Tanzanian Citizen Gets Cured By One Of The Top Surgeons for Acoustic Neuroma Surgery in India

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“Hi, my name is Jack Morrison and I am a citizen of Tanzania. I am not sure when it started but mostly when I was back from a vacation, I started getting these symptoms like dizziness, headache, issues with my vision, pain and numbness in a face and in an ear, even difficulty in understanding speech. With passing days, the symptoms kept getting worse. I was not able to comprehend so my wife suggested a visit to the doctor. After undergoing several tests, an MRI showed it – a Brain Tumour with more than 90 percent chances of becoming benign. I was shocked to know this revelation that something like this had been growing inside me.”

“So, the next step was to search for a good Neurosurgeon and a cost-effective treatment. This is because unfortunately Tanzania as a nation doesn’t have a very well-developed healthcare system and this makes patients like bound to step outside the boundaries of Tanzania, in search for better treatment options. Same was my case. My wife being a tech-savvy proved helpful as she found out that India would be the best choice in this matter as not only there is affordable healthcare possible there but also because the top surgeons for Acoustic Neuroma in India are very reputed for high success rates. She also found out about this group called Indian Health Guru.”

“With the group’s help and support, I could get the visa letter, stay and traveling arrangements, tickets for me and my wife. I was even offered a chance to get a second consultation for which I didn’t have to pay anything. Also, the necessary appointments with the surgeon were taken by the group. This way, I literally had nothing to worry about. Soon, I have informed the date when I was to travel to India for my surgery. On my arrival, I was provided an ambulance pick-up and taken directly to the hospital.”

“The group’s representative assured me that this surgeon is one of the top surgeons for Acoustic Neuroma in India and that I was in good hands. Although it was very assuring still me and my wife were getting those obvious apprehensions associated with such a complex health issue. So, a day prior to the surgery, some tests were conducted to check if it was ok to go ahead with the surgery. Since the reports looked good, on the day of the surgery, as per the instructions of the surgeon, the nursing staff helped me to get prepared. The surgery went on for more than five hours and more than 80 percent of a tumor was removed successfully. Post-surgery, I was in the ICU and my vitals were supervised very meticulously by the surgeon, and with the apt care, I was stable soon.”

“After this, things went very smoothly as the surgeon and his team made sure that I recovered smoothly without any complications. The representative of Indian Health Guru was left no stone unturned in ensuring that every piece was in its place; while I underwent the whole treatment without any tension. Even the meals provided were as per my health requirements. My family members back home were kept updated by the group.”

“It was a big step for me to step out of the comfort zones of my own country and choose to get treatment in another country. But Indian Health Guru Consultants made it look so breezy for me and my family. I am immensely thankful and gratified with the way the whole process was planned by this group. Also, I am so happy that my surgery was handled by such an experienced surgeon. My earnest gratitude to the surgeon and his team for making my treatment a huge success. Today, I can confidently say that if you are a patient of this terrible ailment, then ascertain that your treatment is planned with one of the top surgeons for Acoustic Neuroma Surgery in India.”

Thank You,

Jack Morrison.



Acoustic neuroma surgery, success rates and best hospital rates in India


Also known as vestibular schwannoma. It is a slow-growing benign primary intracranial tumor of the myelin-forming cells, means it arises from the cell responsible for the formation of the myelin sheath. Most cases are diagnosed in people between the ages of 30 and 60 and the probability of trait appearance in men and women is the same. It develops on the main nerve leading from your inner ear to your brain. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Hearing loss
  • unsteadiness and balance problems or even vertigo
  • pressure in ear
  • facial weakness or paralysis
  • A recurring headache.


Three different treatment options are available for patients to include monitoring, microsurgical removal, and radiation (radiosurgery or radiotherapy). Further treatment will vary on the basis of the size of the tumor, its location, the patient’s age, physical health and current symptoms of the patient. The patient is kept under the periodic monitoring of the patient’s neurological status, serial imaging studies. Hearing loss is the most common trait, regardless of the chosen treatment. The goal of surgery is to remove the tumor, preserve the facial nerve to prevent facial paralysis and preserve hearing when possible. Sometimes the entire tumor may not be removed by the doctors if it is too close to the facial expression nerves or too close to the brain. It could happen that the surgery may worsen the symptoms if the certain nerve or cranial structures are affected during the operation.

Acoustic neuroma surgery India

the doctor may recommend stereotactic radiosurgery. Some very large tumors can’t be treated with stereotactic radiosurgery though. As mentioned earlier the main motive of your surgeon will be to remove the tumor preserve the facial nerve’s function and possibly preserve hearing. Doctors deliver radiation precisely to a tumor without making an incision.


 Some Best Hospitals for Acoustic Neuroma Surgery In India are listed below. In all these reputed hospitals Specialists perform the spinal cord and brain tumors removal and the doctors’ use positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT) for MRI.

  • Neurology department of aster CMI hospital
  • Neurosurgery department of the Global hospital
  • Neurosurgery department of Manipal hospital
  • Neurosurgery clinic of Medanta hospital
  • Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon

Acoustic neuroma surgery, success rates and best hospital rates in India


The Cost of acoustic neuroma surgery differs from USD 5000 to USD 11,000 in an Indian hospital. The treatment may vary on the basis of surgery doctors suggest you on the basis of the size of the tumor, its location, the patient’s age, physical health and current symptoms of the patient.

The Surgery cost offered by Indian hospitals is near as half as charged BY hospitals in UK, USA, and other Eastern countries with quite affordable travel services and accommodation charges in the world-class hotel.

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 The neurology departments of Apollo Hospital, Chennai work in sync with each other to form a neurosciences unit that tends to treat every nervous system injury from headaches to seizures. Some hospitals in India even has around the clock consultation department to help as many patients as they can. Some surgeons use robotic surgery technology for operating neurological issues in patients giving the surgeons a fair rate of success.


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Acoustic neuroma surgery India Cures the ailments skilfully with low morbidity


Before we talk about the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, we need to understand the ailment first. Well, the  Acoustic neuroma, which has multiple names like vestibular schwannoma, Angle tumor or Cerebellopontine angle tumor happens to be a non-cancerous, which is seen getting developed over the main nerve that tends to lead from the inner portion of the ear to brain. The cells are then seen forming the acoustic neuroma which is called as Schwann cells and thus is seen making up the lining over the eighth cranial nerve is seen passing via a small size canal that connects over the inner ear of the brain. This ailment grows slowly and steadily but in some cases can be seen growing fast as well. The only solution this ailment is the surgery carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India.

Describe Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

Acoustic neuroma surgery India

If you talk about the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, it deals with the removing the acoustic neuroma that is seen growing over the nerves that are seen balancing of the ear in a human being. With this surgical procedure carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India, the section of a skull is seen getting removed behind the ear along with getting the access to the nerves and tumor. The acoustic neuromas generally cause issues like hearing loss along with adding up issues like ringing in the ears along with dizziness.

Advance Procedure For Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

When it comes to the advanced Acoustic neuroma surgery India, then gamma knife surgery is considered as the best for getting rid of the issues. This is called as the most preferred stereostatic radiosurgery, which is carried out for treating the brain tumors along with issues like arteriovenous malformations and brain dysfunctions like the trigeminal neuralgia. The surgery is considered as the minimally invasive procedure having a higher success rate. It comes along with 192 beams that are shown with a high focus using the cobalt gamma radiation and thus removes the abnormalities and complications.

Acoustic neuroma surgery India Cures the ailments skilfully with low morbidity

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery Success Rate

When it comes to the success rate of the Acoustic neuroma surgery India, the figures are encouraging. As per reports, earlier the success rate was recorded as 63 percent but with effective treatment options it rose to 90 percent of the patients have showcased the normal or close to the normal facial nerve functions after getting the treatment carried out by top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India.

Top Hospitals With Most Experienced Surgeons For Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

If you are considering Acoustic neuroma surgery India then there is a long list of the best hospitals for the treatment. It is completely equipped with the state of the art facilities getting the equipment like imaging, lab equipment and getting the top surgeons here. Some of the top hospitals in India dealing with the top surgeons for acoustic neuroma surgery in India include Fortis, MedantaTheMedicity, Artemis, Apollo, Max Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital and Manipal Hospital.

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