the tooth has been replaced in the bone.

No special care and cleaning required

 The best part of the implant is you don’t have to take special care of it.  You can brush them in a normal way like you brushed before. You just go on with the normal routine you are going with your teeth, just brush at least twice a day and floss regularly and get regular dental checkups. If we compare with other replacements options then we take more care like soothingcreams and soaking overnight which makes it messier. Implants are the result of new techniques which has evolved many of the problems which earlier people used to have with their dental clips. This lessens up a lot of care that has to be taken with the tooth. This is more convenient and the easiest way to have new teeth though the process takes a long time.


Looks like your natural teeth!

 Now a day’s these implants are made from the special materials which gives the same colour and texture as your natural teeth. The way of implanting the implant has also became very precise and uses a titanium lead that will get fixed in your jaw bone directly for life. The Titanium is made in this way that it has a projection at the top of it for the crown.

Very durable and long lasting

 The titanium screw lead is very sturdy and resistant. It is not corrosive from the food you eat or the drinks you drink. It doesn’t lose out and it will remain studded for life.  The crown is made up of porcelain of very high quality and other materials which will never lose their colour and structure. The person needs not to be concerned about the durability of the implant. In this way the implant can be used for life without any faults occurring in it.

It is independent and does not require support from other teeth in surrounding

 A dental implant in the jaw bone eliminates the stress to the surrounding teeth. There are other ways present for replacement but that will lead to weaken and decay the teeth, this will lead to costlier dental repairs which is equal to dental implants costs. In addition there is no need to depend on adjacent teeth which makes other replacements to slip and discomfort .The implant is implanted in such a way that it is fixed securely in the jawbone so it doesn’t require any support from other teeth. This will reduce the weakening of other teeth around it. Aging can affect your teeth too because growing age weakens the bones and muscles and hold or catch of your muscles in your body. In the similar way the gums loosens up and that’s how the entire teeth set collide front words.


 Dental implants are now stronger and better than earlier, there is no replacement for your natural teeth but after dental implantation only a dentist will be able to identify whether it is implant or original. So don’t be afraid of implants and contact your dentist to smile more happily than ever.

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8 ways to lower down the risk of heart disease


You can do a lot of things to lower the risk of heart disease there are many thing on which you can take action. Here are some tips which you should take care of:

  • improve cholesterol level
  • quit smoking if you are a smoker
  • control hypertension
  • consume a heart healthy diet
  • maintain a healthy diet
  • handle your anger and stress
  • control diabetes

These are some main reasons that can lead any normal person to a serious heart disease. Further down you will be able to know in detail about how to control and prevent from heart disease.


Improving the cholesterol level:

You will definitely get heart disease if you have:

  • Total cholesterol level more than 200
  • HDL cholesterol level under 40
  • LDL cholesterol level over 160
  • Triglycerides over 150

How to maintain it?  Eat a diet which is lower in cholesterol, saturated fat, refined sugars, and high in fiber.

Shun smoking:

Smoking is good to certain extent; If you are a chain smoker then you should limit your smoking because smokers damage two organ at one time; one is the heart and the other is the lung. First cigarette bud in your hand and first cigarette smoke in your lungs is your life’s biggest mistake; because this first step towards this bad habit takes away your healthy heart and lungs. Smokers have higher chances of having a heart disease not only heart disease but many diseases can start affecting at a higher rate.

Control hypertension:

Hypertension or high blood-pressure is also one of the leading reasons of heart diseases. Here are some tips to maintain your blood-pressure or you can say to control hyper tension:

  • Lose extra pounds
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Reduce the level of sodium(salt) in your diet
  • Limit the level of alcohol you drink or just leave it.

Here are some tips that are most important for a person who have blood-pressure problem.

Consume a heart healthy diet:

Consuming a healthy diet means to maintain your health and eat only those food which is good for your health and your heart. Eat fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, beans, and other plant-based foods. You can also eat fishes like salmon, tuna which are high in omega-3 and fatty acid. And limit the level of sugar and salt for your own health.

Follow an active life style:

Follow a good and active life style go to gym maintain your body shape and health. People who don’t do exercises have a more chance of getting heart diseases. If you don’t have any idea how to start or you don’t have any idea what diet you should maintain; at this situation you should contact a doctor who can help you.

Maintain a healthy weight:

Having over weight or having weight more than recommended can lead you to heart disease. Losing some pounds can be helpful for you and your life. Having a good healthy weight can help to get a better life in feature. Wake early in the morning maintaining your diet and health every day and regularly is the best for you.

Handle your anger and stress:

Every person has stress in their life and it is normal. If it gets out of control then it can bring problems and diseases like heart disease. As we say stress brings tension and tension makes us comfortless and after getting comfortless angers starts so handling your anger and stress will be good and can be a better precaution from heart diseases.

Control your diabetes:

Diabetic patients have more chances of having heart diseases than a normal person; and till now many people don’t know this. So it’s an advice to get checked and get treated.


Follow your diet and maintain your health if you take break from tour healthy life you will never be able to gain back the same health that you were maintaining. If you gain some weight its ok for you. When you will continue your healthy schedule then you will came back to your healthy self. Follow the tip that are provided and that will help you and will act as a boost to your healthy day life. Live a life you want to live don’t get freaked out or give up if you want a better future start working for it from now on.


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Avail Affordable Dental Tourism in India


With dental tourism in India you can now put our vacation outside your country to good use by seeking potentially affordable dental care. India is the most preferred destination for dental tourists looking for economical prices dental treatment with the modern technologies available. Patients from the USA, UK, Canada, Middle East countries save on their pocket by choosing the affordable dental tourism in India.

dental health

Reasons Why International Patients Get Their Dental Treatments in India

The reasons why international patients get their dental treatments in India differ as per their native countries. The cost of dental treatments in the USA is pretty expensive while there is long waiting list in Canada. The shortage of healthcare and medical professionals in the UK and Middle East is another reason why the patients prefer India to undergo the affordable dental treatments.

Why Choose Dental Tourism in India?

Over 500,000 Americans travelled outside their country in 2013 to seek affordable dental care in India. This is because they get cost effective dental treatments such as root canal treatment, dental implants, etc. in India. The cost of a dental implant is around $4,000 in the US while it costs only around $750 in India. Further with the growing transparency and reputable doctors in India, it is now not difficult to find a good dentist.

The dental clinics in India offer the dental treatments and care at low costs without compromising the quality. Since the world has been becoming more competitive and interdependent, the techniques, materials and the technological advances spread from one country to another rapidly ensuring that you get proper dental care.

How to Plan Dental Tourism with Indian HealthGuru?


Indian HealthGuru has been consistently providing assistance to the patients from the US, Canada, UK and Middle East countries seeking affordable dental tourism in India. We provide you with budget friendly dental tourism packages that include the cost of the treatment, flights to and fro, costs of living at comfortable hotels and cost of sightseeing including the transportation costs.

You will have to send us your query by filling up the free consultation form on our website. After receiving your query, our executive will get back to you via mails or phone calls. They will ask you to send pictures or medical reports such as X-rays of your teeth.

Our Services

The services provided by Indian HealthGuru include the following:

  • Association with centres of dental excellence across India
  • Facilitating your dental treatment and travel services from the US, UK, Canada and the Middle East Countries.
  • Network of the highly skilled, caring and best dentists and dental surgeons across India providing affordable cost dental treatments
  • Patients from the UK, Canada, US and Middle East countries save on dental tourism in India with affordable dental treatments
  • You can choose from the list of best Indian dental clinics providing dental tourism services in India on our website
  • We offer a wide variety of dental treatment in India for our patients from the US, UK, Middle East and Canada.
  • You can choose from among a wide array of affordable beaches and cultural tourism in India that can also be enjoyed as a bonus in the cosmetic dental trip to India.
  • You can avail for the special affordable dental tourism in India with diagnostic details that have been examined by your dentist abroad
  • You can also avail for the initial and brief dental consultation from our panel of experts before your arrival to India
  • Get assistance with your visa letters, travel, accommodation, health meals, scheduling appointments with the dentists, etc.
  • You can choose from among the popular dental tourism destinations across India to undergo your treatment.

The patients from the USA, UK, Canada and Middle East countries can get quick appointment for affordable dental tourism in India by calling +91-9371136499 or sending a mail to contact@indianhealthguru.com.

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Where’s the best place to get dental implants?


Dental implants is a surgical implant which allows the dentist to plant a metal screw on which the dentist places the artificial teeth upon the screw which has been planted inside the jaw bone; and it will allow to replace the teeth whenever necessary this will give a better life better than  the life you had before implant. The American dental association consider two types:

Thumbs Up

Endosteal implant: This implant is planted directly into the jawbone. After this surgery is done some time is provided to the patient so that the tissues can be healed then after healing a second surgery is done to connect the main implant then finally the artificial tooth is connected on it.

Brisbane dental implant group-your one stop shop for all your dental implant needs

This group offers the best implant and safe implant. Our team provide all the implants all that you want from the starting to the end. This means faster and very convenient for all. Here is the name of the specialised implant team:

  • Dr Michael howard dentist
  • Dr Edward hsumaxilloficalsurgon
  • Dr peter Russell dental technician
  • Greg mann acrylic technician
  • Laneberhardt dental ceramist

This implant has become a revolutionary method for all the treatment. It is the best type of treatment better than bridges and dentures.

What are my dental implant options?

Here are some options for dental implants:

  • Replacing one tooth
  • Replacing multiple teeth
  • Replacing all teeth

From these replacements you can choose as your requirements. In one replacement only one tooth is replaced with artificial for a good and better jaw. Replacing multiple teeth; in this multiple teeth are replaced with artificial teeth. And replacing all teeth means implanting all the teeth with artificial teeth.

Here are some more options for implants and bridges:

  • Tooth supported fixed bridge: This is the common replacement bridge option provided to all patients.
  • Removable partial dentures: This type of implant has some issues like; it will change your eating and speaking style.
  • Resin-bounded bridge: It is also called Maryland- bridge in this a metal or porcelain wings on each side of the bridge.
  • Complete denture: It’s the low cost bridge provided it replaces all the teeth with artificial tooth.

Different implants for different treatments

There are some different treatments for different implants:

White fillings: A complete filling is a white resin that is used for amalgam “silver” to provide a strong and complete filling.

Crowns: When a tooth is cracked or damaged a crown is used to protect and preserve the broken teeth and maintain it.

Bridges: A bridge is a device that fills the fallen, the space of the broken tooth and been removed and it is attached to 2 surrounding abutments.

Tooth extraction: tooth extraction is to remove the tooth from its original place this type of treatment is only use to remove damaged tooth from the jaw.

Root canal treatment: sometimes the nerve of the tooth dies and get infected because of decay, deep filling or trauma. Root canal is a treatment to save and preserve such tooth from being damaged

Porcelain veneers: This porcelain has thin pieces that are placed in front of tooth.

Tooth whitening: Tooth whitening helps to whiten the yellow teeth and make it bright and clean to look white as snow.

Wisdom tool removal: When there is insufficient space for the tooth which is at the back side of the jaw; this type of treatment is used to make some space or to remove the extra teeth to maintain the jaw.

The best place to get dental implants

Here are some names where you can get the best implants you need

  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Czech republic
  • Dubai
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Costa rica
  • Hungary

These are some of the best places for the best dental treatment.

Bottom line

Follow these instructions they are especially for those who have dental problems this can provide you the best instructions and help you to improve your dental problem.


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5 Lifestyle Tips to Take to Heart for World Heart Day


Your heart is an essential engine and as a car without a good engine is really not that efficient, even when the other parts are working fine. Make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle as this can go a long way in ensuring your engine runs smoothly into your later years. In honor of World Heart Day, here are five lifestyle tips to love your heart so that it will love you back.


Reduce Salt

There is salt and sodium in most things we eat. Americans consume way too much of salt on an average. According to WebMD, you should take in less than 1,500 milligrams per day for best results. Most adults take in 6 grams or more daily. Salt retains fluids which increases the blood pressure. As per the source, the higher the blood pressure, the tougher it is for your heart to pump easily. This is a problem especially if you are already prone to high blood pressure.

Quit smoking

Despite knowing the dangers, smoking is still common. It increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. As per HealthLine, smoking is one of the top controllable risk factors for the heart disease. The source also notes that quitting smoking will benefits not just your heart but all parts of your body. If you have difficulty to beat this habit, there are medical programs to look which will help you quit and give your heart a much needed break.

Eat Chocolate

Just when you thought that good news couldn’t get any better, here is some more- chocolate is good for your heart too. However, this doesn’t apply to all off-the-shelf candy bars because the benefits are mainly isolated to the dark chocolate for the antioxidants and flavanols which are heart-friendly. Most chocolate products from stores are highly processed and lose some of these flavanols. The good news is that most of the major chocolate manufacturers look for ways to keep the flavanols in their processed chocolates. However, when in doubt, stick with the darker stuff.

Drink to Heart Health

You read right, a bit of alcohol is actually good for your heart! According to HealthLine, moderate consumption of alcohol helps to raise the levels of good cholesterol and this can help reducing the chance of the blood clots and artery damage. It also notes that the red wine is the most effective beverage for getting the heart benefits. Now this doesn’t mean that you should guzzle it at every meal. The good news for beer drinkers is that it has also shown to have health benefits than red wine.

Walk it Off

Getting exercise is essential in many ways including your mental health. The American Heart Association (AHA) notes that it doesn’t take a gym membership to reap the benefits for your heart. To lower your risk of heart disease, you can briskly walk 2.5 hours per week, or step it up for some higher-impact aerobics for 75 minutes per week. For additional health benefits for adults, add two days per week of muscle strengthening exercises.

Get active- it is not impossible. People always complain that they don’t have time. If the President of Amercia can go jogging, you surely aren’t busier than him. It can be as little as 3×10 minute slots per day. Remember that small steps make a big difference.

You can set yourself a fitness challenge while doing a 5K run in a few months time and stick to it. Invest in a fitness tracker for monitoring to track your progress.

Bottom line

We eat more of what we shouldn’t and exercise less than we should and we lead quite stressful lives. Hence portion control is the key. Cook in season, home-cooked food and get your kids to help. Also try to exercise as a family and lead by example as a parent.




Famous Dental Surgeon Dr Tarun Giroti in Delhi NCR


There are many reasons why one may get the dental surgery. There are corrective reasons, for example, misalignment of the teeth, jaws and dental implant surgery. You might have to have dental surgery if you have a tooth that is impacted in the gums and needs to be removed. These sorts of dental surgeries must be performed by an oral specialist. Some of common types of dental surgery include pulpectomies, root canals, extractions, and apiectomies. Patients may also opt for veneers (plastic or porcelain), crowns, bridges, and implants.


Say goodbye to dental problem with Dr Tarun Giroti

Dr Tarun Giroti’s impeccable track record for exclusive dental implant practice has established the benchmark for others to follow, with over 20 years of experience in delivering world-class dental service and innovation to the field. He have administered complex dental treatments to seven thousand five hundred patients across the world, and his vision is for more people to make the most out of their lives by having teeth that they can be perfectly confident with.

Top dental surgeon Dr Tarun Giroti in India your family and friendly dentist

His experience in the field allows him to see past the problem and towards a viable solution. Most of his successful cases have been with patients who have worn dentures for many years. Due to this, experts from other clinics have advised them against implant treatment in light of possible severe bone shrinkage. He uses only the best brands in the market today, and he makes sure all the products are FDA-certified. The numbers are a testament to his success 40% of his new cases are referred by previous patients. Dr Tarun Giroti has performed 16500 + dental surgery. Sterling Dental Clinic comprehends the estimation of time and they have the best appointment system framework accessible. Sterling Dental Clinic gives the front line treatment in dentistry, with the best solution for your every need good dental health is of paramount importance to your overall wellbeing..

Affordable and World-class dental care services at Dr Tarun Giroti’s Sterling Dental Clinic Delhi India

This is the only clinic in India which offers all dental treatment. Dr Tarun Giroti is the owner and the chief implant dentist of this clinic. Dr Tarun Giroti is performing complex dental implant practice for the last 20 years. Many abroad patients got full mouth dental implant treatment from this clinic and their implants are in function for over 10 years. Read Testimonials and contact them directly to hear their experience. They have saved 70% to 80% in treatment charges compared to their home country. Here is what he shares, “I had terrible tooth ache and was experiencing with the pain from past 2weeks .I visited many other clinics but it was of no use. Finally I have approached Dr Tarun Giroti. The way Dr Tarun Giroti treated me was too good, I am so happy with the treatment. I can say Dr Tarun Giroti has very good hand skill and efficiency. I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you so much Dr Tarun Giroti.”

The advantage of getting dental treatment in India with

IndianHealthGuru Consultants

The quality of dental treatment in Delhi conforms to global standards, as the materials being used in Indian dental hospitals, are from Europe or USA. The cost is, is a fraction of the cost in their native western country as the inbound patient can avail the advantage of the Indian currency. There is no waiting time as the appointments are pre scheduled. The expertise of Indian dental clinics can be vouched for, as experienced specialists for all branches of dentistry are available.

Looking for a free cost estimate for Dental Treatment in India –click here: http://www.indianhealthguru.com/contact-dr-tarun-giroti-best-dentist-delhi-contact-number-email-id.html

Or email at drtarungiroti@indianhealthguru.com

Call +91-9096436224.